How the ‘Fight’ went down!

How the ‘Fight’ went down!

Daniela Ryf wins her third successive Ironman World Championship Title. Photo: Ironman Media

I have been asked about my silence after Kona, and that I must be excited at the outcome? Questions such as:
Surely I must have enjoyed the race?
Were you worried to see Daniela so far back?
What did you think of Lionel Sanders race?

These were the recurring themes of the enquirers. So let me respond to each one, in that order.

Am I excited?
I was extremely pleased that Daniela was able to perform 100% to her potential on the day.

The theme for this year was ‘fight’. However to me the only fight that excited me last weekend was the absolute courageous return to racing of Matty Trautman. Only 8 months ago he has in a horrific collision with a car, breaking his back, and had two titanium rods inserted.  Two Doctors prognosis were that he would be lucky to be able to run more than a shuffle. The best prognosis he may be able to run at 65 to 75%  within 2 years.

A courageous return to racing – great to see Matt back on the start line last weekend in Sun City.

To see Matty win his test race, a sprint event in South Africa, then to back it up with a win in the Olympic distance race, to me personally overshadowed anything I saw about ‘fight’ in Kona. This was the ultimate fight and after such trauma both mentality and physically that made me very excited.

Did I enjoy the race?
No, from a female race point view. I enjoyed Chattanooga so much more. It was a ‘real’ World Championship, as the female athletes had their own race. Apart from bloody mindedness of the ‘stake holders’ this can also be done in Kona. Seeing so many motorbikes so close to the athletes is just totally not needed.

Watching the men strung out in one big slip stream also seems ridiculous, as are the rules of passing. Why? Because the course deems it necessary.

Then watching the massive packs of age groupers lining up at the penalty tents, for being not cheats, but victims of the conflict of profit verses a real World Championship for those guys. To see them to be wrongly accused of drafting because of limitations of a course to handle 2500 athletes is sad. So no I didn’t enjoy the race, as it could easily be so much more.

Was I worried?
No I was not worried to see the bird that far back. We go into races with game plans. Usually not one but three. One of Danni’s great talents is her ability to follow instructions while under extreme pressure. To be honest I have not trained an athlete better at this.

Being an ex-international swim coach I know the swim career of Lucy Charles. While most people in Triathlon don’t understand how much talent one must have to swim her times, the engine it needs, the discipline and ability to sacrifice is not lost on me. This is indeed a great athlete, and Danni was advised she most likely won’t be in front till late in the bike ride. Lucy’s bike ride was such that if Danni tried to shut down that gap earlier, it could have cost her the race.  Danni’s plan was always to go after the last 40km on the bike, and go she did!

It was a master class in strategy from her, under pressure to execute her plan. She then controlled the run at all times, but that is where we agree to disagree. Danni won by 8 minutes with the brakes on. That is no ‘fight’.

Lionel Sanders race?
He did not win, so I don’t get why I am asked about this. Why the hype in the sport? Over what?
He gives 100%.
He trains hard.
He shows courage.

I’m sorry, but these to me are just attributes of any athlete who wishes to be the best that they can be.  I’m sure Lionel would be the first to agree with me. These attributes are expected as normal at Trisutto, not something special.

To the winner – I was cheering every metre from the Energy Lab for Lionel. Why, when he is not my athlete? A Kona without teeth tends to throw up these wet runners that can handle some heat. Sanders ride from 6 minutes back was enormous. Then when there, he continued to compete from minute one till the last minute. He gave 100%. Sometimes the scoreboard doesn’t’ show the biggest success.

So there are the questions answered.

James, Corinne, Rei and Celine in action in Kona.

We had a super performance from James Cunnama, and his season has made me very proud to help him rekindle his best performance.

We had Reinaldo Colucci, Corinne Abraham and Celine Schaerer also competing. All took home lessons a world championship can give. Reinaldo needs to re-group and find a clear path to do the work necessary to be on the podium. Corinne just small refinements in all three to make the top 10, of which I think she can. Lastly Celine did a great job to qualify. That was her championship. Now she knows what is required when the very best are all in one place.

That’s the way Kona was seen through my eyes.


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Louisville and Hawaii Highlight

Louisville and Hawaii Highlight

Lisa Roberts is on a roll capturing her 2nd Ironman title in record time this weekend. Lisa bested the bike, run, and course records on her way to a dominating win. Lisa is having the season of her life and at Trisutto we are proud to be a small part of her success.

Phil heads out on the run in Kona.

Phil Whitehead had a stellar debut at the Ironman World Championships in 9:45 on a stinking hot day. Coming from the UK, Phil left it all out on the lava fields with a balanced swim, bike, and run. I have no doubt that Phil will be back in Kona and battling for the age group podium.

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

A fantastic race by Brent in Kona!

Brent Patteeuw from Belgium did a great job at the Ironman World Championships Hawaii. I could not be more proud of him for various reasons. Brent had to overcome some obstacles in raceweek with a mean shoulder and being hit by another car on race morning. But his mindset was in the right place as he took off to set a super good race. Our race strategy was simple: be patient and think about nutrition. He totally nailed this! His swim was better then we anticipated, the bike was good untill he got a mechanical which made him go to the side of the road to fix it. Brent unleashed the beast at the run where he started to wheel in many athletes. Starting of in 23rd position after the swim he eventually finished 6th in his agegroup 25-29 in a time of 9.21.51. Brent can be very proud of himself as are the ones close to him, I’m sure!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Mike, at Hot Corner, on a clear course after a blazing swim.

Mike Hill and Paula Ponte both raced at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this past weekend. Both had an outstanding lead-up to the race with some time on island for their final race-prep sessions.
Mike got his day started with an aggressive swim, exiting the water 3rd in his group in a time of 51:50. Mike paced his effort according to plan, and despite a puncture, was able to complete the bike of the race in 5:14:34. Mike experienced the brutality of the Ironman Kona marathon and learned the lesson of perseverance in a whole new way. It took grit to get through this race for Mike, and he’ll be stronger for it. Now it’s time for some rest and relaxation. Soon enough we’ll be back at work, getting ready for another crack at Kona.

