As we get closer to Challenge Roth we’d like to pass on to our followers and Daniela Ryf fans some inside knowledge of our preparation and a common sense reflection on the hype now being generated around a supposed ‘World Record’ attempt.

Can Daniela Ryf break the record this year?

Yes, but so can whoever crosses the tape first in two weeks.

Let’s leave aside questions of form or injury for now. Or the fact Challenge are naturally doing their best to promote their event – it still staggers me that with a new course we would have such conjecture from commentators within the sport.

There will be a significant change to the DATEV Challenge Roth course on July 9th, 2017. For the first time in the more than 30-year history of the Roth Triathlon, a new two-lap run course has been designed to be more athlete and spectator-friendly. The new route links the towns of Roth and Büchenbach, together with the canal in a T-shaped course, which is completed twice.

It’s my personal hope that the new run course will be a smash hit with both the public and participating athletes. I also believe the changes will enhance the overall race experience .

But it doesn’t change the pretty basic fact that whoever wins, there will be new course record holders on July 9th.

With each out-and-back section of the ‘T’ at 10.2km, runners pass each point of the course four times. With an additional 1.4km of connecting routes at the bottom of the T, the classic marathon distance of 42.195km is reached.

It is both a 2 lap course with extra hill component. If it is the full distance then there is every chance it can be as much as 4 minutes slower than the old course. Who knows, it may one day still deliver a killer performance. But Chrissie’s record as well as Jan’s will stand in perpetuity as the fastest on that course.


Very pleased to see Challenge reach out to the great Chrissie Wellington. As for whether she will be there ‘to see her record fall’ – let’s get back to reality.

It has been made very clear and public that the Angry Bird has been dealing with a nagging back injury over the last four months.

The good news is there is no bone damage and of late has been improving each week within a light training schedule. We decided to test the back in a race situation at Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil two weeks ago. Any real triathlon followers would have noted that the Bird was anything but flying as she posted a time 15 minutes slower than her usual very high standards.

So while it was a reality check fitness wise, we were very encouraged that the effort didn’t affect the injury at all. This has encouraged us to give Dannie the challenge of participating in Roth. But chances of records falling, even if it was on the old course disappeared months ago.

Coach has now set the program on being a 100% ready for her to defend her Kona crown on the 14th of October.

With all things carrying on in the right direction we will use three shorter races leading in to get her fit before Kona, with one of them being the 70.3 World Championships on the 9th of September. While we don’t expect the Bird to be at her 100% best there, we do anticipate she will be very competitive. So for all her fans, with no further problems and continued improvement we will hope to see the Angry Bird flying high for Kona.

Thank you to all our supporters.

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