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Mat O’Halloran

Hi Robert – thanx for your question. It’s always a bit tricky and difficult to give swimming advice virtually.

The big picture, of swimming with a straight arm recovery, is to increase your stroke rate and develop a style that will be robust in the realm of open water swimming, in waves, currents and around other bodies.

At-any-rate, what your arm does UNDER water, is far more important for forward propulsion.

The major issue I see from athletes who have gone the Total Immersion route is slow arm speed. Where in our experience, getting the neo-swimmers to turn over their arms quicker, is a priority, before micromanaging their style.

If ever you watch the swim leg of a triathlon, in most cases, the difference between those at the front, versus those at the back, is their arm speed.

Here are a couple links with some logical information, and good visuals:

Also, it be best to start thinking of “swim technique” as SWIM MOTION 😉