‎Emma Bilham wins Ironman 70.3 Barcelona. Photo credit: FETRI

Very pleased to see Emma Bilham continue to vindicate her gutsy decision to give up her job and give it a go at making it as a pro. I know many try, but few actually enter into the decision with the true facts ringing in their ears like I pass on. It’s been a very quick learning curve for Emma and I can say there is more to come. We have yet to see the best of her.

The Captain (Matt Trautman) stepped out of South Africa for the first time this season to start his summer prep ahead of camp in St Moritz. We will see where he is at over the next three weeks then plot his course to Kona.

Boo Hoo (Carina Brecthers) also participated at Barcelona. They say you learn more from your defeats than your successes. One hopes this will be true for Carina as being a pro is not easy, but she is improving rapidly. If she can harness her improvements then we shall see her back on the podium very soon.

Trent (Simmons) finished off his last race before a European summer by taking out the X-50 in Texas leading from start to finish. Look forward to seeing him in St Moritz soon.

Yannis Theodoropoulos based in London has been training well through winter. He has made excellent improvements, and had his first hit out of the year on the weekend at the Nuffield Health Eton Sprints event, overcoming a slower than usual swim to power through on the bike and run legs. Looking forward to Yannis returning to St Moritz training camp to continue the work in progress.

Flora Colledge raced in the Basel Aquathlon on Saturday. An 800m pool swim, and 5km run; which rounded out a nice day of training as it followed a 3 hour bike turbo workout that morning.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie_LanzaroteMelanie qualifies for Kona!

Melanie got her Hawaii slot at IM Lanzarote on Saturday! I’m really so happy for her, she’s been working so hard towards this. And this is her first IM Age Group podium! Just shows what consistency, talent and hard training can lead to:

Totally proud and happy with my 3rd place in my age group at Ironman Lanzarote, 15th overall and finally getting a kona slot! It was a really tough day with the heavy winds and the heat, as if the course itself isn’t hard enough! And even though I struggled pretty hard on the last 60km of my favourite leg, I managed to hang on and run a new marathon PB, after a swim PB earlier that day! It’s been an amazing journey in the last 1.5 years, since being coached by Lisbeth, thank you so much!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Al_Lanzarote1 hour Personal Best for Alan Sweeney!

From injuries to PBs! What a fantastic weekend of racing for my athletes. I couldn’t be more proud.

First Alan Sweeney took on one of the toughest Ironman’s on the circuit in Lanzarote and showed some HUGE improvements from last year despite some major cramping after the swim that left him in transition for 11 min. He swam 5 min faster, rode 45 min faster and ran 15 min faster from the previous year and moved up 35 spots from the previous year. A lot of positives to take away from the race and how Al has been training to set up up for a great race on Switzerland in July.

Lorraine_SwimLorraine out of the swim. 🙂

Lorraine & Tony both took on the British Middle Distance  Champs in Grafman and both had great races despite a flat for Tony & a mechanical for Lorraine that cost them both quite a bit of time in the bike. Tony came to me injured a few months back and could hardly run- this weekend he set a 70.3 PB off the bike and ended up in 5th. Lorraine is showing some very positive effects of training, taking out her legs in the swim she reported it to be less taxed and the run felt much better than the previous year. Lorraine has done great to string together some good training in the middle of a big job change. Most of all I’m really proud of how she handled an issue on the bike that cost her 14 min & in the end she still managed 6th!

Last bit certainly not least, Jacqui Saxon hired me 5 months ago after a COMPLETE ACL reconstruction. After the surgery Jacqui thought she would never run again. At 57 she has been very patient to hurry slowly and has made huge progress as she just ran her first 10 km on Sunday PAIN FREE!!! Unbelievably happy for her!

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Steffi_Jansen_recap1Ironman Lanzarote Age Group Winner, Steffi Jansen. Photo: James Mitchell Photography Ironman

Amongst the many athletes racing this weekend, I had some outstanding results:

At Ironman Lanzarote, Steffi Jansen won her age group! She started her day with an 10min improved swim and then started to eat into the huge lead of the leading athlete. She had to make up a 20min deficit, but kept everything steady and focused, knowing that she has to keep something in the tank for her strongest leg, the run. At the 34km mark, Coach figured out that Steffe had still a 3:10min deficit on the leader but I also could clearly see that Steffe was on a much faster pace. So I told her to  try harder, which she did. On the last 8km of the race, she turned her 3min deficit into a 4min lead and a fantastic win. Very happy, that it worked out for Steffi!

