Carina Brechters 2nd at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon Series Event in Beihai

A great learning experience and race for Carina Bretchers. Doing long course is much different than the ITU drafting format. After a good swim and her best bike to date, Carina worked her way into what was a surprising lead on her weakest leg – the run. As she ‘felt great’, which is still an unfamiliar feeling for Boo Hoo running, she went for it and attacked to the front quickly.

While the right mindset, instead of building to the lead over the duration of the 20km run, she was vulnerable to counter attack in the last 5km by a more experienced opponent over the distance. However her 2nd here was a good effort and will help her for the future.

Nicola Spirig MallorcaNicola Spirig wins Skoda Triathlon Series event in Mallorca.

Ahead of her planned arrival in Jeju, The Champ (Nicola Spirig) raced in the Skoda Triathlon Series on behalf of the Win4Youth initiative. She won and in typical Champ style stayed at the finish line until the last ambassador came in. A great cause that raises money for youth through events like triathlon. Well done.

Trent Simmons_TexasTrent Simmons: 1st at Prairie Man Triathlon and Texas State Champion.

Very happy to see Trent return from his St. Moritz summer and immediately impress upon his return home. After a consistent block of quality training his success here is very well deserved. Trent’s recap:

I have been back home for 3 weeks and was anxious to really test out this summer’s workload with a race. The only race I could find was the Texas State Championship at the Prairie Man Triathlon. The first thing I noticed was the lack of aggression in the racing back here in Texas. Europeans love to race and when it’s time to race they race hard and fast. I had the feeling today everyone was trying not to lose, instead of trying to win. Coming out of the water in 3rd place I was in a good position. On paper the bike should have been really fast and easy, but for whatever reason I could never find my top gear on the bike. Riding felt more like a chore than an enjoyment. Nevertheless I started the run in 2nd place. Drawing on everything we did this summer in St. Moritz I quickly took 1st place on the run. I won’t say I shut it down afterwards but I did find a more relaxing pace all the way to the finish line, winning by 3 minutes. I am very proud to be the Texas State Champion.

Alicja Medak WalesAlicja Medak second at IM Wales and now a 6x time Kona qualifier.

Great job for the Medak family (Rafal and Alicja), both having the best race of their season at Ironman Wales on a very tough day. Alicja had not only fastest run split in her age group, but the fastest non-pro female run of the day. Well done. Rafa has been battling a back strain all summer and raced pain free for the first time at Wales and it showed with his best run of the year. Great efforts guys.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Andrej+Vistica+Markus+Thomschke+Ironman+WalesAndrej Vistica Runner’s Up at Ironman Wales.

Andrej Vistica had a strong race at IRONMAN Wales and finished 2nd at his first Ironman race. He exited the water together with German Markus Thomschke, who chased Jesse Thomas hard. Once he caught up, Markus and Jesse continued with a very hard pace. Andrej decided to go his own speed and paced himself very evenly on this tough bike course. Andrej came off the bike in 3rd position with a 7min deficit to race leading Thomschke. Andrej quickly made up time on the German who had to pay for his hard effort on the bike. Andrej had great, a race best 2:52h marathon, which brought him close to Thomas, but not close enough to challenge him for the win. I’m very happy with Andrej’s race. He raced with brain and heart and had excellent efforts in all 3 disciplines. There are not many athletes out there able to follow up a win at Embrunman with such a strong performance. 😉 Well done Andrej!

Mauro_BMauro Baertsch: Top 5 at Ironman 70.3 Rügen

Mauro Baertsch decided to speed up his recovery from his win at IRONMAN Vichy 2 weeks ago by throwing in some more racing into his schedule! So he joind the starting line at IRONMAN 70.3 Rügen and finished 5th in what I think was a fantastic effort. Mauro however is yet uncertain, if he should be happy with his race as there also was an issue on the swim course with a buoy drifting away so that some athletes cut the distance short. I think he can be very proud with his performance in a stong field and on a course where he couldn’t play his strength on the bike. I hope, Mauro will return fresh and ready for some work form the trip to Northern Germany as he has to step right back into training for his next Ironman. His season just started. Hurry slowly, Mauro, there are great results to come!

Finally, Steven Brandes had a tough race at IRONMAN Wisconsin, just missing the Top-10 of his age group. Ironman is for iron people and Steve showed on the course, that he is not just talking the talk but has the heart of a true athlete! Well done, Steve!

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Andy HamilitonAndy Hamilton: 2nd at Challenge Weymouth Half.

This weekend saw my athletes competing at Challenge Weymouth half and full distance.

I was really happy to walk in the door after the ride I do on a Sunday to hear Andy Hamilton won the half distance!  I have been working with Andy for 2 years and from the day we started he has been totally diligent and hard working. He does every session I say to the best of his ability and he is improving all the time.

