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Let me apologise for our slow down with the blogs on our web site.

I can be temperamental, and have received a couple of emails, stating I should stick to triathlon with my writings, and so I thought on it and thought yes, how presumptuous of me, to think others would like to hear what I think on other subjects.

However, I have been inundated with messages that state they miss my out of the box views on other sports that our members take an interest in, the most being for no nonsense football commentary on the premier league.

So for now, we will run a little sport opinion when its needed. If someone wants the doc to give an opinion on a sports situation just as with ask the doc, send in a note and I’ll take a lash at it.

So today, I’ll add one on the transfer market within the premier league.

The madness that overtakes the European summer.

As we get down to the last month of transfer market, the rush to “strengthen teams” becomes close to insane.

Lessons learned from previous years, and the subsequent horror shows seem to be repeated on a daily basis, with the knowledge that all these clubs have academies to produce the next generation, only to be a complete waste of time, if your not going to use this facility to bring the kids into your top teams.

The biggest upheaval of the summer was the dismantling of the most over achieving team in the league Southampton. This club had its boardroom doing all sorts of machinations that in the end, seen the chief exec leave and the head coach that “brought the fast pressing pace of the team to the fore leave for greener pastures.

Then followed the mass exodus of players, all sold in my view to clubs at a premium, thus filling the coffers of this “struggling club”.

Now, here is the sutto view. This club made some ridiculous moves after undermining Red Napp, an ole school football man, by hiring the then world rugby coach Clive Woodward, the complete opposite of ole Harry, and after this move the club sunk with out trace.

However the one thing that Southampton has done and outshone every club in the league was its youth academy to produce outstanding young talents.

As it was killing itself politically, the coaches and staff in the bowels of the academy were doing a job that put all of the premier league to shame. It survived on selling its young prospects. Lets view 3. Theo Walcott to Arsenal. Gareth Bale to Spurs. Oxe Chamberlin to Arsenal. With that money and great guidance by the then coach who took them to the premier league, they become a force again.

On today’s market this lots on their own are worth I’d say at today’s rat bag prices a 140 million quid. Add to that the 70 odd million they just got for this generations work of the academy, with the highlight selling an 18 year old to a desperate Man U for 30 million, complete madness when Man U could have picked up the proven and better Cole for nothing.

But I digress. The theme of the blog, that all are now saying the first team down will be Southampton in the relegation race. Most fans are going crazy that their team has had its heart ripped out, and now we on our way back down.

Well the doc is here to quell all the negativity as the doc is happy to bet Southampton will be here in premier league in 2016, unless that champion making machine that is the Southampton youth academy has not been torched, because the great coaching will not disappear because the blow in head coach has now departed.

Let em all go would be my mantra, because they have made a very astute buy, and that of the manager, and they have not paid through the nose like Manchester on one of the last generations great coaches but bought for nothing, the next generation of successful Dutch coaches without the arrogance of a large c.v. Southampton will be in a very safe pair of hands, be sure of that, and while they will not score as many goals, they will be a tight fighting unit filled with young talent that will be given the opportunity to show that the difference between good young talent and old hard bitten professionals when well organised with experience around them is not very much at all.

The biggest misnomer of the transfer market is you can buy stability and long term success in the window. I remind all its success built on sand, the sheiks pull the pin on Man City, or the oil Russians pull it at Chelsea, within 2 seasons. These are the clubs that will be visiting the championship as their whole concept is built of the foundation of more money than the others.

Southampton is built on developing football players, just as Man U was, and Liverpool before them, dynasties built on the back of local kids getting their chance. Every football fans second team this year should be Southampton, not because of who they are but what they have done.

Go Southampton, put the 2 fingers up, and confound everybody by playing the local kids.
Just my take
the doc

Are you a doc?

Sehr geehrter Herr Sutton

Weshalb heissen Sie eigentlich "Doc"? Sind Sie Arzt oder Trainer?

Danke für Ihre Rückmeldung.

Kalim Ghulam

yes ,
there is a story .
i was very young and had success in swimming ,so some close to me used to call me doc after doc councilman a famous american swim coach , then when i started pro boxing , i didnt want my family to know , so my trainer who called me “doc’ in the gym , as he didnt know my proper name filled in my registration form using doc as my first name and misspelled my last name because , well because he had a lot of fights ,and as i was always a slow starter my manager used to say ‘ he examins them first then fixes them up real good” after first few fights where i came from behind and won , it stuck .
hope that help s
the doc

Sports blog

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Hating running

Dear Doc

I’m 43, I’m a novice triathlete and have been for the last six years. I’ve steadily increased my distances from baby to Half Irons. I love swimming, and can bash out 5ks OW (mainly using the first 2 of your 3 R’s). Cycling is my strongest and favourite discipline, and I’m not terrible at it. But I seriously SUCK at running. Really. It took me two years to go from zero to 5k, and I STILL haven’t beaten the hour mark for a 10k. I’ve managed a few half marathons, and one pretty traumatic marathon. I’ve begun to hate running as a result. Do you have any tips? Both physical and mental!

PS I have asthma and Type 1 diabetes, and the beginnings of diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Oh, and technically I’m an International Masters champion at middle distance tri.
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