Doro_K_recapTop 5 for Doro!

Doro Krabach also had a fantastic race, finishing 5th in her age group and missing the roll down Hawaii slot by only 1 slot. She was full of – let’s say respect – for this hard race with so many height meters and tough, windy and hot conditions. But come race day, she really enjoyed the bike course and the moon-like landscape. She even stopped running, when I cheered her on at the run course to tell me what a spectacular bike course that was! Crazy girl. I sent her away telling her that she should keep running and she shuffled her with a big smile towards the finish line.

Diana_Riesler_Lanzarote_Recap4th place for defending champion, Diana Riesler. Photo: James Mitchell Photography Ironman

I wish Diana had a similar good race. Unfortunately, it was not her day. One could compensate for 1 or 2 things not going well. But when literally nothing goes well, all seems to deteriorate. When the goal is to defend your title, one cannot be happy with a 4th place. She had an ok swim, but from the very beginning struggled to find her bike legs and to keep intensity up. She still made up 9min on race leader Lucy Charles with the 2nd fastest bike split of the day, and started the run in 3rd position, only 2min short of the race lead. But the run was not going any better than her bike. When she finally spained her ankle with 10k to go, the objective for this race fully changed from fighting for a podium to just make it to the finish line. She was about to drop out many times during this race, and I’m very happy she didn’t. It would have been much nicer, to defend the title. Yes. But fighting for the finish when this goal went out of sight completely is really what a true champion owes the cheering crowd and fellow racers who also have their hard times during a race. We had thorough analysis of what went wrong in the buildup. For her next race, she will be in much better shape. You can bet on that!

Dirk_Niederau_recapA win at Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten for Dirk.

The best performance of my athletes racing this weekend came from Dirk Niederau at Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten. It was just a fantastic showing of him, a day of racing, one only has every few years. He not only won his, but also the 3 (!) younger age groups underneath. He came 21st overall in a deep pro field with the 10th fastest bike split. However, that Dirk would do well is no surprise as he trains with incredible dedication and consistency. And, most important, with a lot of knowledge and feel for his body. Keep on the good work, Dirk, well done!

Thomas_Schafer_recap1World Cup bronze medal for Thomas Schäfer.

Finally, paracyclist Thomas Schäfer won a World Cup bronze medal in the road race, after missing the podium in the TT race 2 days before only by a few seconds. I’m very happy that he finally got the breakthrough after an emotionally tough period over the past weeks. He again showed, what class of rider he is!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Ingrid and Susie and a 3rd place at Grafman Tri3rd place for Ingrid at the Grafman Triathlon.

It’s always great to catch up with our online athletes in person and I have enjoyed the opportunity to do that over the past 2 weeks!

Ingrid Kidd made the long drive down from Scotland for her first triathlon of the season at the Grafman Triathlon (70.3 distance) which also doubled as the British Age Group Championships. Time to blow away a few race cobwebs! Was great to see Ingrid finish with a very impressive sub 5 hour time and with 3rd place in her category.

A PR for Sergio at the Brooklyn Half Marathon2 minute PR for Sergio at the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

After spending a week with us at camp in Mallorca, Sergio Silva returned home to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday. We were both really happy when he reported back a 2 min PR over the distance. Super effort!

Two weeks ago Ferdi Rust was feeling quite apprehensive about lining up for his first 70.3 race. However we were both delighted when he surpassed all of his expectations at 70.3 St.Polten in Austria. Ferdi finished very strongly and is all ready planning his next 70.3!

Nina - overall winner in BernNina was the overall winner at the Bern Sprint Triathlon.

Another short fun sprint race for Nina Derron and another podium finish – this time on the top step again 🙂  Continuing her good form, Nina took out the overall win at the Bern Sprint Triathlon in Switzerland.  Congratulations Nina and well deserved.

Finally over in Thailand, Joey-Lynn Musselman lined up at the Pattaya Triathlon (1.5/54/13). Despite getting a little lost on the swim (and swimming into a dead-end!) Joey was out first in her category on to the bike. Joey crossed the final finish line with a second place in her category. Well done Joey.

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Mariana_Lara_RecapMariana won her age group at the King Pine Triathlon.

