Football transfers

As the football transfer window grows nearer to a close and before all sorts of frantic panic moves take place, I thought I would place some words down for my old squadies who are Manchester tragics; and for poor old Stephen Bayliss, as his beloved Crystal palace finally made it up, and then because of a brilliant and underrated manager somehow stayed there, are going to fare this season. Continue reading

Premier League transfer market


Let me apologise for our slow down with the blogs on our web site.

I can be temperamental, and have received a couple of emails, stating I should stick to triathlon with my writings, and so I thought on it and thought yes, how presumptuous of me, to think others would like to hear what I think on other subjects. Continue reading

Are you a doc?

Sehr geehrter Herr Sutton

Weshalb heissen Sie eigentlich "Doc"? Sind Sie Arzt oder Trainer?

Danke für Ihre Rückmeldung.

Kalim Ghulam

yes ,
there is a story .
i was very young and had success in swimming ,so some close to me used to call me doc after doc councilman a famous american swim coach , then when i started pro boxing , i didnt want my family to know , so my trainer who called me “doc’ in the gym , as he didnt know my proper name filled in my registration form using doc as my first name and misspelled my last name because , well because he had a lot of fights ,and as i was always a slow starter my manager used to say ‘ he examins them first then fixes them up real good” after first few fights where i came from behind and won , it stuck .
hope that help s
the doc

Sports blog

Sorry we have been more active on face book than the web site .

I have some internal debate about the sports blog and I’d like feed back whether you would like me to continue that.
Whether its a read you enjoy, or more of a nuisance, or an indulgence on my part.

We would like to make it a better experience for you when you click on the doc web site.
Thanks for your time
the doc