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Robert Rozej

Dear Mat,
Thanks a lot for answer. It is very helpful and turns upside down my whole training. I’m rather runner and from beginning i was doing a lot of additional exercises. Triathlon 1/4 and olympic distance from time to time. Swimmming last season improved, bike one-two weeks before competition. But this winter i spend a lot of time on trainer. In my opinion my best training looked like: 0:30h-yoga, 0:30-0:45 exercises, 1:10 swimming with cups resistance and short resistance, work, afternoon 1:30h run and the end 1-1:45 bike trainer. I am learnt that success is only by hard work so i trained very hard. With additional exercises it was more then 20 hours a week and the intensity was quite high especially during running and bike. I am really happy at the moment because of what i read in training plan and what you wrote. I always was curious if my additional exercises and minutes spent on additional training are useful but my mental construction was saying that i must do as much as possible. Maybe it’s now an answer why during marathons i was totally without energy at the end of distance. I will start with half iron man plan after marathon and we will see how it is. One more question. I think my base is quite good and can i jump to for example 8-9 week to start the program? my marathon is at 23.04 and first Half Iron man is in 3 weeks. The main start is 06.08 but between there will be some 1/4 and olimpic distance starts.