Vermont athlete Mariana Lara smashed her first triathlon of the year at the King Pine Triathlon in New Hampshire. Mariana won her age group and came in 5th woman overall. She surprised herself with a very respectable run after spending the winter and spring on a very conservative build after struggling all of last season with a knee injury. I told her she’d nail it, and her strength on the swim and bike set her up for a solid run. It was a great start to Mariana’s season and I’m looking forward to seeing her continue to make big gains right up through IM Chattanooga. Well done Mariana!

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Ralf_Battenfield_SolaFirst race of the season for Ralf.

This past weekend, Ralf Battenfeld competed in his first race of the year, the Sola Startseite. He was part of a relay, doing a 6 KM strait uphill leg that included a 400m elevation gain, up the beautiful Alps near Zurich. He managed a time of 34 min, for 194th out of about 1000, helping his team gain some spots in the process. He admittedly struggled with the stair section and the altitude, of which will make his run’s off the bike, a little easier.

Martin_Barner_RecapPR for Martin Barner! 1hr22 for the half. 

In another part of Switzerland, near Basel, Martin Barner scored a new PR for the 21 KM distance with a time of 1h22, done in negative split fashion at the 3-Laenderlauf run event. This was good enough for a close 8th place overall, out of about 1000 participants. Considering that Martin did a big load of training the week of the race, as well to the course being quite technical with consistent turns, hills and some off road sections – this is a very good effort on his part. Then later that evening, he went for another run to shake out the race and build the volume a bit more towards his key summer races!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Martina _Dogana_66th National Title for Martina Dogana.

The Italian Middle Distance Championships in Lovere were a big success for us:

Martina Dogana won her 6th national title in a time of 4:42.11!

Irene Coletto, 11. overall and 1. W30-34 in 5:07.29

Marzia Panizza, 25. overall and 3. W25-29 in 5:26.24!

National_Title_EdithThese 3 girls, together with their squad member, Roberta Fedeli, won also the Team Championship!

Elena de Preto, finisher in 6:31.36, 8. W45-49.

Emanuele Mutti, finisher in 4:59.57, 7. M25-29.

Elena_EmmanuleElena and Emanuele at the National Champs.

Other races:

70.St.Pölten: Stefano Pavan in 4:51.29 (M45-49) got a slot for the Worlds in Australia, but he cannot race there, because it’s too far away for him.

Mirco_Barcelona70.3 Barcelona: Mirco Pulici, finisher M35-39 in 5:41:36. This was only his second 70.3 race.

IM Lanzarote: Stefano Grossi, M55-59, finisher in 13:14.31.

Triathlon sprint Cervia (Italy)

David Galafassi, comeback after an injury, 1:05 for him.

Stralugano (half marathon):

Mery Bernasconi 1:42.59 and Michele Silvan 1:22.46, both are preparing IM Austria.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Chiin-Hooi Tan won the female category of her club triathlon in Denmark, 400m / 18k / 4k Another win for Chiin, and on her way to retaining her title of athlete of the year in her club.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:


At Ironman Lanzarote I had Simon Leadbeater race his 2nd Ironman. Simon is fairly new to the world of triathlon and beat his last year’s Ironman Lanzarote time by 37 minutes! In the previous months he has got great consistent training in around his full time job and family. On Saturday he got everything from himself. Congratulations Simon.


Vinny Vines got to the start line after a nasty flu 3 weeks prior to the race. There was no way Vinny was not going to race, but he kept his race controlled and finished in 11 hours 15 minutes. He has finished healthy and looks forward to a healthy strong rest of the season.


Jason Wilkes went 11 hours 31 minutes, Jason dreamt of a Hawaii qualification but unfortunately stomach cramps towards the end of his race diminished that opportunity this time.


Anne Jenson overcame a few problems during the race, but she is made of tough stuff. Her ambitions were high but she  battled on with her circumstances to get 7th Professional Lady. Anne will use this as a stepping stone for more successful races this year.

Graeme Stewart racing professionally had mechanical problems which held him up over an hour near the 100km mark on the bike, he was feeling good and this was an unfortunate way for his race to go. He has learnt and will be better for it at his races in the coming months. Graeme continued on to finish, 10 hours 19 minutes.


Lucy Biddlestone raced her first Ironman, she came 2nd in the 25-29 year old category in 11 hours 44 minutes.  Having a great race here on Saturday sets her season up really well.


Sandy Robson, busy mother and grandmother finished her long ambition to race and finish Ironman Lanzarote!  She had tried before but never made it to the start line, this year we put in some good work and she not only got to the start line, she finished it in 13 hours and 40 minutes.

Thank you to James Mitchell Photography for these great photos.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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