Breakthrough Racing!

Breakthrough Racing!

Carmen was superb at K1Man! Photo Credit: Mokapot Productions.

Carmen ‘ Zee ‘ Macheriotou raced the K1Man Middle distance in Cyprus this weekend, returning as 2016 Champion she was confident despite the big changes to the bike course  she could do very well.
Zee linked up with me 4 months ago and is really starting to turn a corner, she works very hard and being a young mum should an inspiration for all women out there. Zee delivered a great performance on the day crossing the line 1st female and 2nd overall up there with the guys. The swim went very well exiting in 26min a massive 3min PB, onto the bike where 1400m of climbing wasn’t going to be easy, But Zee loves a challenge and took it out picking off the males 1 by 1 putting her further and further up the overall leaders list. On to the run and Zee just needed to keep pushing but in the end could gun down the lead male but showed her contiued progress crossing the line just 4mins down on the winner.
This athlete is fast in impressing and am very excited for Zees progress and future as we have plenty more to come.


Louella runs to a breakthrough PB!

Louella Oherhily has a little hit out this w/e at the Bournmouth Half Marathon, again Lou’s only been with me a short time, there is a fair amount of work being done behind the scenes for 2018 season already and probably without Lou realising, Lou works hard and just gets her head down and does the work, so crossing the line in 1hr 30min a 2min PB is a nice little breakthrough for her, Very well done

Great PB for Claire!

Claire Weller went to the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon looking for a PB and on this course isn’t exactly a easy task given the fact its not flat. However always willing to give anything a go Claire set out to lets say find a couple of things out about herself, so when she looked at her watch to find she was on for a PB it was time to hold on and focus on all the things shes learnt and that she did crossing the line with a 4min PB in 3hrs 20mins. Claire’s only been in the sport just a little over a season and only linked up with me early this year and is is showing great progress, shes had a great season and I’m excited for 2018 well done

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Great race by Julie!

Life goes on outside of Kona!
Really pleased to report the fantastic result of little pistol, Julie Derron. Again hit the top 10 at an international open race finishing 6th at the ETU Melilla European Cup Final. Julie produced excellent performances in each discipline. Each outing sees Julie improve her run thus making her an exciting prospect for the future.

Andrej ready for the last race of the season.

Andrej Vistica also finished 6th at Natureman; more a training day, as he has produced great results over a triple ironman. Schedule in 6 weeks. Great to hear he is now soaking up the French experience on a holiday road trip. Great work Andrej.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Monster Bike by Craig!

Two of my Aussie athletes took in the Olympic Distance race in Robina on Sunday and finished with podiums for both.
I thought as a kick off to Craig’s Ultraman Training we would start with a little bit of speed and he came out with a blistering swim & bike and hung on for 2nd at the Robina Olympic Distance.

Yet another podium for Nat (right) and Craig!

Nat did something very similar and ended up finishing on the podium with 3rd. Great hit out for both of them before they take on Hervey Bay 100 next month!

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Kona 2018 Qualification for Miriam!

Miriam Cole had a stellar race in Ironman MD finishing 2nd in her age group in just over 10:50. Miriam had a solid swim 1:18, best bike time 5:09, and great run leading her age group for most of the marathon. Fighting cramps, Miriam lost the top spot by a few minutes at the finish line but left it all out on the race course in a brave race.

Congratulations Scott on a great PR!

Meanwhile in Toughman South Carolina, Scott Wright broke some personal barriers and captured a podium in his age group. Scott raced the half distance in a PR of 5:19 on a tough course and finally cracked the 2 hour barrier on the run. This is a great step on his path to racing ironman AZ.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Well done Wendy!

This week Wendy Casterton participated in Lydney sprint dist. Triathlon. After a solid swim who took out of the water in front positions in the challenging bike course she has a problem with the chain, this cost her some time because from this point and then she have to go only with big ring in the uphill’s so the training that we use in trisutto with big gears was very helpful 🙂 At the last part of the race in running leg keeping a steady pace and came to the 2nd  place overall!

Fantastic improvements from Mania over the weekend!

Mania Bikof in another multiple race weekend in Greek Island Spetses she took the 2nd position in 25 km run race in challenging course with a PB by 15min. The previous day she took part in 5km swimming race finishing in 2nd position and in 10km run race 3d place in her age group. Three races in a Weekend is unbelievable and shows the improvement he has made this season!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Rounding out the season with a win; Congrats Maxi!

