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    Robbie Haywood

    Greeting everybody – I am coach Mat and I will be Andrew’s colleague for your upcoming training camp. I will also be in part a “tour guide” as I have been living here on Jeju-do for about 3 months now. Originally, I hail from Canada, but been living in Asia for almost 9 years, as well to have been working with coach Brett Sutton, since 2007.

    Important: the host hotel has been changed to the Yegreen House Residence. It’s about 1 KM walk to the swimming pool. The reason’s for the change is the use of the cooking facilities.

    Your airport transfer will be arranged by Challenge Jeju organizer: James Lee. The drive should take less than 1 hour.

    Sunday the 7th of August @ 7 PM, I suggest we have a welcome dinner at the Italian restaurant near the pool. It’s called Italiani’s and the location is on the attached map. Everybody will be responsible to pay for their meals.

    On Monday the 8th of August, our first workout will be a bike session @ 7 AM. Then a talk at 11 AM and then a run @ 4 PM. All of which will start from your hotel. You will know the rest of the weekly schedule, as we go along, to keep it interesting 😉

    Bellow, are various tips and points for the camp:

    1) The Pool: It’s closed on Monday’s and it’s mandatory to wear a swim cap, even if you are bald. The pool entry is included in your camp fee. Bring all your gear, all they have available are kick boards. No need to bring fins, as they are only allow on Fridays. Please be showered and ready to swim at the designated time.

    2) The local grocery in Jungmun has all the essential’s but is somewhat limited. The Emart, about 8 KM away, at the World Cup Stadium has a wide range of food products.

    3) Foreign credit cards are widely accepted.

    4) Get a free Jeju map at the airport when you arrive. It can come in handy during your stay and will give you something to read during the road trip.

    5) There is a modern bike store, around 15 KM away, if ever anything comes up. But best to be self-reliant.

    6) I have a floor pump that I will leave at the hotel, so you can avoid travelling with one.

    7) We plan to do some video work for bio-feedback and then have a talk about the information we gathered.

    8) You cannot bring your bike into the pool, but locking it outside to the bike racks is possible. It’s a very safe place but we don’t recommend doing so with an expensive bike.

    9) We will be ridding our bikes to the track, about 8 KM, we can leave the bikes in the bleachers, where we can see them as we run.

    10) Please open, print, fill out, scan or take a picture and then send back to me the attached waiver. This is for liability reasons.


    Attached are a couple maps, of the Jungmun area, as well to parts of Seogwipo. It will help you orient yourselves and have an idea of what is where.

    If ever you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and assisting in your quest for athletic excellence!

    Yours in sport,

    M@ O’Halloran
    +63 998 952 7030

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