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Custom training programs that cater to all levels of ability. Use the same training methodology that has guided world and Olympic champions.

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My goal is to make the training methodologies that have helped so many of my athletes become Olympic, World and Ironman Champions available to all members of the triathlon public. To do so I’ve assembled a world class coaching team to pass on Total Body Force coaching techniques which will have you training and racing faster, more efficiently. Brett Sutton

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Brett Sutton has the most formidable coaching resume in the history of triathlon. In addition to mentoring some of the sport’s icons, including Olympic Gold Medallist, Nicola Spirig, World 70.3 and Ironman Champion, Daniela Ryf, four time Kona winner, Chrissie Wellington, he has coached 16 ITU World Champions… More

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Gain the skills, knowledge and expertise to coach triathletes to their highest ability. Learn about Total Body Force training.
Brett Sutton in my opinion is the best coach in the world. He really knew how to get to the nitty gritty of who I am as a person. He had the ability to find a way to push me from being 4th place in a World Cup race to winning! His approach, straight forward and brutally honest really worked for me. The training itself, and how it was organized really brought out the best in me. Siri Lindley

ITU World Champion, Head Coach - Team Sirius

Brett has many talents as a coach that make him stand out from others but really it’s his ability to get the absolute maximum out of the athlete that makes the difference. He also instills a belief within the athlete that they can achieve their goals, that they are capable of doing it. Most people dream about winning big races but not many actually believe they can. Ben Bright

Olympic Triathlete, Head Coach - Triathlon Performance Solutions

Brett was hugely influential in my life. No other coach would have done what he did, in 2007, when he threw a rookie who had never done any long-distance triathlons, into the world championships in Kona. Brett had seen something special in me. He knew long before anyone else that I could do it. Chrissie Wellington

Four time World Ironman Champion, World Record Holder

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Trisutto.com has recruited the best coaches in the sport to help improve your performance. Former world and Ironman champions themselves, they have extensive experience working with age group athletes and use Total Body Force training systems when designing your program… More

Off Season Training: Mental Strength

Daniela Ryf enjoying the 'off-season' break. This is my 27th off-season now and if my experience has taught me anything, it's that the 'holidays' are inevitably the most difficult time to be a coach. Away from the routine of full-time training, professional athletes...

Selecting Swim Interval Distances

Campers completing interval sets at Cyprus recently. One of the most frequent questions asked by athletes and coaches is why in swimming do we gravitate to shorter distance reps done many times? 'If an Ironman race is 3.8km, why swim 40 x 100m instead of a straight...

Reflections On Kona 2016

Thank you for all the support and questions. I've taken some time as I didn't want to inflate things in the context of the post Kona hype, but instead provide a sober reflection on the performance of Daniela Ryf. There has been no shortage of compliments and praise....

Race Day Tactics

At Trisutto.com we try and give our followers a transparent insight into high performance triathlon coaching - whether through our camps, training seminars or blog articles. Following Daniela Ryf's successful 2016 Kona defence we have received numerous inquiries as to...

Kona 2016: Bird and Badger Show!

Daniela (Ryf) preparing ahead of Kona 2016. We would like to thank all the well wishers for our group this year. It makes me very proud to hear that tomorrow our coaches will have 5 professional and 24 age group athletes toeing the start line at the Ironman World...

Recovering from Overtraining & Chronic Fatigue

I recently received the following question on overtraining: Would you consider publishing an article about recovering from overtraining/chronic fatigue/energy deficit type problems? There is so much conflicting info on the internet and not much about what to do if it...

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