Trisutto athletes Mary-Beth Ellis (3rd), Michelle Derron (6th) and Sarah Crowley (2nd) at Challenge Jeju – final touches to their Kona preparations.

Challenge JeJu has been run and won and we say great job to all athletes taking part in the inaugural event. We had Mary Beth and Sarah running in full training mode. Their podiums a good piece of training to lead into Kona. Notable mentions to Carina Brechters and to Michelle Derron who placed 6th on the day despite a wrong turn on the bike.

Jane Hansom Challenge JejuJane winning her Category at Challenge Jeju.

Jane Hansom put in another great performance winning her age group, before also heading off to Kona.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

bella_vinny2nd place and World Championship qualification for Vinny! Photo: James Mitchell Photography  

Vinny Vinnes raced 70.3 Lanzarote, he arrived to the island on the Thursday night having just finished 4 days of 14+ hour days at work, squeezing his sessions in before and after work, he definitely felt a bit flat on Friday afternoon, but I told him to get a good night of sleep and to remember the fitness he has from training and all the races he has done, to be patient and that in the race he may surprise himself, and he did.  One of his best swims, a solid ride on a tough, windy course and a good run gave him 2nd place overall in his age category and qualification for 70.3 Worlds 2017.  Congratulations Vinny.

A swim off in the afternoon at Sands Beach Resort then back on the airplane to work.  Vinny is a hard working tough man.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

sabrina_jennyJenny (4th overall) and Sabrina (fastest age group athlete) hugely impressive at Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. 

4 breakthrough results this weekend for my athletes!

Sabrina Stadelmann was fastest age group athlete at Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. Of course she won her age group by a huge margin and placed 8th overal amongst the pro girls. She had a simply fantastic swim. Solid bike, solid run. Very happy for her to pull out one great race after the other.

I’m also very happy for Jenny Schulz. She also lined up at Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. She struggled a bit with the non-wetsuit swim, but then launched her power on the bike and ran the fastest half marathon of the day. A courageous catch-up race which earned her 4th place overall. Good to see the hard work she put in starting pay off.

Sabrina and Jenny trained together in our camp in St. Moritz. Great to to see them taking the same race by the horns.

gerhard_jejuTop 5 for Gerhard at Challenge Jeju.

Also a 4th place finish for Gerhard de Bruin at Challenge Jeju. He just came off a huge trainingblock in Jeju with Brett’s squad. It was so much training that Gerhard was already worried his arms and legs will fall of. Luckily all held together and it turned out, the hard work really served him well. He pushed hard during the swim and on the bike, was 2nd off the bike. Then his run suffered a bit from the hard effort and Gerhard finished 1 place short of the podium. Well done and time to finally step on a podium soon!

nico_baddour_lzNicholas Baddour improving race by race.

And finally back to Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote, where Nicholas Baddour had another strong race only 4 weeks after his good race at 70.3 Vichy. He didn’t mind the tough conditions with very heavy wind on the bike and run and finished 16th in his age group. He’s getting better from race to race and it’s a bit sad that the season slowly comes to an end this year.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen

giacomoPBs in every discipline for Giacomo Giovenali.

I had 2 of my guys racing really well! On Saturday, Arnaud Margot raced IM Mallorca! It was only his 2nd IM ever! The first one was IM Frankfurt this year where he was 10th.

Arnuad had a great swim, 1:04, a great bike (4:55) and a run (3:22) that we know can get even better and that Arnaud will have to work on if he wants a slot for Hawaii!  Great race for Arnaud! Finishing in 8th place in his age group, 25-29.

Then on Sunday, I had Giacomo Giovenali racing the 70.3 Superfrog. He did PB’s in all 3 disciplines! 31 mins for the swim, 2:21 for the bike and a final half marathon of 1:33 – ending up with a time of 4:32. Giacomo is a soldier and therefore he raced in the military category. He finished in a very strong 5th place. Unfortunately, there was only 2 slots for Hawaii and Giacomo was 19th overall in his age group, 40-44. Excellent race!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

mariana_konaMariana Lara – on the way to Kona!

When Mariana Lara began training with me this winter, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to run anymore. She was afraid that she’d have to put long distance racing in her past, but was willing to try a new approach with me and take it one baby step at a time. This weekend, in the scorching heat at Ironman Chattanooga, Mariana qualified for Kona 2017! Mariana put together a near perfect race across the three disciplines and punched her ticket to The Big Island. Fantastic racing Mariana, this is just the beginning!

lc-worldsLC competing at the ITU LC World Championships.

