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Mat O’Halloran

Hey Robert – okay sounds good. Remember, we all go through ups and downs, in sport, life, business, relationships, ect and in the end, it’s what makes the accomplishments that much more worth it. All the while, testing our true character.

Your main goal should be to gradually improve and simply be better than you used to be. And that is the surest way to get the most out of yourself and sporting career. Often, you will need to take a step back, when things start to go sideways – it’s no real drama in the grand scheme of the world 😉

When you get down, take it 1 day at a time and remind yourself is why you started in the sport in the first place. We all have different reasons – but what’s key, is to enjoy the process and the subtle yet significant returns, of living a healthy lifestyle. The performance is simply a bonus 😉

Lastly, one last tip, remember, to focus on your RYTHYM when you run. That is the key to most sports. Run with your arms, on your legs 😉