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Robbie Haywood

Hi Matthew, firstly great to hear you have success with our plans and I wouldn’t look to change things that much going into these two races.

Basically if you are fit, you are fit, and terrain is not such an issue. Our plans incorporate strength work on the bike, so do prepare for flat big gear time trial courses, or courses with more undulations in them – think 1 min on, 1 min off on the turbo being ideal for rolling courses.

Having nearly three weeks between the two races is ideal, if you do the right thing between will be better at the second one.

The week following Austria, keep all workouts short and easy e.g. 20 – 30 minute swims, 30 – 40 min rides on the turbo and 20 – 30 minute easy jogs. Do this for the two days after the race, then take your rest day, then continue up to and through the first weekend post race. You should then find your self in a good position to repeat the final two weeks of your training plan from the Monday onwards and go into worlds in great shape, and actually better for having had the first race.

Safe training, and if we have other athletes qualified / qualifying encourage them to comment here.