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Hi there, thought I should continue from here rather than starting a new thread. So, I didn’t sign up for the race on Aug 28. But I have been following the 10hour 70.3 plan to the extend of all weekdays bike/run sets, Saturday long bikes/brick, and Sunday long runs. I’ve not been doing the swim sets as set out in the plan as I am working with a swim coach separately; and Wednesday evening I run at the track (with coach that follows reverse periodization approach also). I train about 12hours a week.

I didn’t sign up for the said race because I felt I wasn’t ready (mentally), I have doubts if I can race well. I am not sure when will my next 70.3 be – I suppose until I get my mind in the right place (?). My question is: Do I continue with Weeks 15 and 16 of the 10hour plan (I will be taking the long weekend off during race week, as all my hotel and trips were booked – will support my friends racing), take the Saturday through Monday off? And then get back to Week 8 of the same plan and keep repeating through Weeks 8-16? Or should I get on a stimulus program until I have finalised my race plans? If so, should I get the bike stimulus or the SBR stimulus.