Paula, putting in an outstanding effort on the Queen K.

Paula raced a very consistent effort across the day. Her times were just a bit slower than last year, but the effort and heart that she showed on this day were huge. Paula also had a few issues on the bike course, and although that is a part of racing, one incident really shows the quality of her character. When Paula saw a friend with a puncture on the side of the road, she stopped, gave him her only pitstop canister, and helped him to fix it. Early in the run, I could see that it would be a tough day for Paula, but once again she showed her resolve. Paula’s pace was consistent across the marathon, and she was only 10 minutes off her personal best marathon time. Paula showed her discipline and courage by digging deep to complete the final section from Palani hill to the finish with everything that she had left. When I saw her on Palani and told her to go, she went and held it to the line. Awesome effort Paula. 2018 is going to be a big year.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Rafal on his way to a new Kona PB!

It was the Ironman World Championship weekend and all triathlon focus was on Kona. Rafal and Steve were battling testing weather conditions of Hawaii.

After a consistent and strong season a new PB in Kona was a big goal. Rafal Herman was ready and excited to test his fitness in Kona for the 3rd time. He was a fantastic swim of 1:02 which was a massive 8 min PB. This set him very nicely for a tough and hot bike leg which Rafal covered in impressive time of 4 hours and 58 minutes. It wasn’t without some minor nutrition issues. The run was a testing time as all athletes were feeling the heat of the day and times were looking to be slower the in previous years. The key was to stay focused and follow the plan. Rafal did just that and finished the run in 3 hrs and 41 min.  His overall time was outstanding 9 hrs and 51 min with was a massive PB in Kona by 27 min.
I’m very proud of Rafal’s performance, execution and fighting till the end. It was a pleasure to watch him focus on the process and take care of all the details. The reward was a great result which gave him 43rd place in the world in his AG. Congrats Rafal!

Steve Lyons set himself a goal to enjoy the experience of Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and embrace the privilege to compete in this iconic race. Having prepared for the race very well Steve was ready for whatever the day through at him.  His swim was the strongest ever in the ocean conditions. The bike course has providing challenging condition for all competitors but Steve delivered solid ride and always stayed focus as per the race plan. His experience was topped with solid run and total finishing time of 13:54. The finish line experience was a unique and very special. Steve was very lucky to share his achievement with his wife and friends.  I’m very pleased to see Steve delivering a controlled and solid race which he could enjoy and be proud of for a very long time! I’m a very proud coach! Great job Steve!

Marathon training day for David.

There was still a lot of racing outside of Hawaii…
David Nicholson decided to experience Amsterdam marathon on Sunday. The weather was delivered – a sunny autumn day. With David’s main goal being Ironman Cozumel late November, we agreed that David would treat this race a training day. I’m pleased that David followed the instruction and enjoyed an easy controlled pace. It was a nice weekend away for David and Clare.  Well done David! Enjoy the recovery 🙂

Enjoying the racing is key, great job Carolina and Ana. 🙂

While super motivated after all the hype of Ironman Hawaii a day before The Fun Team, Ana Berenguel and Carolina Lanza, enjoyed a Sunday duathlon in London. As always it was fun and lots of smiles. Well done girls to show us how to experience and enjoy this sport over and over again!

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Bettina, Arnaud and Melanie enjoying good times in Kona!

On Saturday, I had 4 of my athletes taking part in Hawaii IM. And I’m very proud to say that they all did a great job and all finished even though not everything went to plan!
Arnaud Margot raced for the first time in Kona. And this was his 3rd IM of this year! With a 6st place in Lanzarote and a 3rd place in IM UK. Arnaud just steadily keeps improving. Arnaud has been working very hard on his swim and this summer, something really clicked! So in Kona, Arnaud posted an amazing 1:00 swim! Then he rode a 4:51 and this was on a normal road bike. You’d probably only see 3-4 guys on the course on road bikes! Arnaud finished off with a 3:30 marathon, in a total time of 9:28 and came 12th overall in age group 25-29. Well done on amazing race Arnaud!

Melanie Baumann came to Hawaii in her best shape ever. Melanie had a very ok swim and then we thought and hoped for a very fast bike but the heat in Hawaii is just extremely hard on her and she didn’t get the bike split that we’d been hoping for. Melanie is in her best running shape ever but also on the marathon, the heat became a bit issue for her and she had to walk for 30 mins at one stage. She still ran a 3:48 marathon! Despite all of these issues, Melanie still ended up in 16th place with an overall time of 10:40. Very well done Melanie!

Bettina Strehl had a great swim (1:09) and great bike until she got some really bad issues with one foot and she struggled to put pressure on this foot for the last bit of the ride. She still rode 5:28 Unfortunately, this foot problem followed her onto the run and Bettina therefore had to walk a lot. It was a true struggle for her to get to the finish line but she made it!

Kona tests out her race kit before in the days before the start!

My last athlete who raced was Jona Dahlqvist. Jona also finished in style and toughed it out! Well done to all of you, very proud of you all!

Third place podium and World Champs Qualifier for Gerda Maria!

In Turkey, I had Gerda Maria Dumitru racing the 70.3. Gerda Maria had a great swim and was first out of the water in her age group, 30-34. For the first 20 kms, it took Gerda a bit of time to get going and she got passed by 2 other girls. On the run, she hung in tough and managed to remain in 3rd position until the finish! Gerda’s 3rd place also meant that she’s now qualified for 70.3 World Champs in South Africa next year!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Melonie on her way to a podium finish in her first Xterra!

Well it was a weekend of off-roading for my athletes.
First after having a pretty relaxed summer with just “having fun” in training and taking a break from the TT and exchanging it for the MTB, Melonie entered her first Xterra in Arizona over the weekend. She did awesome and ended up 2nd with a crash included! Next we start slowly building through the winter (Melonie’s best training months) for some key race next year. Soon we will be swapping the MTB for the fat bike. Melonie had such a huge year of racing & life changes that this time to reset is critical for next years successes. So proud of how she handles everything thrown at her- true champ!!!

Tough conditions suited Joanie to a T!

