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Mat O’Halloran

Hi Julia – if I’m not mistaken, yes all the bike/run workouts will start from the Sunrise hotel. For track sessions, we will ride our bikes to the track oval. The pool is less than 1 KM away from the hotel, which is also walking distance to coffee shops, grocery store, banks and local restaurants.

A car rental is not necessary if you stay at Sunrise. We will have a car for the camp, to support the athletes during workouts.

How-ever, car rentals are quite cheap and competitive in Jeju, if ever you wish to rent one to explore the island. Scooter rentals are also available near Sunrise hotel, but strangely, they are more expensive than renting a car…!

As a tip, when you arrive at Jeju airport, when you exit the terminal, outside, turn right walk to the end of the entrance and go to bay #5, take the red bus, #600, which is called the airport limousine. It’s only 5000 KW and you can easily put your bike and other luggage under the bus for free. It’s about an hour ride, to the World Cup Stadium. From there, you can take a taxi, for less than 10 000 KW to the Sunrise hotel.

In theory, you can get off the bus closer to the Sunrise, but available taxi might be sparse…

Anyway, hope this helps – don’t hesitate to ask more questions!