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    Hello again everyone!

    First of all let me thank trisutto for the 70.3 plan which i used this year to complete my first two half-ironman races (a very sucky race in StPolten – which I now have proof was due to the weather) and a very beautiful race in Cascais ,Portugal last Sunday.

    My ‘official’ season is now over and I am looking for some things to do before the planned Cyprus Camp. For next year I am sure that I will remain at the 70.3 distance (not move up to the full) but would like to go under the current 6 hours (would like to do 5h30).

    In preparing for the half ironman i observed that my olympic times got much faster and it was easier to run the 10k. That’s why i was thinking to try a full marathon this autumn, to have me dealing with a much harder run than i will face next year still at 70.3

    Do you think that I can / should try to use the next 6 weeks to attempt a full marathon? I imagine i should be able to finish it (having already done 6 hours efforts). Would like to do something like 4h30 (my half marathon PB is 2h)

    PS: as you can see i really suck at running (not that i am much better at the other disciplines, but i do comparatively better in the overall standings:) ) and that’s why i’d like to focus a bit on it during the off season.



    I realised i didnt correctly (completely) explain the question 🙂
    The actual option is between trying to do the full distance (my first marathon) or remaining at the half marathon distance and training to get a better time (hopefully it will slowly transition into a better run time in the 70.3 next year)

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    I see that there is no follow-up here to your question and am curious to know if you did your first marathon. If so, how was it?




    Hi Juliana.

    Yes, i did the (first) full marathon 6 weeks after the half ironman one.
    I switched the training program to one designed for the marathon (the one from Furman institute – FIRST Marathon).

    It went so-so, but i think that the biggest impact was given by the fact that during the week of the marathon we have organized a conference, so there was not enough sleep / rest 🙂

    I did much better at the 35km long run session, 2 or 3 weeks before (lower hr, no cramps). I have to give it a new try this year (i am currently targeting also the october one here in Bucharest).

    Can i share some specific experiences / answers?

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