Showdown in Allgäu; Dani verses Jan! Photo Credit: Michael Rauschendorfer

The road to Kona
This weekend saw coach ask the Angry Bird, Daniela Ryf at short notice to roll out for one more hit out before 70.3 Worlds. Training has been building up great and the bird showed a world class performance at the German Middle Distance Championships in Allgäu. With a 15 minute start for the women over the men’s wave, it was likely going to be a match race to see if Jan Frodeno could catch The Bird. Well let me tell you that was all the incentive that Bird needed, on a hilly course, crossing the finish over a 1 minute before Jan, a clear winner in the female race, and good enough for 5th overall. This season is bird time. Come October barring incidents, the bird will again be the athlete to beat. Excellent performance.

Celebrations for the Pro women in Copenhagen and 2nd place for Corinne. Photo: Rob Holden Photography

I also asked even more of the Welsh Wizard, Corinne Abraham. Coach thinks she needed one more 180k bike in her legs. So at the big dance in October she can rumba all the way. Corinne while apprehensive, gave coach the ‘yes sir’ and added an excellent podium at Ironman Copenhagen. it was a hard day made worse for her by the weather as the wizard is right on her weight for Kona already. I could not be happier with her performance. One more shorter hit out now and Kona here we come.

Another good hitout and category win for Jane in Dublin.

Among our Kona age group athletes, Jane Hansom raced 70.3 Dublin. Being a Scot, the weather I thought wouldn’t bother her, but it seems Kona heat is more her bag now! However she managed a solid performance, and hubbie Garry and Archie got a road trip, what better way to spend a weekend.

Second place for Mariana in Lausanne.

Back in Switzerland we had one of my favorite races, the Lausanne triathlon. It is steeped in tradition and hills, it’s a great race. Our resident local after a couple of missed opportunities this year nailed this one – great race from Mariana Solorzano to finish 2nd and on the podium in her category. Well done.

Barb tops the podium at the 11k Sommerlauf Run in St. Moritz.

Meanwhile back at training base in St Moritz, Celine Schaerer and Barb Riveros took on the St Moritz Challenge (Engadin Sommmer Lauf trail run). Celine the 25k, and pepper the 11.5k race. Both races are very taxing, but with a nice view as you run up and over the Pontresina Pass. Was a great Kona work out for Celine who will race again next weekend. Barb showed excellent form in winning but also took the long standing female race record. Barb will now go to a sutto test race for half long distance. Gerardmer is one of the great races of  this distance any where in the world. It will help design our 2018  program for Barb.

Flick wins the world duathlon title in Penticton!

Last but not least congrats go to coach Cam Watt for a brilliant season that I think has more to come. As a coach of the coaches it gives me great pleasure to see one of my hardest working athletes, turn into a coach, but not any coach, he has now trained his first World Champion (Flick Sheedy-Ryan in Penticton). It won’t be his last, might not even be his last for this year. 2017 has been a breakthrough year for Cam and I’m very proud to add him to the list of coaches who are coached by me to train World Champions. Well done Cam.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

A happy Bintan podium; well done Kate (right). Photo Credit:

Kate Bevilaqua went to 70.3 Bintan to defend her title, this year a win was not possible with 2 faster girls beating her to the finish line. Kate is building her way back to fitness after some time off recently to get married and recover from some illness, A solid 3rd place in the heat of Bintan, and now she is on her way to China for the next 70.3 where she will aim for another podium finish.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Making great progress- Claire on top of the podium!

Claire Weller raced the Monster Middle this weekend, it was a last minute decision but a great one. She continue’s to show great progress crossing the line 1st to win the race.

World Champion – Congratulations Gill!

Gill Fullen does it again climbs on top of the AG podium to become Standard distance decathlon world champion, this athlete is having a flyer this season speechless.

Davina and Gill in Penticton.

Davina Greenwell represented Great Britain for the very first time in her AG and done a fantastic job, at one stage she went from 5th to 2nd but just couldn’t hold on but crossed the line 5th. A great account of your first season in multi sport very well done Davina.

Race Recap from Coach Annie Emmerson:

Pre race prep and Post Race rewards – good job Pete in Dublin!

Pete Hollins ran through some calf issues in Dublin 70.3 to finish 2nd and a roll down spot got him a place in next year’s 70.3 WC in South Africa.

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

On route to a PB, congratulations Daniel.

