A wonderful year for Paula, capped off with another Kona Qualification. Photo Credit MundoTri.com.br

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Paula Ponte raced in front of a hometown crowd at Ironman Fortaleza this weekend. She didn’t disappoint! It was an age-group only event, and after leading the women’s field for much of the day, Paula was second across the line. In addition to her breakout podium finish, Paula was the first Brazilian, first in the 18-24 category, and earned herself a slot to Kona 2017.

It’s been an incredible year for Paula with massive improvements across all three disciplines. She’s been able to put them together for breakthrough races in Kona and then this weekend in Fortaleza. Congratulations Paula, this is just the beginning.

Jordan Bryden joined my squad during his final preparation for Ironman Arizona. His lead up to the race was outstanding. Training out of my base in Santa Barbara he was able to stay focused, happy, and relaxed. Jordan had a plan for the race and he executed it to perfection. When things got tough during the marathon, Jordan was able to keep his composure, adjust to the back-up plan, and finish the day with resilience and heart. Well done Jordan. Enjoy some down time, and set big goals for 2017.

Ashton Prejean is another newcomer to my roster. This fall and winter are focused on a run stimulus and to getting him up to speed with the Trisutto methodologies across the disciplines. This weekend, Ashton ran a local 5K as a first hit-out and to establish a baseline as we get started. He raced on feel and nailed pacing from start to finish. Welcome to the team Ashton, you’ve got an exciting year ahead.

Ollie Saxon is also using this fall and winter to focus on his run. He’s got a number of races from 5K to half-marathon on the schedule. This past weekend was the Clowne Half-Marathon. Race morning was a postcard perfect Northern England day: 3 Celsius, windy, heavy sleet, and rain. Ollie got in another solid race effort in adverse conditions to prepare for his key race in Barcelona on New Year’s Eve. Well done Ollie.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Go Martina! Hot racing in Laguna Phuket

This week I had Martina Dogana racing the Laguna Phuket Triathlon (1,8 – 50 – 12 km), also nominated  “The race of the Legends” because of the high quality fields since many years.

Marty together with the Italian TriathlonTravel group arrived only 2 days before the race and coming from cold Italian temperatures, the possibility of adaptation to the high, humid temperatures of Phuket (Thailand) was not enough for her. She did well in the first two disciplines, but suffered high heart rates right from the beginning of the run leg, so she was not able to show her usually final strength. Martina finished 6th WPRO in 2:54.45 and after another week in Thailand she will be able to increase performance for next weekend: 70.3 Phuket. Anyway: well done Marty, it was very long season for you!

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

David on the run at Laguna Phuket, and then celebrating with Toon Bodyslam at the finish

David Nicholson raced Laguna Phuket triathlon on Sunday and I’m very happy with his performance.  His training for the race should be rather called a battle with recurring injuries – not one but two at the same time.  It meant not much swimming and not much running for some time.
Since we started working together the first objective was to get these injuries under control.  It looks that finally we are getting close to achieving this first goal.  I’m very happy he was able to start and finish the race but most importantly David raced pain free all way through. Not only did he finish in a good time but also made new friends including Toon Bodyslam, who’s a Thai rock legend. This is what triathlon should be about: an adventure, having fun, meeting new people and enjoying the experience rather than an obsessive focus on the finishing time.

Well done David, now time to do some more training before attacking 70.3 Phuket.

Race Recap from Coach Rob Pickard:


Congratulations to Michael Faustmann who was the overall winner at the Murray Quadrathlon held last Saturday. The Murray Quad starts out in Yarrawonga and is the worlds longest quadrathlon, a 141km course comprising a 3.2k swim, 21.1k run, 91.4k bike, 25k paddle). Michael won the event in a total time of 7:01:49 hours.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Tauranga Tinman kicks off in New Zealand

A new season is underway in New Zealand and Jane Loughnan kicked it off in style, travelling up to Mount Maunganui for the 2.6k ocean swim on Sat followed by the Tauranga Tinman Sprint on Sunday, snagging a second place category finish in the Sprint Tri. A weekend of racing was the furtherest thing on Jane’s mind earlier in the week with the aftermath of the earthquakes which hit Wellington hard…, but it was was great to get away and enjoy a fun weekend of swim/bike/run! Super work Jane 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Minsok Pak ran in the Eton Windsor Autumn Classic Half Marathon on Saturday in Eton, UK.  A flat and smooth 4.5 loops of scenic Dorney Lake.  Minsok has been training well post 70.3 Hefei, with this being a nice chance to enjoy a classic run event in the UK before returning home to Austin, TX for a family Thanks Giving.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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