Next up Joanie entered her first Ultra after a season of some 70.3’s, Olympic Distance races, road races and MTB races! I knew all would have her prepared enough to get through an Ultra. With hardly any long runs (as I don’t think she needs them) she ended up winning her category!!! Lucky for Joanie the conditions were tough with 6 inches of snow of the course, perfect for our epic racer;-) Well done Joanie!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

10k PB for Alexander; good job!

Most of my athletes had their season break and have started the preparation for the 2018 season already.
Both Martin Kasten and Alexander Orlov used a local 10km run race to have a serious test of their run fitness. Martin finished the run in 39:01min very close to his personal best, a very good out of training effort before his last races of the season in Thailand in November.

Alexander Orlov´s 2017 season was over before it really started due to a crash and broken hand in the beginning of June. The good thing is, we could start with the 2018 preparation early and focus a bit more on the run recently ;-). After a new 5km personal best last weekend he could run a new 10km personal best of 48:16 this weekend. His next race will be a half marathon at the end of august and I would be surprised if we don’t see a personal best there as well.

Pavel Blagikh races the 70.3 Gloria in Turkey last Sunday. It was his last race of the season. The preparation was very rough with many hours at work and a stomach flu the week leading into the race, but still he was able to finish the race in 4hrs37min just 5min off his personal best over that distance. He had an ok swim and a great bike ride but was completely drained on the run due to the lack of energy already the days before the race. It´s a well deserved rest for Pavel now before we start to prepare for the next season goals

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

PB and World Champs qualifier for Lee – congratulations!

Lee Melling placed top-10 and set a new PB 5 weeks ago at Portugal 70.3. He then asked, is it possible to qualify for South Africa 2018 in Turkey? We looked at the results and course, and I said, why not? So Lee hunkered down the training for another 5 weeks and packed his bags! On the day, Lee set a new PB, and got his 2018 Worlds slot! Way to add in an extra race and make it happen this late in the year. Coach is stoked!

Congrats Jappas on a nice win and course PR 🙂

Jappas Du Preez continued his Fall XC run season this past weekend at the New Forest Stinger 5 Miler. He was the defending champion, but decided to take it one step farther this year, setting a 1min PR on the course and winning by 4min! I think he had some serious motivation off the back of watching Kona and knowing he’ll be on Ali’i Drive next year! Way to go Jappas!

Great work Erick, working hard for the win in Xterra.

Erick Meier Martinez took part in his first triathlon race since joining the squad, entering a local Xterra race this past weekend. We didn’t have it on the calendar for very long, and hadn’t done much specific MTB or trail work due to 70.3 goals later on. Xterra is a tricky sport where AVG speed and pace are generally not what you hope, due to very heavy and steep terrain. Erick still showed up, raced hard, while many quit due to rough water and tough courses, and ended up on the top step of the podium in his age group! Way to stick it out and persevere, Erick!

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Mania had a good race finishing with 4th place in her AG.

This week I had three athletes were they participate in races. Mania Bikof raced in 70,3 Turkey, in rough swimming conditions and windy day she makes a good race, finished 4th in her AG with 5 min PB.

Third place podium for Wouter!

Wouter Delbaer participated in Bali Olympic dst. Triathlon finishing 3d in his AG and 9th overall, In also rough swimming conditions and with his small swim experience was a difficult start for him but then increase their performance, covered the lost time and finished in the front. Certainly he can have better results to come.

Great to get the TT win, well done Michalis.

Finally in covered race Michalis Theocharous  come for another time first winner in his AG in uphill TT  bike race in Cyprus, is the 5th winning race in a row for Michalis this Fall.

Congratulations to all !

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Steve Pressman closed out his 2017 season with Ironman Louisville. Steve has had a big year of racing and training, including an excellent camp with us in St Moritz. A super swim and bike set him up nicely, but his nemesis the second half of the run caught up with him. He has made much progress this season, and we look forward and plan for 2018 with much to take forward. Well done Steve, now enjoy some well earned recovery.

Mark Watt stood on the Kona start line for the 4th time. It was a tough day, gutting out a finish time many would be happy with. Mark can take solace that the journey and process to get to that start line is just as important as the journey to the finish line. As an over achiever, it is sometimes necessary to step back and assess the whole picture, while planning for the next journey. Well done Mark, some rest, recovery and we plan for new goals in 2018.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Having overcome a period of obstacles, was very happy when Sandra Gisin reported in she both completed and enjoyed the Hallwilerseelauf (Half Marathon). Back on track 🙂


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Breakthrough Racing!

Breakthrough Racing!

Carmen was superb at K1Man! Photo Credit: Mokapot Productions.

Carmen ‘ Zee ‘ Macheriotou raced the K1Man Middle distance in Cyprus this weekend, returning as 2016 Champion she was confident despite the big changes to the bike course  she could do very well.
Zee linked up with me 4 months ago and is really starting to turn a corner, she works very hard and being a young mum should an inspiration for all women out there. Zee delivered a great performance on the day crossing the line 1st female and 2nd overall up there with the guys. The swim went very well exiting in 26min a massive 3min PB, onto the bike where 1400m of climbing wasn’t going to be easy, But Zee loves a challenge and took it out picking off the males 1 by 1 putting her further and further up the overall leaders list. On to the run and Zee just needed to keep pushing but in the end could gun down the lead male but showed her contiued progress crossing the line just 4mins down on the winner.
This athlete is fast in impressing and am very excited for Zees progress and future as we have plenty more to come.


Louella runs to a breakthrough PB!

Louella Oherhily has a little hit out this w/e at the Bournmouth Half Marathon, again Lou’s only been with me a short time, there is a fair amount of work being done behind the scenes for 2018 season already and probably without Lou realising, Lou works hard and just gets her head down and does the work, so crossing the line in 1hr 30min a 2min PB is a nice little breakthrough for her, Very well done

Great PB for Claire!

