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We say NO to Drugs, Obesity and Violence through Exercise.

Bringing equality back into the sport of triathlon for pros and age-groupers alike.


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The DOVE Project: A New Framework

I’ve been involved with the sport of triathlon for 25 years. During that time I’ve had extensive dealings with top pros, age-groupers, along with high level management and stakeholders. Over the last 10 years I’ve watched as the sport has drifted away from what I believe were its core principles and what made it great. I’ve seen the pros become gradually more isolated to the point where their very existence is now at stake. I’ve seen entry fees sky-rocket to the point where age-groupers come away feeling like customers and not participants. I don’t believe this is right nor inevitable and want it to change. I believe triathlon can be a great vehicle for community spirit and activism and that’s why I started DOVE. I’m proud that in only the first year our army of 300 DOVE members has successfully funded the Cozumel, Leysin and St Moritz ‘Top of the World’ kids and adults triathlon festivals with more to come. Join us as we, pros and age-groupers alike, change triathlon for the better one race at a time. Brett Sutton

Ironman University: It Gets Worse…

They just can't help themselves. In their desperation to rescue a failed concept, Ironman University this morning sent out an email to all registered pro athletes outlining nearly everything that is wrong about professional coaching within our sport. The WTC are now...

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Team PIS: What It Means To Me

Team PIS members competing at Kona 2014. A support crew of 50 flew over to support their team. Photo by: Slowtwitch I recently had the privilege of visiting Penrith, home to one of the great triathlon communities in the world. Many are already familiar with Team PIS...

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Training in Colombia

I recently spent 10 days in Colombia coaching my elite squad and working with my age group athletes. The age groupers were able to enjoy a more relaxed schedule; speaking about triathlon, planning their season, going through the approach to training and...

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Project DOVE Triathlon and Multisport Races

St Moritz Top of The World Triathlon

St Moritz, Switzerland

A world class setting for an Olympic Distance race in the Swiss Alps. Entries open later next year.

August 9, 2015

Events are held in conjuction with the Nicola Spirig Kids Cup for the St. Moritz Tri Festival.

Event Details

Full race details can be found at:

Taste of Cozumel Triathlon

Cozumel, Mexico

A 3-day triathlon festival held along one of the most picturesque courses in our sport. Entries open later next year.

May 10-11th, 2015

Held in conjunction with ‘A Taste of Cozumel’ food and drink festival highlighting the culinary delights of Cozumel.

Event Details

Full race details can be found at:

Start Your Own Dove Race

If you would like to organize your own DOVE event, whether it be a swim, bike, run, triathlon, duathlon, kids event or adult event below are simple steps to help you get started.

Join others around the world planning their own local DOVE event. You don’t need permission, get started today!

A safe course and fun event are more important than a specific race distance. Use a simple course that fits with your location.

Drafting is self policed (like golf), and athletes time themselves.

Can be anything you wish. Maybe a run only event, or a bike run or a triathlon. Maybe a run, bike, swim. Maybe a kids only event, an adults event, or kids in the morning and adults in the afternoon.

Be creative, do something different and stand out from the crowd.

Post event awards can be as simple as a barbecue or drinks and a few snacks behind the finish line.

A club event with a relatively small number of entries can be just as fun without the crowds of a large event.

Have fun and raise funds for a local charity and your local club.

Equality for everyone with a component to charity.

* 30% in prize money for the first finishers across the line. No distinction between pro and age group – all are eligible.

* 30% for a random draw / raffle / lottery after the event for all age group finishers, split 15% for DOVE members, 15% for non DOVE members.

* 30% for the race organizer or club (e.g. triathlon / running club) organizing the event. A fund raising event for the local club is the ideal scenario.

* 10% to the DOVE foundation.

For small races (e.g. club) we recognize that costs might not be covered by 30% of entry fees. In this instance the race organizer may retain up to 60% of entry fees, with 30% being for age group draw (15%, 15% split for DOVE and non DOVE members), with 10% donated to the DOVE foundation.

Get Involved

Tell us about your own event or share your thoughts on how we can improve triathlon.

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