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Robbie Haywood

Hi David

We are planning for a non-advanced plan later this year. At the moment, I suggest that there are three things you can consider that will help.

Try to keep a balance of swim, bike and run. Don’t avoid the swim as it is more tricky to get to the pool, or is not your favourite workout. Yes we have to have fun too, but try to keep a balance across the three activities.

Aim to do more brick workouts. After the bike workouts, do a short 15 – 20 minute run instead of the cool down on the bike. This won’t add time to your workout (maybe 10 minutes), but is very time efficient, keeps your run training, helps with teaching your body to run off the bike. These runs can be easy pace.

Similarly for the swim, you can shorten the swim slightly and do a short run after the swim, as a swim run brick.

Don’t worry about missing a key item. Focus on what you can do, with your resources, knowing consistency and a little and often is very effective. The deposits you are making each day into your ‘triathlon bank account’, are like a savings plan, that you can then draw out on race day 🙂

Hope that helps.