Maxi Spahn finally had the mechanical luck and used his good fitness to produce a late season victory at the Guntersleben MTB race in Germany this past week! It’s been a few weeks coming, and glad we could end the season on a good note and coach is already looking forward to next season, injury-free and win-filled! Great work Maxi!

Sascha Moryson traveled to Netherlands for some cyclocross racing this past weekend. After a solid MTB season, Sascha used some great fitness and was able to produce his first ever Dutch cyclocross race podium, finishing in 3rd, while also competing on a borrowed bike! Way to make it happen, Sascha!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Winner winner, chicken dinner! – Well done Flora 🙂

After a few easier weeks at the end of the summer season of racing, Flora Colledge raced in the Inzlinger Volkslauf a 10.2k off road trail race, and enjoyed wet muddy conditions to take an excellent win. We’ll continue to use similar events for speed work, as well as fun, during a period of reverse periodisation with fewer hours and less volume over the European winter, with a focus on speed and sports specific strength workouts.

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

You Must Be Willing To Lose To Win!

You Must Be Willing To Lose To Win!

Gill Fullen’s 2017 season so far stands at:

  • 1 British Duathlon Age Group Title
  • Champion Outlaw Half
  • 3rd Outlaw Holkham
  • Champion Outlaw Full

And let’s not forget the Outlaw Full course record 9.44.48! Gill is the first athlete in the UK to hit the Double for Outlaw race wins.

For me this is an impressive CV of racing results by anyone’s standards on the UK Triathlon circuit. When you consider the fact Gill is 53, those results are phenomenal. Now what’s beyond phenomenal is that less than 12 months ago Gill was battling Breast Cancer!

It’s obvious Gill is a special individual. Back in may I wrote about her Journey when she won the Outlaw Half.

Now she’s just broken a course record and won the Outlaw full on nothing more than 70.3 training. How good could she be? While Gill is talented and impresses me week in week out, it’s amazing to think there is still room to improve!

She does the training, I just conduct a plan for her. And believe me there was a LOT of questioning of the plan leading into this race. Even up until the day before the race we had a good debate about how it might go. My message has always been to put herself in a position where Gill can use her natural mental and physical strength – draw the others into trading punches then the fight is on.

And what a fighter she is! When she listens her application is second to none and the run in to the Outlaw Full has been about learning and listening. This lady is one special individual and for me is an inspiration for not just women in sport, but people in general. I feel honoured and blessed to work with such a character.

A Swim PB and a Bike PB and an Overall PB for an Iron distance race on 70.3 training is amazing. We’re not going to overly push and will train according to what the body can handle. But watch out people for if Gill is at 100% strength to pack her real punch it’s going to be something special.

Perry Agass has been a professional coach for over 10 years and has worked with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world. He is a passionate, motivated and very thorough with excellent results.

Perry regularly holds camps in Cyprus for all levels of athletes.

You must be willing to lose to win…

You must be willing to lose to win…

There’s been a lot written recently about Gill Fullen’s battle with Cancer, her comeback and most recently her victory at Outlaw Half by various media. Therefore, I felt it’s only right that as her Coach I now should write down my own thoughts.

Gill’s journey is one that is very special for so many reasons without her recent battles. She is an incredible athlete at Age Group level and one that you could argue ‘what if?’ or ‘if only’ she found the sport earlier.

Gills a multiple Champion at Age Group level, and without being disrespectful to other competitors, she finds it easy as there is nothing Gill likes to do more than race hard. That’s not saying others don’t, it’s just Gill does have those rare qualities only the best seem to have at the higher end of the sport.

When Gill came to me to coach her I had one condition.
‘You take yourself out of your comfort zone and walk away from all the easy wins you’ve had.  ‘WHAT?’ was the look I got from Gill.
I could tell Gill had never had anyone say this to her before and I went on, ‘COME ON you want to find that extra 10%, don’t you? And see where you could really go in this sport?’.
‘Yes, your right, but I’m too old’, she said.
I told her age is just a number, and now we do things my way.
She looked at me with shock, and said ‘We’ll see, so many have tried before you’.
It was then I knew I had a fighter on my hands.

This was the start of a great relationship between Gill and I, we are very straight with each other. We sat down over a year ago and set a plan, the plan was to move away from the Age Group mind-set, and step up to another level and test yourself again. The plan was wins at Outlaws, amongst others, but what wasn’t in the plan was the big ‘C’… Yes Cancer.