Daniel Schiller had a great day at Ironman Copenhagen and was 13min faster then his personal best Ironman time from 2013, finishing in 09:46. So of course I am super happy as a coach too as I know how hard this guy worked for it. I know they come tough growing up and living in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. But always good to get remembered by him. A guy who works super hard at his job and finds time for his training beside of some crazy working hours. His swim of 1h02min was very solid and he had a quick change in T1 to follow a strong swim up with a fast 4h55min bike. Another fast transition and he started his run with a 4.50min/km pace. Trying to get close to the 9h30min mark at end. but we all know how hard it is to keep up same pace over entire 42k and mostly after the 30k mark. Daniel slowed down a bit for 8k around that mark but came strong at end again to finish 23rd in his age group. Well done Daniel! Proud coach!

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Very proud to have 1 more athlete qualified for Kona. Well done Jona, well done team!

On Saturday, I had Jona Dahlquist racing IM Kalmar in Sweden. The main goal was to secure a slot for Hawaii and Jona’s secondary gaol was to run under 4 hours on the marathon. Jona swam well in 1:04, she rode well too in very windy conditions in 5:44 and then she ran in 4:11. Jona came second in her age group (50-54) and got her slot for Hawaii! We’ll have to keep working on Jona’s run to get her under the 4 hour mark again! This was Jon’a 4th podium this year! Jona was 3rd in 70.3 Mallorca, 3rd in 70.3 Elsinore and 1st in Jönköping. Now the preparation towards Kona will start, very exciting and very well done, Jona!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Tracey Horne tackled a mid week evening sprint event…, completing her first triathlon in 18 months 🙂 Encouraged by a good race, confidence is on the rise as we look forward to some longer events over the coming months!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Sascha is back at it racing into the second half of the season.

After what seemed to be an endless holiday vacation and training camp the past month, Sascha Moryson was back to Germany and back to racing Marathon MTB! His fitness showed to be climbing back after a mid-season break, finishing 7th on a hard day. With a few races to go and cyclocross season on tap, he is getting back to where he needs to be!

David Delgado completed the annual Rammstein Air Force Base Half-Marathon this weekend. David will be moving back to the United States after his tour is complete in Germany, and we had this event on the calendar all year. Due to a very busy work schedule, a bit of an injury, and moving a family across the Ocean, David was still able to come out and set a PR at the Half-Marathon this past weekend, running a 1:37! With the circumstances we were handed this Summer, it was a great accomplishment! Congrats David!

After a month of traveling with the Mexican National Soccer Team, Carlos Martinez was back home and competing at a Duathlon event in Mexico City. Showing that consistent training while traveling and staying healthy is key to keep race fitness, and he came out with a very respectable race! After the first run, he was able to move up through the field on the bike and 2nd run, even running faster in the 2nd 5k! Awesome work, Carlos!

Only a few weeks post Ironman Switzerland, Jan  Pascal Tschudy was back in the groove with a bucket list race at the Inferno Triathlon. This race encompasses a swim, road and MTB bike portion, and a run that finishes up a mountain, very reminiscent of the Swissman, Norseman, or Celtman Xtreme triathlons! Some necessary rest and busy work schedule post Zurich left me a bit skeptical of how the day would go, but Jan did what he does best, and crushed it!!! An ever improving swim left him in decent place out of the water, and then he produced the 12th fastest roadbike split of the day, before having some issues on the MTB (a bit more training on this next year ) before having a top 20 run up the Shilthorn! Enjoy your Bali holiday, Jan!

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Eliane looking strong nearing the half way (top); IM #1 bagged! (bottom)

Big congrats to Eliane Raymond-Dufresne for completing her first IM in Mont Tremblant on Sun! Following, a superb build four weeks earlier at camp in Tremblant, Eliane, an ER Doctor, was pummelled with a barrage of 15 evening/night shifts in the emergency room over the next three weeks. Needless to say this wreaked havoc on her ability to train and, more importantly, to recover from any training that could be made to fit. The crushing  fatigue took its toll in short order producing a painful niggle in one ankle that precluded any terra firma running for the final three weeks up to race day itself. The focus then shifted to bolster her strengths (the swim and bike) to have that fitness cross pollinate to the run. As well, it was essential that she not lose confidence in her running ability that she had developed by end of camp. We expected the run to be exceptionally tough under the circumstances but knowing her character I had absolute confidence in her potential to make it through. And that she did with guts and grace in a solid 12:16hrs. Eliane emerged 11th out of the water, worked her way to 4th off the bike, kept 8th until the second loop on the run and then held tough to finish in the top 15 of her AG. Exceptionally feisty for a first timer especially given the lead in circumstances. Could not be more proud of this accomplishment.

