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Robert Rozej

Welcome, Thanks a lot Mat and Keegan. Yes i know and i am aware that i am focus too much for my running results. My neighbour is very good runner and thriathlete and i try not to compare to him but i am still doing it. I would like to be better. Also i would like to show my parents that i am worth of sth in sport. I even visited sports psychologist to talk about my problem. Now i try to focus only for joy of free running. I stopped to take part in any running competitions (last season it was week by week competitions). I have coach and plan for marathon because i signed for marathon almost one year ago and i would like to accomplish it as good as i can). Coach based training on sport watch and i am not satisfied very much of that from time i heard about trisutto scale of training intensity. I think that after marathon i give up sport watch and start to run according to trisutto intensity scale. First of all i would like to recover joy of running. At the beginning of my running aventure i had very good resultse. After some very promising marathons i started to believe that it could be only better and some trainigs and i will be almost champion of the world. I also read about very succesful amatours and start to believe that it is real. I did a lot of hard, very differential run work but run marathon below 3 hours is not for me. I tried 5 times (9 marathons in all in 3 years) and always was above 3 hours. Now even after running according to the coach’s plan trying to fulfill all trainings day as good as i can i am far far away mentally from running below 3 hours. I know that it is bad and torpedoes my all preparations but it is difficult to change my thinking after previous experience. Moreover my joy of running is also far far away behind me. No i will go watching “on the run film” 🙂