When Gill told me, if I’m honest my reaction perhaps wasn’t normal. I didn’t feel sorry for Gill, I don’t think she needed that, she needed someone to say, ‘Well come on, we’ll fight this together enough’. People around you say the right things, so I’m going to be objective and challenging just the way Gill likes things to be.

Gill responded in a way only a real fighter would. Days/weeks and months past and the motivation was amazing, she never gave up and got stronger with motivation. Yes of course there were downs, but everyone is human; Gill responded to each challenge with grit and in such a touching way. she is gifted with not only talent, but in true spirit and determination and this carried through the whole time, which for many was and is inspiring.

Gill in Kona

Typical of Gill the texts started flowing back in, asking me about training, telling me what she had done and what she was doing, each week and month she was doing a bit more but not without setbacks. In true Gill fashion, she kept on pushing and became stronger and stronger, sending me texts “this isn’t going to beat me.” Continuously hounding me to start training properly so we could get back to our original plan, and when those texts started to proceed about races for the future I thought Gill was now ready to plan for the 2017 season ahead.

Gill’s determination and courage to beat off one of the biggest battles of her life is one that deserves enormous respect. When most would have crumbled, Gill stepped up and looked at Cancer right in the eye and challenged back, trading punches that was a survival technique, not knowing if one of those thrown could be the last.

As serious as it sounds, we are talking about the fact that Gill is one special human to be able to show the way and fight for life, not just in the sport she loves so much. Triathlon has given Gill the chance to down her true character.

Gill is a very talented, and gifted in many areas, but is yet to become the complete athlete. Yes, Gill can still improve, age for me is just a number and if you’re good enough then why not give it your best shot.


Perry Agass has been a professional coach for over 10 years and has worked with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world. He is a passionate, motivated and very thorough with excellent results.

Perry regularly holds camps in Cyprus for all levels of athletes.

Communication is Key

Communication is Key

Communication is so fundamentally important in the coach/athlete relationship –  It is the key for progression and success.

From day one, athletes and coaches begin a journey, through both observation and responses a level of communication is created. It’s the start of a testing time, where many questions are asked from both sides. There needs to be trust and belief. Understanding each other also requires patience. With good communication these can be managed, so that both parties are clear on the tasks that lay ahead.

Athlete’s need to be open and honest to what their goals and targets are. It is also important they understand their capabilities, and if their expectations are realistic in order to stand any chance of successful performance in the future. This needs to be communicated between the athlete and coach.

Writing out a training plan is the start of the communication. The coach will watch, listen and learn about the individual and what their needs are. Through writing and talking we gain a level of communication, but it is also through the observation of body language (a technique ofter overlooked) that can give coaches the greatest of feedback of all, with no words spoken. Reading and observing athletes without even speaking to them takes a level of understanding, observation, skill and time to get right; but through various different responses your communication is key to achieve the right balance and the best athlete mentality possible.

Full time Trisutto squad in Cyprus runs year round with Coach Perry.

Every individual athlete is different in what type of communication they need and what type they best respond to. The key to building the athlete coach relationship is how the coach responds to the athlete’s reactions. It is very important to understand when and how to force an action, to in turn provoke a reaction.

We all respond differently and our characters give off different reactions. Observation and making an appropriate response back and forth is fundamental in the ongoing development of the relationship. It is important to be able to use and adapt different methods of communication and strike a balance to what’s needed and when. It is also important to understand how to manage the athletes character and develop a style for each individual by observing, listening and learning.

Having my own squad, currently based in Cyprus, I know that the type of communication I choose is very important for the squad dynamics, the squad progression and the individual success of every athlete in it.  I am forever learning about each individual and through observation of body language my understanding to where each athlete’s mood is, from session to session, day by day is ongoing. Using different communication skills and acknowledging that no two peopler are alike, is so important, and my actions as a coach has a major impact, not only on the individual, but on the whole squad.


Perry Agass is a coach based out of Paphos, Cyprus.
Join Perry in Cyprus for Triathlon camps and Squad Training Workouts. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

End of Season Racing

End of Season Racing

Daz Parker proving she has what it takes – overall winner at the Pure Triathlon 226 in Spain.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Daz Parker has really been working hard all season and is learning quickly. Coming from a Pro Xterra background pushing to Endurance has been a big test for her but one that she is taking on very well.

This weekend saw Daz take on her first Iron Distance race. So far this season Daz has picked up a couple of podiums at the 70.3 distance, but we decided that we should see how Daz faired at Iron so we chose the Pure Triathlon 226 race.

