Many will have read with great shock and sadness of the awful accident involving triathletes Edith Niederfriniger and Linda Scattolin 10 days ago. The image of an overturned bus, the skid marks off the side of the road and mangled wreckage of two bicycles with aero-bars sent a collective shudder through the spines of the entire triathlon community.

Tragically, after hanging on so bravely, Linda recently passed away from her injuries. It is beyond sad. We extend our heartfelt condolences to her friends and family. We are truly sorry for your loss and hope it is of some small comfort that her accident occurred while doing something she truly loved. RIP Linda.

It is at this time we must rally around Edith, who has lost her best friend and partner, and is now faced with digging herself out of a hole the depths of which we cannot hope to comprehend.

I would like Edith to know that she has got the support of not only everyone at, but the triathlon world at large.

I’ve watched Edith race and coached against her throughout her career. She is and always has been a formidable competitor. A 2x Ironman Champion, former Long Distance European Champion and Vice-World Champion. Yet the courage and tenacity she has showed while racing as a pro has always been matched by her graciousness in defeat or victory.

Bella Bayliss recalling Edith’s graciousness during their epic 2008 South African Ironman encounter.

The great camaraderie she embodied as an athlete along with an infectious enthusiasm for her sport has made her an inspirational coach to her growing Pro Train triathlon squad in Italy. I’m sure, should she want to, Edith will progress as an elite coach at the highest levels.

The strength of mind and character that she has long shown will see her overcome the greatest obstacle she now faces.

Though it will be far from her thoughts at present, the reality is that Edith, having had her world turned upside down in a split second, is now faced with ongoing medical costs and requires significant assistance.

In true triathlon grassroots style Linda and Edith’s local clubs have set up a fund-raising initiative with the goal being to raise 10,000 euros to help her out:

The translation reading:

We help Edith Niederfriniger and Linda Scattolin to support the expensive medical costs in South Africa where they were victims of a very bad crash in training!

Triathlonmania and Triathlon Cremona Stradivari join the Pavese Triathlon to raise money for our two unfortunate athletes.


We know she won’t.

I encourage everyone who can to make a small contribution to their campaign here:

(click on the ‘Dona anche tu’ button and then on ‘English’ to get to the English interface)

I have and I hope you will too. In addition, will be offering a discounted rate on all training products with 20% of all money going towards their initiative until the goal is raised.

The coupon code for all products is: inspire&believe

Sentiments which Linda lived by and we share. I would encourage all our triathlon partners to consider making a similar arrangement. Through a simple mechanism we can help a wounded warrior of our sport.

We have seen people come back and rebuild their lives through triathlon after the most horrific of things. Loretta Harrop and Emma Snowsill serving as an enduring source of inspiration. Wishing you the best recovery Edith and we all hope to help you do Linda proud.


I would also like to thank Jodie Swallow for her great support to Edith and Linda over the past weeks. Jodie recently penned a very moving tribute to Linda on, which is a must read.

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