Claire Weller went to the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon looking for a PB and on this course isn’t exactly a easy task given the fact its not flat. However always willing to give anything a go Claire set out to lets say find a couple of things out about herself, so when she looked at her watch to find she was on for a PB it was time to hold on and focus on all the things shes learnt and that she did crossing the line with a 4min PB in 3hrs 20mins. Claire’s only been in the sport just a little over a season and only linked up with me early this year and is is showing great progress, shes had a great season and I’m excited for 2018 well done

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Great race by Julie!

Life goes on outside of Kona!
Really pleased to report the fantastic result of little pistol, Julie Derron. Again hit the top 10 at an international open race finishing 6th at the ETU Melilla European Cup Final. Julie produced excellent performances in each discipline. Each outing sees Julie improve her run thus making her an exciting prospect for the future.

Andrej ready for the last race of the season.

Andrej Vistica also finished 6th at Natureman; more a training day, as he has produced great results over a triple ironman. Schedule in 6 weeks. Great to hear he is now soaking up the French experience on a holiday road trip. Great work Andrej.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Monster Bike by Craig!

Two of my Aussie athletes took in the Olympic Distance race in Robina on Sunday and finished with podiums for both.
I thought as a kick off to Craig’s Ultraman Training we would start with a little bit of speed and he came out with a blistering swim & bike and hung on for 2nd at the Robina Olympic Distance.

Yet another podium for Nat (right) and Craig!

Nat did something very similar and ended up finishing on the podium with 3rd. Great hit out for both of them before they take on Hervey Bay 100 next month!

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Kona 2018 Qualification for Miriam!

Miriam Cole had a stellar race in Ironman MD finishing 2nd in her age group in just over 10:50. Miriam had a solid swim 1:18, best bike time 5:09, and great run leading her age group for most of the marathon. Fighting cramps, Miriam lost the top spot by a few minutes at the finish line but left it all out on the race course in a brave race.

Congratulations Scott on a great PR!

Meanwhile in Toughman South Carolina, Scott Wright broke some personal barriers and captured a podium in his age group. Scott raced the half distance in a PR of 5:19 on a tough course and finally cracked the 2 hour barrier on the run. This is a great step on his path to racing ironman AZ.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Well done Wendy!

This week Wendy Casterton participated in Lydney sprint dist. Triathlon. After a solid swim who took out of the water in front positions in the challenging bike course she has a problem with the chain, this cost her some time because from this point and then she have to go only with big ring in the uphill’s so the training that we use in trisutto with big gears was very helpful 🙂 At the last part of the race in running leg keeping a steady pace and came to the 2nd  place overall!

Fantastic improvements from Mania over the weekend!

Mania Bikof in another multiple race weekend in Greek Island Spetses she took the 2nd position in 25 km run race in challenging course with a PB by 15min. The previous day she took part in 5km swimming race finishing in 2nd position and in 10km run race 3d place in her age group. Three races in a Weekend is unbelievable and shows the improvement he has made this season!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Rounding out the season with a win; Congrats Maxi!

Maxi Spahn finally had the mechanical luck and used his good fitness to produce a late season victory at the Guntersleben MTB race in Germany this past week! It’s been a few weeks coming, and glad we could end the season on a good note and coach is already looking forward to next season, injury-free and win-filled! Great work Maxi!

Sascha Moryson traveled to Netherlands for some cyclocross racing this past weekend. After a solid MTB season, Sascha used some great fitness and was able to produce his first ever Dutch cyclocross race podium, finishing in 3rd, while also competing on a borrowed bike! Way to make it happen, Sascha!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Winner winner, chicken dinner! – Well done Flora 🙂

After a few easier weeks at the end of the summer season of racing, Flora Colledge raced in the Inzlinger Volkslauf a 10.2k off road trail race, and enjoyed wet muddy conditions to take an excellent win. We’ll continue to use similar events for speed work, as well as fun, during a period of reverse periodisation with fewer hours and less volume over the European winter, with a focus on speed and sports specific strength workouts.

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Podiums and Personal Bests

Podiums and Personal Bests

Kate staying patient on a hot humid day at Ironman Taiwan. Photo Credit: David Sun Ironman Taiwan Media

Kate Bevilaqua raced Ironman Taiwan where high heat and humidity made the race so much harder.  Kate put her patience and determination to the ultimate test by having to forget about pace, or speeds.  This race was about surviving the best she could in the difficult conditions. Kate finished the race on the podium with a great 2nd place.  A race to be proud of. Well done Kate.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Gill I’m very proud of you, we all are. Very well done for your achievements in 2017.

This weekend Gill Fullen took on Ironman Barcelona in what would be her 2nd Ironman of the season. Gill set off had a solid sea swim and came into T1 in a good position but a position where she needed to get her head down and work hard on the bike, that she did, Gill seemed to get stronger and stronger as the bike went on and came into T2 in 4hrs 53min an amazing PB for Gill. Onto the run where its her strongest discipline although the speed isnt there just yet she put in a solid performance on the marathon to cross the line in 9.43 which is another PB overall / 1st in her AG / qualification for Kona 2018 and slipped in the top 20 overall.
Gills had an amazing season this year, everyone knows her story by now and she’s an inspiration for everyone.

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Jeremy relishing his well earned victory. For once…. a useful prize….Salud!

Big congrats to Jeremy Breach for taking the overall win at the scorching hot and windy Rocky Point Olympic triathlon at Puerto Penasco, Mexico on Sat! All the hard work in the swim continues to pay off as Jeremy emerged 4th out of the water. He seized 3rd on the bike and then put it down on the run to cross the line first.  “The front runners all ran out of steam and I was able to just keep pushing through.  Biked without power meter because it wasnt reading, paced off of feel [music to coach’s ears!].  Beat the other guys in the last 3 miles of the run  without having to tear up my legs in a final push or sprint!” Awesome effort mate. Well done.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

PB’s all round for Mania! Great work.

Edipsos multisport & wellness festival is over. One of the races that you have to do. Great running route next to the sea, for the first 10klm and technical long hills for the second half of halfmarathon.
New PB ,thanks to my coach Vassilis Krommidas!