It wasn’t about winning/getting a podium or even a time, it was more to the fact of getting it done but doing it to the best of Daz’s ability and seeing how well she could do.

The Swim started and Daz coming off a 2 week training block in Gran Canaria was in good shape, so she hit it hard and it paid off exiting the water first female. Out of T1 and on to the bike and Daz put the hammer down and really went for it (and maybe that was why she got 2 punctures ha!) but although that slowed her down it didn’t stop her. She had work to do and was still yet to find the true test on the run, did she have the run legs? Answer YES she did, crossing the line as first female overall, an amazing result for Daz and a massive breakthrough. Well done.

Matt Leeman also took on the Iron 226 Pure Triathlon race in Valencia Spain. Matt has had a solid year and it’s what I would class as a building year.

The swim got underway and Matt pushed the pace in the rough sea swim where he exited in first place in just under 55min. Onto the bike (Matt’s weak point, but we are working on it, so work in progress would be a good summary) he worked hard and held onto the lead coming into T2, where Matt found himself in very new territory in this position. He knew he needed to worked hard now to hold off the athletes hunting him down, but unfortunately after 12/15miles on the run the wheels came off for Matt, and he eventually decided to bail out. There is still work to be done, lots of it, but we are making head way and learning quickly with Matt; the road is never straight to gain success.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Oriana takes the win and qualifies for 70.3 World Champs in Turkey.

This past weekend I had only 2 athletes racing, but they did very well 🙂

Oriana Heer: 70.3 Turkey, 1st place W35-39 4:50, this means that Oriana already qualified for the 70.3 Worlds 2017 in Chattanooga! This was our goal, so we are really happy with it!

Stefano Pavan, only 3 weeks after IM Barcelona raced the Venice marathon (Venice, Italy is his hometown): 3:11.15 for him. Considering the very short time between ironman and marathon it was another good performance. Now  it’s time to rest a little bit.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler

guy_evansxterra2016 AG XTERRA World Champion, Guy Evans!

At the XTERRA World champs, Guy Evans has a sensational race, wins his age group and is 2016 World Champ now! It was a very tough race, with the bike course too rain-soaked to to ride at many place. Guy came out of the water at around 9th position, worked himself towards 2nd position in T2 to finally run the first guy down and win the title. It was a case of keeping cool, managing equipment, and waiting for the run. Guy told us: “I knew going into the race that Jo had made me super strong. With that residual fitness, the harder the race, the better. And the race was HARD! I had to chase down one guy on the run, but I had power left in the tank to do so. I left T2 going full gas, knowing that my superior fitness would carry me through. After an epic swim/bike – no way anyone was better prepared for a hard run than me.“ When Guy collected his bike after the race, he found his front tyre flat. This was just is day. The gods were really smiling on him. Well done Guy, very happy and very proud of you!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

lc_miamiTop 10 for LC at Ironman 70.3 Miami.

70.3 Miami was the perfect location for LC to race on her birthday. Miami provided her favorite weather and conditions: tropical climate, warm water, with heat and humidity on race day.

LC’s instructions were simple. Nail the swim, stay positive on the bike, and blast the run. A solid swim that had her at the front of the second pack and exiting the water in 8th position. The plan for the bike was to stay focused and confident but also to fight to keep her competitors in view. LC began the run in 20th position and unleashed on the field. LC took advantage of her strength and ran down over half of her competitors to cross the line in 9th.

Happy Birthday LC. Your top 10 finish in a stacked field was a fair replacement for 100×100 in the pool. Next weekend continues the tropical campaign with 70.3 Los Cabos. When you get back, we can talk about those hundred 100s.

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Top step of the Podium for Paolo in the UAE

This past Friday, Dubai-based Filipino swim coach Paolo Mangnilinan sealed the top spot of the podium in his age group and 6th overall at the Oceanic Sprint Series Triathlon in the United Arab Emirates. After a strong swim near the front with good swimmers, Pao backed it up with a very solid bike split and then ran very well off the bike, to close one of his best executions ever.

This comes off the back of a bit of travel earlier in the week and a tough race last weekend, where he managed to learn from the obstacles he faced, and adjust them for this performance. Now one more race next Friday to cap off 3 consecutive weekends of racing!

Jong – Photo Credit :Ryan Ruiz

Recent Kona qualifier Felipe “Jong” Sajulga, joined the local leg of the very popular Milo marathon series, lining up for the 21 KM event. He stuck to the plan, with a conservative start, let his legs loosen up and found a good rhythm in the middle, to run himself into the top 10, making several passes in the final quarter of the race.

