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Sorry to be late with the world cup round up, but I had readers telling me to stick to what I know, and as I had bet for a German Dutch final, you can imagine how dirty I was, when the new chosen one at Manchester got it awfully wrong and let my money disappear to a very average Argentine team.

Fussball WM 2014: Deutschland ist Fussballweltmeister 2014

However I recovered my loss back by backing Germany to take the prize. But lost out on real profit, when I thought they would crush em 2 / 0 Continue reading


Hi doc,
what is the proper head position for OW swimming?

Hi Mitch,
There is no proper position, as it does depend on the technique of the individual.
However in saying that, I believe I advise my guys that I like to see the water line between their hair line and the eye brow. Thus looking 10 feet, or 3 meter forward rather than the bottom of the pool.
The doc

dear doc

i’m a bloody beginner, comparing to all the others here. however, i’d really appreciate, getting just a few ideas, what kind of training mix and intensity (force, swim, bike, run) you recommend in a time where someone just have about 5-7h for training per week (sprint and maybe olympic distance, as well as half marathons as target)?

best regards

dear adrian ,
we don’t judge by how fast you go here ,
we are all a community at tri sutto , and so its the same with your answer .

no matter how fast or slow , the same principles apply .
if your very time challenged
we always say to the athlete you need to complete the back bone of a training program

we look at that in
4 base sessions ,
if we have zero time we try to complete these .

longer bike
this means longer than your race distance and should be min 50 % longer than your ride in a race .
follow this with a longer run next session
this is also eg if you run 10 klm in race then must be min 15 klm
a brick
this session is where you practice running after a bike ride , it can be shorter than what you do in a race .
swim work out minimum of 1 hour 15 min
short sharp interval swim work out if time is a premium . min 5 min warm up and a main set of at least 30 min duration then warm down .
if one can complete these workouts
each week
you should be able to handle your race with out too much stress , if you have time then you add to these sessions
but for me no matter what distance or what speed
these are the spine of your program

the doc

Training after run injury

Hi Doc,
A week ago I have sprained my ankle during my long run and I was not able to run all week. I could do some swimming with a buoy and easy spinning and this weekend I was back on my bike. I was also able to do a very short run today (20min) and the foot seem OK. I should be able to increase my running voume this week.
So my question is: assuming I will be able to run and cycle as normal what should be my key sessions before the IM (in particular bike and run). I feel quite fresh now due to the forced brake in training.
To give you some background my weakest discipline is swim, strongest bike and the run is normally decent unless I kill my legs on the bike :) My last race was 70.3 Luxembourg and I raced it quite well, the run was strong after a decent bike and an average swim.

Hi rafal,
Good to hear from u.
Well what I would do. , is not go back into full run work.
I would go into full bike work ‎ no problem, id use heat on the ankle before I ran and after, and I would run every second day and cut it down by halg distance. For at least 5 days. Then if all good. Step 2 add distance but still run every 2 nd day for another 5. Then if all good step 3 back intop normal programming

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the 2nd week of wimbledon

as we go into the second week , we have seen roger federer back on grass and dishing out masterclasses to all in serving .
just as good as he ever was at this piece of his game , his ability to win the big points is diminished , so it will be seen if he can take out his last grand slam at his favourite venue .
nadal , shakey early as per usual on grass but i think he too is not quite the player he was .


murray looking extremely focussed and playing the best he has of the season but 2 missed volleys can change his week and his weak mind in an instant rather than a duration of a match . which leaves us with novak , who must be carrying mental scars from the brutal exposing his mental game under the extreme pressure of the street fighter that is nadal in paris . Continue reading