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Mat O’Halloran

Hey Simon – you’re welcome.

While swimming in a group has several positive aspects, such as increased motivation, peer support, better lane space and direct feedback from a coach on deck. You might also end up doing something that is not specific to your needs.

I did some club swimming in my youth, and at the time it did not occur to me, but the program was geared towards the top swimmers in the squad. The rest of us just followed and tried to hang on!

However, once I started working with coach Brett in 2007, is was the first time I saw a coach give multiple swim sets, to various athletes, in a single workout. Furthermore, most had their own individual swim toys wear. This is also the case at the track!

This approach requires greater intuition and a bit more work for the coach.

Typically, I advise athletes to do a couple swims a week with a group, then a couple swims on their own. It gives them a nice balance and more often than not, allow’s them to improve quicker than their colleagues in the swim group.