  • 2nd overall/ 3000 swimming
  • 3rd overall/ halfmarathon
  • 2nd overall/ Hercules combination, for finishers of 3k swim and 21,2k run


Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Craig Strong completed in the Naptown half-distance race this weekend in Indiana, and our first race together since he joined the TriSutto squad earlier this Summer. At the end of the day, Craig produced a 7th place Overall and won his age group on the back of a solid swim, bike, and run! We still have some equipment and fit issues to work out, but we are well on our way to a great start towards preps for Ironman Brazil in 2018! Great job, Craig!

Jappas Du Preez ran a local cross-country league race in England this weekend crossing the line in 4th place! It’s great to see Jappas running completely healthy and producing some fun and great results this Fall! Congrats, Jappas!

Maxi Spahn produced another podium this weekend, finishing 3rd at the Cube Cup Scheßlitz MTB. Maxi has some great form, but we are searching for that luck that has taken away the top step of the podium in the last few weeks! Keep pushing and it’ll come soon, Maxi!

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Spectacular Racing and Results to match!

Spectacular Racing and Results to match!

A great weekend of fast racing in Jersey with Nicola back in the thick of it and finishing on the Podium!

It was a big weekend for the Trisutto sutto crew, that included the amazing comeback of our Olympic Champion Nicola Spirig at the Super League. To prove again what a champion Nicola Spirig is, racing only 16 weeks after giving birth, in a format of 6 short fast races races in 24 hours. Just being able to participate is remarkable, however to be the bastion of consistency in every race and to finish on the podium at the end of the weekend speaks for itself.

Pepper took a couple of tumbles at Super League; heal quickly Barb! Photo Credit: ThatCameraman

Nicola was joined in Jersey by ‘pepper’ Riveros who unfortunately had a nasty fall in the practice round before it even started. Barb soldiered on taking part in day one, then in day two showing great courage saw her in a great position only to crash out on the bike. This was not her fault and the offending tape on the course was removed for the second and third races. We hope her injuries heal soon.

Super work at Ironman Italy…, congratulations Andrej!

On the Sunday Andrej Vistica hit the podium again with a great third place at Ironman Italy. This is his third podium in three Ironman races in a month for Andrej, a brilliant effort.

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Lisa breaks through with a fantastic victory in Madrid!

Winner Winner Fried Chicken Dinner for Lisa Roberts! She captured her first Iron Distance win this weekend in Challenge Madrid. She bested a tough course and all the competition with a monster race-best bike and run combination. At Trisutto, our team is confident this is the first of many long course wins to come. Congrats Lisa!

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Congratulations Salim on a win in Mallorca!

This weekend added 2 more age group Champions to my squad: Salim won his age group at Challenge Madrid and Victor won his age group at IRONSTAR 226 in Sotchi!
Due to the hard bike course with almost 3000 meters of climbing, my race prediction for Salim was 11:26:17 hours – which turned out to be pretty close to his 11:20:34 finishing time. Swim went well, Salim did exactly what I recommended, got into a rhythm quickly, stayed out of trouble and focused on sighting. Bike went well, despite the tough course and a longer riding time, he had a new PB normalized power for an iron bike leg. Salim finished off the race with a very strong 3:17h marathon.

A great day in Sotchi for Victor.

Victor not only won his age group but also came 4th overall at IRONSTAR 226 in Sotchi. He had a super strong swim and bike, then struggled a bit on the run for the first 20k. But since it was a home race and his wife and many friends were supporting he had not much choice but to continue. Luckily he did, because he felt really strong again on the 2nd half of the marathon. Winning the AG was well worth the battle. Fantastic race, fantastic result!

A tough and worthwhile training day for Diana in Minorca, great work!

Diana did the Artiem Half Menorca Triathlon winning the women’s race. This race fitted perfectly into her preparation for Kona. It was a intense and very tough training day with not only 1200 meters of altitude on the bike but also a hilly (but very scenic) half marathon in Fornells. Great race, great outcome! And winning gave Diana that confidence for the big game on Kona.

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Scott digging deep at Augusta.

I had Scott Bradley racing at the popular 70.3 Augusta (over 3,300 participants) this past Sun, toeing the line with the likes of Andy Potts and Jesse Thomas. Scott emerged from the water in 19th and hammered his way up the line into the top ten. He held strong on the run, towards the end duking it out between 9th and 11th. Scott successfully fought back to take 10th overall. In his words – “Overall I’m pleased with the day. I felt consistent and in control of myself all day. No real bad patches. I know it’s current aided, but 3.20 back from Potts out of the water is a real highlight for me! “. We’ve been working hard on his swim and it is slowly paying off. Still more work for sure but he is on the up and up. Congrats and well done Scott!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Chiin running strongly at Powerman.

Chiin-Hooi Tan raced in Powerman Denmark, a 10k run, 60k bike, 10k run format on a multi lap course. A challenging format for sure, and a 2nd in category and 4th female overall an excellent result for Chiin’s current fitness level, always finding something a little extra on race day 🙂

Steve Pressman raced in Ironman Chattanooga, and had an excellent swim, and bike combo. New race nutrition worked a treat – another convert to the chocolate on the bike during Ironman 🙂  Unfortunately not such a good day on the run for Steve, ending his day at mile 17, however the good news is the progress this last year, and really now is about putting it all together on the day.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Memorable Ironman debut for Laura!

This weekend we had Laura Fidler take on her 1st ever Ironman at the integral Ironman Italy. Not really doing any specific Ironman training as such she was coming into this race in some good form, Laura gave a great account of herself and I was very encouraged by her debut performance crossing the line 13th overall and 1st in her AG in 10hrs, This athlete is one hard grafter and this is proof that dedication pays off, always progressing to be better, well done.

Carmen led from the go and had a great race in Cyprus.

Carmen Macheriotou is gearing up for her last 70.3 of 2017 so decided to pop herself into a little sprint race in Cyprus called the K1, she basically led from start to finish and postioned well amongst the Males also , good warm up well done.

Second place for Davina.

Davina Greenwell took on The Gautlet ( at Hever Castle / part of the Castle Series in the Uk) Davina last year won the super sprint here as her first ever Tri, she came on board with me in March so hasn’t been with me long but is progressing fast. Davina works very hard, gets her head down and does the work and this w/e she was rewarded very well crossing the line 2nd overall and only 10sec behind the winner, also the fastest female bike split of the day. Only her 2nd Middle distance race in just 12 months in the sport, showing really good progress a  fantastic result Davina well done

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Well done Maxi, quite a race!