To top it all off, he earned a new PR for the half marathon in 1h25, as well to feeling good between Ironman Taiwan and Ironman Langkawi. To polish off his weekend, he did a “flush run” in the evening, for good measure, to speed up recovery and maintain the overall volume.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Good Job Ana (right) – 2nd place category finish in Spain

On Sunday Ana Berenguel Antler raced in the Spanish Long Distance Championship (4km swim, 120km bike and 30km run).  After a very successful IM Copenhagen she took couple of weeks rest and we started the buildup for the race. However, all that could have turned against Ana did – additional work commitment meant she had much less time to train and then a sickness in a worst possible time. As a result she went to the race with only 2 long rides in her legs. This didn’t stop her from putting a good fight. After a very choppy and tiring swim she followed the coach’s instructions and rode conservatively loosing some time to top woman in her AG. She did not give up though, she gave it all during the final discipline and ran into 2nd place. A Spanish Vice-Champion in her age group sounds quite nice! A performance showing the resilience and determination of champions and well deserved podium.

Another PB for Krzysztof, this time over a Half Marathon. Photo Credit: MaratonyPolskie.PL

Few weeks ago we wrote about Krzysztof Machnicki’s 5km and 10km run PBs. I have indicated that I expect more to come from him in the near future. He didn’t want to settle on 10k PB this autumn and asked if it was possible to run a good half marathon in 4 weeks. It was a big task as Krzysztof’s training to date did not consider running such a distance so soon. We approached it in a slightly different way continuing the speed and strength training but slightly extending the sessions and adding 30 min jogs where it fit well into the overall plan.

The result – a massive half marathon PB in Bydgoszcz on Sunday: Overall 37th place, 21st in M30-39 category, finishing time: 01:25:47 and over 6 minutes improvement on 1:32 he run before we started working together. Congratulations on a very well paced and executed race.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Well done To Fernando!

This weekend, I had Fernando Palhares racing the Long Distance Brazilian Champs. It was a bit of a bizarre race with lots of changes within the last minute! Even the the medal ceremony got rescheduled without telling the athletes! It was a tough day, a non wetsuit swim with lots of waves and a hot bike and run!

Fernando toughed it out and came 3rd in his age group and he’s now qualified for 2017 ITU Long Distance World Champs to be held in Penticton – Canada in August.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Celebrations on the podium at Challenge Aruba

Just an island hopper for Mirjam Weerd to travel over and race the inaugural Challenge Aruba. Somewhat a ‘home’ race for Mirjam, it was pleasing to see her pace herself well and push through strongly at the end of the run to finish in 3rd place. A really solid performance, well done Mirjam 🙂

Not a bad location for a race – Xterra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii

Big Congratulations to Ferdi Rust who raced the World Xterra Champs in Maui on Sunday. Ferdi’s preparation for the race was disrupted with a nasty cold a couple of weeks out, which unfortunately resurfaced again in race week. However race morning Ferdi felt good and ready to start. Racing slightly within himself, he reported back that overall it was a good experience from which he leant a lot; as for the bike course, Ferdi described much of it as ‘a mud mountain hike with my bike on my back’!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Jason celebrating is first Ironman finish afterwards with his greatest supporters

Jason Ramdeen raced in his first Ironman at North Carolina. A great 53 minute swim set him up for a super day.  The bike was cut short to 80km *** , and Jason backed it up with a solid 3 hour 25 minute marathon to take 7th place in his category and 42nd overall.  A super way to debut at this distance.  Once again sharing the experience with his two greatest supporters, wife Efua and young son Blaise, who participated in the Iron Kids event the day before, and is set to follow in his fathers footsteps!

*** due to devastating local flooding in the area during the previous weeks, that saw many local residents lose their homes. While disappointing for some, the impact on competitors minimal in comparison.

Andrea Rudin raced in the Muttenzer Herbstlauf 10km road race near Basel, Switzerland. Recording her best time ever on this course, and right on her PR for 10km, Andrea did super as she enjoys some fun events while we prepare for 2017 triathlon season. As per usual, to make sure we had a good training day out of a fun even, Andrea did a 5km warm up and 5km cool down, to make a nice good run day, and followed up with an easy bike turbo later in the day to loosen the run muscles. Fun off season training with purpose 🙂

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.