Scott Bradley made his European racing debut at 70.3 Dublin this weekend placing 15th in the Pro field, toeing the line with some tough cookies with the likes of Eneko Llanos and Romain Guillaume. Scott put down a solid race but still short of what we believe he is fully capable of. Scott approached me only three weeks ago following a disappointment at IM Lake Placid and some plateauing results at 70.3s. So the learning curve has been steep for both of us. Some changes to his training methods have already been introduced with more tweaks and focus points in the pipes. Scott has the right drive and work ethic to support his ambitions. More to come from this man.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Overcoming challenges and running to a PB finish – well done Marko.

On Sunday Marko raced in Ironman Copenhagen and he had a great day coming home with new overall PB and a lot of great racing experience. It was Marko’s strongest swim in any race (1:02) and a PB by 6 min. Most importantly he enjoyed it a lot. I loved Marko’s expression of how it felt: ‘I felt as if I was gliding on the surface!’
Bike course offered a challenging windy conditions but Marko rode strong and was always under control. Once onto the run it was another focused performance with a strong run and new PB. Marko executed the race perfectly and stayed calm under pressure. Marko trained hard and was prepared for any eventualities, whatever the day throws at him. At the end of the day Ironman is about overcoming difficulties and dealing with challenges. I’m very proud of Marko performance and execution!
However, this report would not be complete if I didn’t mention Marko’s biggest challenge of the day. The day started with anxiety of missing bike bag. Marko’s bike bag was not where it should have been and no-one could find it before the swim started. So Marko had to prepare himself for any outcome: will be be able to continue the race after the swim or not? It was his main race of the season, the race he trained hard to perform well and enjoy the day with his family supporting.  Yet, it could have ended bitterly. I’m very impressed how Marko dealt with it. He wrote to me saying:
“I just thought of your advice to control what is controllable. That wasn’t under my control, so I let it go. If the race will continue – Excellent, if not then it will end. Anyway I am going to do good swim. And it was. Swimming felt easy and effortless. In any point it didn’t feel hard or difficult or even that I am going to be tired. Everything worked.”
We know by know that Marko has finished the race in a great time of 10:13:51 so, yes, the bag was found and was waiting for Marko in T1. Great job Marko! Enjoy the accomplihsment and a very well deserved rest and recovery! I’m very proud of your performance and excited for the future challenges.

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

First ever IM finish for Pavel.

Last weekend was a great weekend from a coach’s perspective. I had five Athletes racing and all of them had great races.

Pavel Blagikh did his first ever Ironman in Kalmar last Saturday. He already had qualified for the 70.3 World Championships 2 weeks ago in Otepää. Since he is a very fast athlete on the 70.3 distance I was curious how he will do in an Ironman. Pavel had an ok swim with 1:10hrs which already shows some improvement compared to some months ago. He really swam controlled and relaxed to save energy for the bike and run. I gave him a guideline for his pacing and nutrition before the race and he was almost able to execute it like planned. In the beginning he over paced a bit. It happens in every race that most of the athletes start their bike ride way too fast. If you are not careful and try to match the pace of the others it can easily ruin your race. Pavel disciplined himself very well after some km into the ride. When he got to the long bridge from Öland to the mainland for the second time, the wind was so strong that he forgot his nutrition because he was focused on not getting blown off the bridge. Afterwards Pavel bonked a bit and had to really focus on nutrition during the last 30km of the bike ride. Nevertheless he had a very good 4:55 bike split. Pavel was a bit scared of the marathon and the stories of people hitting a wall around the 30km mark. He took it very very easy during the first 20km before he went to cruise mode. After 30km he figured out that there was so much left in the tank that he went hard for the last 10km. His second half marathon was 6 minutes faster compared to the first one ;-). Pavel finished his first Ironman after 9hrs and 34min and is very happy with his race. That is how he summed up his run: “No stomach troubles, no craps, no bonk, pure pleasure . I was really enjoying it.” You do not often hear someone talking about pure pleasure in context of an Ironman marathon. I am sure that he can even be a lot faster in the future with a better focus on nutrition on the bike and a slightly less conservative pacing on the run. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore. Pavels wife also did her first Ironman in Kalmar. Congrats to the sporty couple!

Second place for Hjordis in Dublin.