Lauren Capone raced the ITU Long Course World Championships in Oklahoma City in a field of top class athletes. It was a rough day for LC, but it was the kind of race that builds resolve and toughness. The next time she’s tested, she’ll draw on this experience and know that she’s got what it takes to persevere. Now she knows that she can take the hits, and next time she’ll hit back harder. Every race has it’s lessons. It’s what you do with them that counts.

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

domenicoDomenico Finocchiaro finished the summer with true determination!

Domenico had a rough summer with ongoing achilles problems that kept him from proper running for last 2 months, so our expectations were not very high and it was more about just trying to finish the race. Of course this is a hard way to go into an Ironman race, as you need to be mentally prepared and physically ready for such a cruel sport event. That’s why I am very proud of Domenico as he had to go through a lot of lows during that race but battled it out. I know he has a lot more to show, I have absolutely no doubt about that. He deserves a good break now and he needs to give his achilles the time to heal. Most important, he is a dad-to-be soon, so we wish him and his wife all the best for the exciting time ahead. He will definitely be a different athlete in 2017 as he will have one family member more to watch 😉

Despite suffering a flat, Daniel Schiller did really well out on his race also. The puncture cost him quite some time and he over paced a bit after fixing the flat, which he paid for during the run. Bad mechnical luck for him. Daniel and I started working together this year and I am excited to keep up our coach athlete relationship in 2017 as he is the kind of hard worker (in his real job and in training) I really enjoy working with. I am sure we will see more good results of him in 2017!!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger

martina_edithMartina at 70.3 Lanzarote.

Big weekend of racing for my athletes!

70.3 Lanzarote: 11th place for Martina Dogana WPRO in 5:25.47, unfortunately Martina suffered gastro-intestinal issues on race morning, but she decided to race and finish, taking it as a good workout for other upcoming races.

Elbaman, ironman distance race at Elba Island (Italy): Alina Losurdo was not able to finish due to the same problems, gastro-intestinal issues at race morning. Just a bad coincidence…both athletes were not in contact with each other 🙂

Elbaman 703, half distance race at Elba Island (Italy): Paola Bonfreschi, 2nd place W45-49 in 6:10.00

Saverio Venturelli, 13th place M45-49 in 5:47.46

For both of them this was the last triathlon race of the season, they were both very satisfied and now go into their well deserved rest period.

Olympic distance no draft race Jesolo (Venice, Italy): Stefano Pavan, 3rd M45-49 in 2:21.38. Very good effort for Stefano, he will race IM Barcelona in 2 weeks.

Half Marathon Bergamo (Italy): Gustavo Lodi finished in 1:42 on a very demanding, hilly course.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood

jason-ramdeen-augusta2nd fastest run and Top 10 for Jason Ramdeen.

Jason Ramdeen had an excellent race at 70.3 Augusta that included the second fastest run in his category and a 7th place finish.  I’m very pleased with the work Jason has been doing, and the improvements showing now in races – following the plan, being consistent and remaining patient.  The next step, Jason’s first Ironman in 4 weeks.

minsok-pak-lanzaroteMinsok took on Ironman Lanzarote 70.3.

Minsok Pak had a learning experience at Lanzarote 70.3  Some less than ideal choices regarding gearing and wheels on a hard, hilly, hot and windy course made for a bit of an epic training day 😉  There is always more to learn when things don’t go to plan, so now to regroup and look towards 70.3 Hefei in China in 3 weeks.

jordan-trophy-guryeSilverware for Jordan Bryden and Ironman 70.3 Gurye.

Jordan Bryden headed from Trisutto JeJu heat camp, where he has been training with Brett and the pro team, to 70.3 Gurye. Unfortunately a major rip in the wetsuit immediately before the swim start left him with some last minute decision making and the choice to swim in a suit that became a bit of a drag suit.  Starting the bike half way between the swim leaders and the main pack, Jordan beavered away, to be 5 minutes down off the bike, where a solid run saw him hold his position and a 5th place overall male pro finish.  We put this one behind us, as we look to Ironman Taiwan this coming weekend.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.


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