When I first met Andy it was at the same event 2 years ago.  Challenge Henley.  He came 26th in the half distance and yesterday he almost won. I say almost won, because he was congratulated like he had won when he finished, but later found out that in another wave a guy beat his time, so on paper he was 2nd. Anyway, Andy did a great race and we will continue to work away.  Andy will win another race soon instead.

Aya StevensAya Stevens running into 6th female at Challenge Weymouth.

Aya Stevens came 6th female in the full distance. Unfortunately she had mechanical problems which won’t happen again because she learnt a lot this weekend about changing tyres!!!  But she didn’t give up and ran her fastest marathon to date.  Aya will continue on her mission to get on the podium of one of these races.

Stephen BaylissStephen (Bayliss) was 7th male in the long distance.

Not that he is one of “my athletes” but I thought I would mention him as he is my husband!!  🙂   I thought it was great to see him healthy and strong to race again.  I saw him in an awful way back in March, ..hospitalised with pneumonia.  Stephen is desperate to get the best from himself again.  He tries really really hard but has been unlucky with health recently.  He was really disappointed not to get the best from himself in Weymouth but in reality he is still building back after the illness.  He will be looking forward to coming home now and continue to work towards his next race.”

Race Recap from Coach Luis Villavicencio:

Sara Larios                                                                               Sara Larios 8th in AG IM 70.3 Santa Cruz

Our squadie Sara Larios, who also happens to work full time as an attorney had another excellent age goup performance at Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz, with 8th in her age group.  Sara ran a super 1:40 off the bike getting faster as the day went on. Congrats Sara, and needless to say, I’m a very proud coach.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie Baumann_1                                                 Melanie Baumann celebrating her age group win at Ironman 70.3 Aarhus

I had 2 athletes racing the Ironman 70.3 Aarhus,  Melanie Baumann and Aleksandar Nedelovski; both having impressive races in brutal conditions.

Melanie’s recap:

What a day!!! Extremely hard conditions, swim had to be cut down 1000m due to heavy waves and the heavy winds; and the never ending rain made it a really big challenge for everyone! But I had an amazing day, even with 2 flat tyres on the bike I was able to win my age group and get on the overall podium (3rd)!!! And last but definitely not least: I’m going to the Sunshine Coast for the 70.3 World Champs!

Thanks to Lisbeth, who coached me to my first 3 wins this season!!!

Aleksandar also excelled with 10th place in his age group, 35-39 and he ran the 3rd fastest time in his age group, 1.29.   Aleksandar also punched his ticket to the Ironman 70.3 World Champs, a reward for his consistent work and summer racing schedule.


Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Fiona Davidson                                           Fiona Davidson putting finishing touches to her preparation for Ironman Wales

‪Congratulations to Fiona Davidson who earned her first ever podium, with a 3rd place in her age group category at Ironman Wales ‬

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Congratulations to my athletes, who co-incidentally were all competing in road running races this weekend.

Henry Batievsky based out of Miama, Florida took a super 17 minutes off his marathon PR at Gran Rapids marathon.  Henry’s dedication on the White Kenyan program the last 3 months really paying off,  focusing on his running and using swim and bike for recovery. We now switch focus back to 70.3 and Ironman Cozumel later in the year.

Jason Richter took the overall title at the Halfway to Delray St. Patricks’s Day Parade 10km road race in Florida. A brutally hot race and part of Jason’s marathon preparation.

Chiin-Hooi Tan was first female overall at the Herning Løbet half marathon, in Denmark. Recording her second fastest half marathon ever.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Michelle Barnes Results                             Big gears and smiles all round

It’s was a great weekend of racing for Michelle’s athletes!

First, Susan Robutka who started her first bout of training in 2015 in July at Michelle’s camp, tackled her 4th race in 7 weeks! She took on the bike leg for the Subaru Banff Triathlon and absolutely nailed the hilly bike faster than she has done for years!

“Those big gear repeats are helping!”

Erin Reid just finished the Sunshine Coast 70.3 as her comeback race after having a bike crash and breaking her collarbone shortly after she arrived in Australia from Canada just under a year ago. She was over the moon to have no concussion symptoms on the day, felt pretty amazing had an incredible swim as this was her first time racing an ocean swim.

“I have to say passing 11 people in the last 5km was pretty cool & being completely dialled in on feel and not gadgets!”

Chris Chesher who just recently came on board with Michelle after being a regular massage client of hers, also finished Sunshine Coast 70.3 in a very respectable time of 4:27.  Chris had big goals of qualifying for Worlds 70.3 & Kona in 2016 & Michelle believes he will be well on his way with his talent & level of commitment. online professional coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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