Maxi Spahn entered a 54km MTB Marathon in Germany this past weekend. With some professional athletes lining up on the start line, it would be a great test of fitness. Maxi produced a great race, and he attacked the pros on the last climb of the race, and no one was able to respond! Unfortunately, with 5km to go, Maxi snapped his chain and was forced to run the rest of the route. During this time, a 40sec gap to 2nd place evaporated and Maxi was left to finish in 2nd place. A very frustrating end to an otherwise perfect race, but great on you Maxi for finishing the race (running with a MTB) and persevering to a podium place! Top step comes next week!

Jappas Du Preez is in the midst of a post-Ironman season break in order to recover mentally and physically for next season. But he had the urge to enter a small run race at home, and jumped into a 5k. Showing some good recovery, post-  IM Wales, Jappas ran a 17:30, finishing 2nd, and setting his 2nd best time since we started working together! Awesome work, Jappas!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Patricia with her winner’s bouquet.

Patricia “The Germanator” Neubauer finished her triathlon season on a high at the Carpinteria Triathlon, a classic event in the Santa Barbara triathlon community. Pat’s instructions were to blast the swim and the bike, leave nothing for the run, and then run! The Germanator followed her plan to the letter and came away with a new best time for the Olympic distance, her first category win, and an overall women’s podium position, finishing third for the day. It was a massive season for Patricia. This fall and winter will be a run focus, and next year The Germanator will take on her first Ironman!

Jamie, ready to battle the men in the surf.

Jamie Christie drove down the coast from Los Angeles to San Diego to compete in the 70.3 Superfrog on a stretch of beach between the Navy SEAL training grounds in Coronado and the US/Mexican border. Jamie lead the women’s race out of the water, and because of the rolling start, she got to mix it up with the men on the 2 lap surf swim. Jamie kept herself in the fight with a solid bike, and hung tough on the run which challenged competitors with a mixture of hard packed and soft sand running. Jamie came to this event on a mission to earn a start at the 2018 70.3 World Championships. Jamie finished a respectable 6th in her category and was able to secure a roll-down slot to punch her ticket to South Africa. Well done Jamie. Get ready for a big year in 2018!

Race Recap from Coach Irene Coletto:

Ironman debut for Serena and she looks pretty pleased about it!

Serena Pruzzo: raced at  IRONMAN Cervia – full distance on Saturday. For her it’s was a first Ironman. Serena worked hard in all season for this dream. I’m so proud she finished the amazing race and she become an IRONMAN in 14:56:31! The way was tought with some obstacles but she never lost the willpower. Well done Serena!

Well done Stefano, a great race in Italy!

Stefano Curzio: raced at  IRONMAN Cervia – full distance on Saturday. We known during Trisutto Camp at Fuerteventura last winter. He had bad memories about his last IM. Bad feeling and physical difficulty. We did a specificy plan in this months where he training of quality. He arrived the days before the IM with load physical and mind. He did a perfect race, with fast swim and good bike, during the run he has suffered from adductor. He finished the race in 10:59.16 with solid performances. One hour less of his last IM! Stefano: we have achieved the objective!!! Yes!!!!

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Manos deserves a great thumbs up!

This week was the time of Manos Kelaiditis who compeet in Berlin Marathon. Despite the last-minute flight’s mishaps and cancellations, he managed to arrive late afternoon of the previous day of the race! Manos made a nice race, following the plan we had said despite the intense hip pain that emerged from the 16th km, resulting in a PB of 28 minutes with a time of 3:46!

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Smiling faces on the podium in Spain.

This weekend Carolina Lanza traveled to her home country, Spain, to race a middle distance triathlon. She has been training very consistently and was looking to perform and show results of her hard work in the race. Carolina did exactly that: solid swim, a very strong bike and run to win her Age Group, 3rd women overall! It was a very satisfying to see her performing with determination and having fun at the same time. Carolina has done very well in creating balance in her life – managing a very demanding job, social life and training. I’m very happy and proud to see Carolina enjoying her achievement! Great job and keep smiling! (…and yes, Carolina earned her cocktails! )

This time is was about the family. Remy and Raffy enjoying their their time and medals! Well done boys

Hever Castle Triathlon was on the cards for Nicholson family this weekend. David didn’t give himself a lot of time to recover from the solid effort in tough conditions last Sunday in Ironman 70.3 Weymouth. However this Sunday was all about the family day out. Both of his sons, Remy and Raffy, were competing in triathlon too and Clare was their great supporter as always. David focused on making this race a good training day. He wasn’t feeling fresh but still put a very solid effort in all 3 disciplines and even racing tired still finished with a PB.Remy and Raffy did really well and had a lot of fun. What a nice way to spend a family weekend, sport and triathlon for everyone in a beautiful setting. As David wrote in his report, “it was very happy experience for the whole family”. It’s exactly what triathlon should be! Well done David for making this a memorable weekend for you and your loved ones!Now we focus on recovery and planning next blocks of training for what looks like a busy racing schedule for David.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Pleased to see Tracey Horne pop herself into another local training race over the weekend with a good outcome. For Tracey it is all about learning to enjoy the process of simply swimming, biking and running again, without bogging herself down with any pressure of results! Every athlete needs to learn what works best for them! Good job Tracey 🙂


Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

Winning Ways continue in Weymouth!

Winning Ways continue in Weymouth!

James Cunnama breaks the tape at 70.3 Weymouth bringing home yet another win in his superb season!

Big weekend of racing !

Great to see Nicola racing at the WTS Grand Final in Rotterdam. Photo Credit: Swiss Triathlon

This weekend was a special weekend as it saw the return to racing of Nicola Spirig just 4 months after the birth of her daughter Malea. While most will be amazed at her effort to finish in 13th place at the WTS Grand Final race, unfortunately a ridiculous choice of race course, and a bike accident that unfolded in front of her on the first lap curtailed a possible higher finish for the Swiss mum. It is still quite an extraordinary performance, however for those who may have forgotten, we are dealing with a great champion who sent out a little reminder to all, that 2020 will see the Swiss flag near the front of the Olympic field again.

