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Mat O’Halloran

Hi Julia – yes that’s a situation with the hotel. We will let you all know as soon as we know 🙂

As for the wetsuit swim, that’s a hard question to answer, last May when I raced in Daegu, I was told that every race for age groupers in South Korea, is wetsuit, for safety reason’s. Only the pro’s will race without wetsuit if the temperature is high enough. In fact, I know one local race allows snorkels!

In the end, it’s the discretion of the race director. Where or how deep, they decide to drop the thermometer, can vary. According to this —> website <— the water is pretty warm at that time of year. I suggest you bring both your wetsuit and speed suit, if you have.

As for the sports nutrition, best you bring your own. Proper bike stores on the Island are few and far in between, with very limited sports nutrition options. Which are a bit pricey, compared to what you can get back home or on the main land.