Hjordis Olafsdottir raced the 70.3 in Dublin. It was a spontaneous decision we made just 2 weeks before the race and it definitely paid off to travel to Dublin. Hjordis had a very solid race with an ok swim and a very good bike run combination. She finished the race in second place in her agegroup and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships as well. A great way to finish the racing season! It was the last race of her season and she will enjoy the additional time with her family now before we start to prepare for the next season.

Finishing the season with a PB.

I am especially happy that Christian Karlberg had a great race to finish his racing season as well. He struggled a lot in Frankfurt and therefore it was very important to gain more self confidence in his abilities. He was racing the Sala Silverman 70.3 in Sweden as his last race of the season on Saturday. Christian could never show the same pace in the open water compared to the pool this year. We found out that it has to have something to do with his wetsuit, which might not fit him well. Christian bought a new wetsuit I recommended just a day before the race and had by far the best swim of the season exiting the water after 32min. Also on the bike he could show his strength in this race and rode a 2:17 bike split in pouring rain. The run was very hard and hilly, but he nevertheless finished the race after 4:29hrs with a new personal best on that distance. Christian will have some rest now as well before we start to prepare for some new goals.

A nice Sprint Tri Win for Cornelia as she prepares for 70.3.

Cornelia Stähli decided to do a local sprint race the day before the race. She just felt the urge to do another race before 70.3 Zell am See next week and stood up early Sunday morning to do the “Dreiseenstaffette” sprint triathlon. She raced completely out of the last training block of her 70.3 preparation. It turned out to be a great decision because she could take home her first overall victory in a Triathlon. She had great numbers on the bike and a very strong run in tough terrain to finish the sprint race in first place overall. She did not notice that she passed to girls already in transition and was very surprised when the speaker announced her as the leading female athlete. That was a very nice surprise. She now looks forward to 70.3 Zell am See next weekend.

Florian Blumenthal was dealing with a cold more or less most of the time since his Ironman debut in Zürich three weeks ago. But after he had recovered from the cold he was keen to do some more races this year. First one was the Schwytzer Triathlon sprint race last Saturday. Despite having done very little training since Ironman Zürich he had a very good race and was even able to do some lead work in his group on the bike in this draft legal race. He also had a very good run to the finish line. After he went home from the race he found out to his surprise that he actually finished 3rd in his agegroup. This was Florians second every podium position in a triathlon and I bet he was a bit sad that he left before the awards ceremony ;-). We will try again next weekend with the Tägi Tri.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Great job team!

Gisela Reichmuth raced twice this weekend! Friday evening a local off-road sprint triathlon with a first place overall in a small field.  The next day on Saturday as team swimmer in The Inferno Triathlon, a 3.1k swim, 97k road bike, 30k MTB and 25k run with 5500m of climbing. Was a super team performance to be on the podium in the female teams category, especially after some hypothermia and anxiety in the cold mountain water! Bravo 🙂

Steve Pressman traveled from home in California for a super 5 week training period at camp in St Moritz with Brett and myself.  He did all the right things, and on return home, followed up with another short block of altitude training in the mountains at Mammoth. Arriving in Copenhagen on his birthday 4 days before the race everything was falling into place – including the ‘jet lag’ with the early morning wake ups meaning race morning early start was a breeze 🙂 However Ironman is never won on paper, and despite preparation, and being in best ever shape, Steve was pulled from the run course by medical staff suffering from hypothermia.  A cruel ending to a day that promised so much, and for such dedication over the weeks, months and years in the sport. It is part of the challenge that keeps Steve and many of us coming back – the uncertainty and reward when things do all come together!  We should not overlook the often neglected benefits, that the journey is every bit as important and rewarding as race day; fit and healthy for life and for business.  Whichever way you look at it, there are only winners in our sport.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Happy Mirco after the race at IM Copenhagen.

Mirco Pulici (M35-39) after IM Barcelona 2016, did his second Ironman race: IM Copenhagen! He executed exactly what we trained for, very constant amongst all the 3 disciplines. 10:51.03 his time and a very happy coach 🙂 Well done Mirco!

Diego Ludovici, after a good first half of the season competing in 6 triathlon races, 5 of them over the half distance, was looking for a new experience and did his first trail run: EcoTrail Gran Sasso, 16km steep uphill/downhill with 1600+ Well, Diego enjoyed it a lot and brought home even a excellent result for this first attempt: 7th place in his category in a time of 2:11.09. Congratulations Diego!

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

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