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Brett Sutton has the most formidable coaching resume in the history of triathlon. In addition to mentoring some of the sport’s icons, including current Olympic Gold Medallist, Nicola Spirig, four time Kona winner, Chrissie Wellington, he has coached 15 ITU World Champions… More

Brett Sutton in my opinion is the best coach in the world. He really knew how to get to the nitty gritty of who I am as a person. He had the ability to find a way to push me from being 4th place in a World Cup race to winning! His approach, straight forward and brutally honest really worked for me. The training itself, and how it was organized really brought out the best in me.

Siri Lindley

ITU World Champion, Head Coach - Team Sirius

Brett has many talents as a coach that make him stand out from others but really it’s his ability to get the absolute maximum out of the athlete that makes the difference. He also instills a belief within the athlete that they can achieve their goals, that they are capable of doing it. Most people dream about winning big races but not many actually believe they can.

Ben Bright

Olympic Triathlete, Head Coach - Triathlon Performance Solutions

Brett was hugely influential in my life. No other coach would have done what he did, in 2007, when he threw a rookie who had never done any long-distance triathlons, into the world championships in Kona. Brett had seen something special in me. He knew long before anyone else that I could do it.

Chrissie Wellington

Four time World Ironman Champion, World Record Holder

Project DOVE believes that triathlon should become a more equitable sport for pros and age-groupers alike. Our DOVE triathlon races fairly redistribute race fees into the prize purse and donate 10% of all revenue to fund social projects for underprivileged youth. Through triathlon we say NO to Drugs, Obesity and Violence.


Race Recap: Angry Bird Flies at Dubai

Great performances often involve overcoming adversity. Angry Bird’s victory at Challenge Dubai today proves no exception. Before we go into the mechanical difficulties that nearly derailed Stella’s $1 million campaign before it even began, some background...

The Dreadmill: Benefits Of Treadmill Training

Recently I outlined my thoughts to Triathlete Magazine on why I believe the treadmill is the number one improvement tool for weak runners and shared a staple workout to try. You can view the full article here. There has been a lot of great feedback, but none better...

The Weight Debate: A Response

Craig Walton: Mountain of a man and the best all-round triathlete I’ve ever seen. I would like to take the time to further explain a very important, if not the most important, item in our sport. This concerns the matter of an athlete’s weight. Last week...

Training In The City

This article originally appeared on the Triathlon Academy ( website on the 11th of February, 2015. Over last few months I’ve been reading a number of articles about the supremacy of bike training on the road compared with training...

Come in Spinner: The Bike Cadence Debate

Since we’ve started selling training plans on I have been asked frequently about bike cadence and why I’m such a proponent for age-group and pro triathletes from non-cycling backgrounds using low cadence training: My view is that if an athlete...

Coming Home: Introducing Jane Fardell

Jane Fardell: Retired from a successful triathlon career that included podiums at ITU and Ironman level. After a five year break returned to represent Australia in Athletics at the IAAF World Champs in Moscow. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to announce Jane...

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