Cali Amaral joining coaching.

It’s my great honour to announce that a great coach and former colleague, Cali Amaral, will join forces with to once again provide Brazil with a real international coaching program.

This program will be available for all Age Group and professional athletes wanting the knowledge and expertise that has provided Brazil with World Cup and Pan American victories.

After spending close to four years out of coaching while working in the business community, Cali will be coming ‎on board with to develop a genuine on deck and online coaching experience in his home country.

Having worked with Cali for 7 years I couldn’t be happier.

He is a former Brazilian National Head Coach and multiple Olympic Coach. His knowledge and coaching ability is second to none in South America. For us to be able to deliver the very best coaching experience to a fast growing triathlon and Ironman demographic in Brazil with a world renowned coach like Cali is very special.



Cali is not only a great coach and communicator, but is a driving force of social projects that use sport to better the lives of youth in his country through triathlon.

Over the coming years we hope to build a genuine triathlon coaching presence in Brazil and I look forward to showing the world what my old friend can do.

View Coach Cali’s full profile here.

Cali_SquadWelcome home, Cali.

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