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Hi Robbie,

Thank you pointing to those two articles. I had however already read them and, while I accept the general principle, don’t understand how to specifically apply it to my situation.

For instance: in the 10 phases article, the stimulus program is the only phase that gives a duration (4 weeks).
Brett writes the Olympic program was “short”, he then moved Matt to the Half and then Full distance programs.
How long did he use these phases, or did he go through the full courses start-to-finish for each?
Applying that to my training, does that mean I also need to use the Olympic, half and full programs?
And which workload do I need (the 10 hours, 16 or advanced programs of each)?

Lastly, as time is precious and I don’t want to waste the winter training the wrong things, are these types of questions better suited to a coaching session rather than follow-along-yourself plans?