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Robert Rozej

Thanks a lot for info. Yes i noticed that during triathlon events first in the water have very fast arm speed. I started improvinfg swimming in May 2015 and from that moment i tried to decrease the number of strokes. It was because when one man looked at my swimming told me that i was doing too much strokes. I was working hard to decrease the strokes number. Even i was discussing with one of swim guard at the swimming pool becasue he was talking to me the same as You that i should increase stoke speed and rate and even use arm like an arm from the windmill. Now i know what he means and know that he is right. Thanks a lot one more time and i will try to improve my arm speed 🙂 After 4-5 weeks of Trisutto 70.3 advanced program i am very satisfied from training and results (21.05 1/4 IM (2:20) – 3rd AG and 12th open – 109 participants, 27.05 1/4 IM (2:15) – 5th AG and 40th open – 1189 participants. Even last running trainings were very nice and fresh. I don’t remember when i was running so fast with such big lightness. Still i want more :-))