Congratulations Julie on a fantastic race – 5th at the World Champs! Photo Credit: Swiss Triathlon

Following in the footsteps of the master was her own apprentice. Julie Derron came into mind blowing conditions, and had the race of her life so far. Taking a great 5th in the U23 World Champs. This too was a stunning technical display and one could do worse than put her name in the little black book to make the step up to World Series level racing.

What a great day for Mariana, proudly representing her native Mexico in Rotterdam, and finishing with a Top 10.

Mariana Solorzano had a harrowing week of food poisoning, however decided to follow the courageous effort of her two squad partners, and blasted a top 10 with her best ever performance. Always a great effort to do that at the biggest of races.

Podium Celebrations for James in Weymouth.

Weymouth, England
We then moved on to Sunday which saw James Cunnama rounding off his Kona race preparations with another scintillating bike ride to set up and take out the 70.3 Weymouth title. I’m really pleased to see James progress in this area, great work.

Corinne Abraham was also having her final hit out at Weymouth, but coming from Lanzarote got a large dose of frost bite which culminated in her crashing into a hedge! However after bravely re-mounting within just a few seconds, The wizard realized stinging nettles also come in a hedge. Soldiering on scratching and freezing at the same time, Corinne, still managed to do coach proud with a big run, and still gain the training needed for Kona. While no prize money for Corinne, plenty of km in the legs for Kona for the Welsh Wizard.
Jane Hansom was however not so lucky, as Jane too flew in from an exotic location for one last race and was hit by the freeze. She to hit the pavement in a not too nice a fashion, and had to pull out. Hopefully a hot bath to ease the aches and pains will see Jane bounce back, and take her place at Kona.

Nini on her way to 2nd place overall finish in Pattana.

Nini Ruttanaporn avoided any such awful weather, racing at the Pattana Triathlon Festival Olympic distance in Thailand. Nini has made good progress, however we are still working on the need to quieten her mind, that will allow her to unleash her potential in races that is currently held back by expectation and a focus on the things that do not matter.

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Lisa getting in some suitable training prior to Challenge Davos!

Lisa Roberts battled the elements as much as the competition finishing in 3rd at Challenge Davos this weekend. Snow and frigid temps turned the race into a unique format. First a 10k bike race up Fluela pass followed by a neutralized downhill and finishing with a 21k run. Lisa, a native of desert in AZ, is not a fan of frigid temps but showed her mental and physical strength with a second fastest bike and run on the day. She is heading to race Challenge Madrid in what will be far more appealing weather conditions this weekend.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie’s best race ever!

Melanie Baumann raced the 70.3 Weymouth. Melanie had quite a terrible swim and T1, but then she dropped the hammer on the bike with the 2nd fastest bike split of the day (incl. Pros) and finished with a run PB and also one of the fastest overall runs! 2nd age grouper overall and 1st in her age group, 9th incl. Pros! Only 17 mins down on Pro winner and 3rd fastest overall from bike mount line to finish.

Building back – well done Fran.

I also had Fran Bungay racing in Weymouth. Fran has been struggling with some ankle issues and she’s not at her very best yet but she was cleared to race! Fran toughed it out which she’s very good at and ended up being 2nd in her age group (40-44).

AG win and 3rd overall, great work Gerda 🙂

In Romania, Gerda Maria raced on home soil! Gerda is Romanian but she lives and work in Doha which can make it a bit of a challenge to train well due to the crazy heat and humidity! Gerda raced the ETU olympic distance in Mamaia. The swim was very rough but Gerda likes this as she’s a great swimmer! She was 2nd female out of the water. Then she had a solid bike and run. Gerda won her age group (35-39), in a time of 2:31 and she was 3rd fastest female overall.

Congratulations to all these strong women! Very proud of you all!

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

On route to a great win in Weymouth – Congratulations Jen 🙂

Jen Wood had a fantastic race at Ironman 70.3 Weymouth, winning her age group! When we started working together, Jen was still recovering from injury. We put a lot of thinking and discipline into her training, to get her back to health and keep her injury free. Not only did we achieve that, but Jen did some fantastic racing during this time. From doing her first 70.3 ever to her first AG-win in less than 4 months. We had a very detailed race plan. As we knew, that the race in Weymouth would be a challenging cold and rainy one, a very important part of Jen’s success was preparing the right equipment for that conditions. We decided that she will not hurry her transition after the swim, but take the time to dress up for a chilly ride. Winter underwear, gloves, arm warmers, plastic bag, everything was ready and proved to be very helpful. Jen executed to perfection, struggled a bit on the swim, made her way through the ranks on the bike already and put out a fantastic fast run to win her age group with almost a 10 minute margin to 2nd. Congrats again Jen! Very well done!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Lolo, emotional after an inspiring breakthrough race.

When Lauren “Lolo” Vallee came on 2.5 months ago, her goals were to get faster on the run, have a great Ironman, and to rediscover motivation and joy in her training and racing. By the time Lolo raced the Harvest Moon half-IM distance race in her home town of Boulder, Colorado this weekend, she was stronger, faster, happier, and more motivated than ever in the sport. Lolo raced with a fire from the start. She set a personal best for the distance by over 19 minutes and smashed the five hour barrier in a time of 4:50:30. Most importantly, in this race, Lolo got a sense of what is possible. We’re both looking forward to Lolo’s race at Ironman Los Cabos in eight weeks. Go get it Lolo!

Bex, fifth place for never giving up!

Bex Fink, raced the Malibu Triathlon Olympic on Saturday, and anchored a relay in their weekend event with a four mile run on Sunday. Bex also went a personal best for the distance on Saturday despite being on the side of the road with a puncture for over 11 minutes. After the race, Bex became a minor celebrity with friends and strangers alike when she recounted the details of how she fixed the gash in her tire with a “boot”. This is a trick that I explained to Bex over the phone, just in case, in the days before IM Whistler earlier this summer. Getting back to a more grass-roots kind of racing, as Bex wrote; “outside the crazy hyper-focused IM world” was a perfect way for Bex to wrap up the 2017 triathlon season. Next big goal for Bex is California International Marathon in December.

