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Robbie Haywood

Hi Matthew

We use the reverse periodisation during the off season, with the Olympic distance a great option for that.

Training Plans

It is winter now in Europe / North America. I have purchased the 16 week Iron Distance training plan, but my race is not until summer. What should I do between now and starting the plan?
We reverse periodise, focusing on quality, developing strength on the bike, swim fitness, and leg speed on the run, while having reduced weekly volume. After improving these areas, we commence our 16 week Iron Distance plan, introducing longer rides and runs as we move into spring and better weather. Training through a European / Northern American winter means short daylight hours, cold and wet weather with more indoor training or unpleasant cold training outside. Depending on your working environment, it is also cold and flu season – not to mention Christmas and New Year commitments. The lower volume quality program maintains our physical and mental health better through this period, our immune system is stronger, and we lay down a strong structure to then overlay distance work on top of. We are then in a good place physically and mentally when commencing the 16 weeks training leading up to our goal race. These two blogs will help explain how we structure a training year, and how we might approach the period before the 16 weeks to our goal race.

Using Reverse Periodisation for Triathlon

The Ten Phases of Ironman Preparation

Hope that helps,