Ollie, basking in the sunset after an outstanding effort.

Ollie Saxon was the third athlete this weekend to set a massive personal best. He raced the Sundowner Triathlon half-IM distance in East Yorkshire in the cold and rain of Northern England. This year’s event proved just as soggy as last. Like a true Yorkshireman, Ollie suited up in fluro pink kitchen gloves for the bike and got on with it. Ollie has made huge gains this year. Consistency and grit have made the difference. Ollie went a 10 minute personal best on the course, and a seven minute personal best for the distance. It was a triumphant way to finish his triathlon season, and like Bex, Ollie’s got a marathon on schedule in early December. We’re already looking ahead to 2018, and it’s gonna be a cracker.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Great job David! 

“This race threw up a few new challenges and some old ones, so it meant there was lots to talk about on the way home with my number one supporter!” 
These were first words David Nicholson used in his race report. While following the David progress on the tracker and getting very timely updated from David’s ‘Number One Supporter’ – his wife Clare (Thank you Clare!), I could tell the day was a challenging endeavour testing athletes mental and physical preparation. Low temperatures of water and air required warm clothing too! David was prepared and ready. He managed the swim very well. It was a very solid effort considering the conditions.  On the bike leg David got a puncture but he stayed focused and after the repair carried on as normal riding strong toward T2. When he set onto the run the enjoyment of running his target pace and feeling under control was definitely there. Clare also noticed a running form improvements following a week at Lanzarote Trisutto camp. David got stronger and faster as the run went on and finished as happy as always.
“Not my finest race, but actually one of the most enjoyable!” – was David’s comment in the report. It was not the race for a PB or other records. I’m very happy to see how well David managed adversity during the race, stayed focused to get the job done. This is a very valuable experience for David as we build toward a full Ironman later this year. Great job David! I’m very proud of your day!

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Podium for Claire in Weymouth.

This weekend Claire Weller took on Weymouth 70.3 and only her 3rd ever middle distance race. Weymouth isn’t the easiest of course’s so when the UK weather decides to play life can be tough and I think all athletes struggled this w/e because of that. Claire had a solid race and gave a very good account of herself and where she is at the moment crossing the line 16th overall and 3rd in her AG. Continuing to show good progress this athletes had a great First season in the sport, well done

Rob Osborne took on the World Champs this w/e like many other Age Groupers. He was in the sprint draft legal race that gave up some different challenges for Rob, also in his wave and AG was former World Aquathlon Champ British elite Richard Stannard so stiff competition. Rob had a good race but was up against great performances on the day, finishing outside the top 10 wasn’t what he wanted but he gave it all he had , and to wear your nations badge and with pride you done well and never gave up, so much respect.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

Top 10 for Wendy at the World Champs!

With the ITU World Championship in Rotterdam, Wendy closed a difficult period of preparation after her injury problems she had in past year. She competes for first time in a World Championship in Sprint dst. representing team GB finished 8th in F35-39. After this race we are optimistic for even better results in the future!

Yiannos (top) and Michalis (bottom) both landed themselves on the top step of the podium.

In Cyprus we have another cup series race, this was an uphill race. The Victories continued for my athletes for third consecutive weekend, Michalis Theocharous was the winner of the K30-39 and Yiannos Savva in the K50+

I am so proud for everyone for all effort they do!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

The European race season has almost come to an end now and many of my athletes enjoy their break to recover for the next season.
Borris Jung did the Alzenau sprint triathlon as his first training after a two week vacation and break from triathlon training. He was as fast as last year, just with the difference that he did the race last year before his season break. So definitely a good start into the training for the next season! Borris finished the race in 2nd place in his agegroup.

Martin Kasten ran the 10km Greifensee Lauf as a good training run. His finishing time of 39:41 was just 1min slower than his personal best over that distance and a great training for the last races of his season in Phuket in November where Martins season will end.

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Sean Laude finished his multisport season with the Toughman NY Championship. After slowly coming back from some nagging run injuries and short coure races this summer, Sean ended his year with a solid 3rd Place AG and 16th Overall. After a good year, and making some solid improvements in the swim and bike disciplines, I am looking forward to next year, and seeing how much stronger Sean can get over the winter!

Juergen Braun ran his first ever open half-marathon his weekend in Germany. After having run a half-marathon at the end of a middle distance race this summer, we were looking forward to seeing how fast he could run on fresh legs! Juergen didn’t disappoint and produced an extremely steady and strong race, finishing in 1:45 for a 16min overall personal-best! With another solid winter of training, and some time at camp next Spring, I’m looking forward to seeing even more improvements across the board! Congrats Juergen!

Jan Pascal Tschudy completed in the Challenge Davos Fluela Pass Hill Climb this past weekend. With a bit off a naggy heel issue coming off the Inferno Triathlon, we decided against he half-distance race, choosing to only ride. It turned out to be straight winter in Davos, and Jan toughed out the race to place 3rd Overall and 3rd in his AG! Way to take lemons you were given and turn them into lemonade, Jan!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Yannis Theodoropoulos has a habit of finding some of the toughest, not to mention coldest races to enter! This weekend didn’t disappoint with the Ring of Steall Mountain ‘Sky Race’ in Scotland. consisting of uncompromising mountain running, scrambling along mountain ridges with steep ascents, traverses and descents on technical and challenging terrain! It was quite an adventure including typical Scottish mountain weather of rain, and snow up the mountain summits. In Yannis own words,
The course didn’t have a relaxed moment at least for a city boy, with not much sky running experience. The course could be split in 4 parts two uphills followed by two descents. The descents were so much more technical and tough than the ascents. Mud till about the middle of the calf and hidden rocks under grass. Whichever way you choose was at your own peril. Had about 4-5 falls at the first descent. The ridge running was the most spectacular part of the course. Running among the clouds literally.

Magic Yannis, and living proof that there is more adventure out there than the M-dot.

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...