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    Apologies if its a silly question but would very much appreciate guidance. I’ve been training on the bike stimulus plan (10 hours) for 3 weeks and I am now thinking if I should get the turbo bike set plan or the 10 hr 70.3 plan. Some background/info: I’ve recently completed 2 70.3 this year (M’sia in April and Vietnam in May) but the results weren’t great. So I’ve decided to take a break from the online coaching (been on this for past 3 years) and got myself the bike stimulus plan from your website. After 3 weeks on the bike stimulus plan, I feel I want to continue to build on my bike strength; at the same time, I am still considering the Bintan 70.3 triathlon (in 12 weeks, on Aug 28). I think a plan with about 10-13 hours will suit me best but unsure which one to go with. Thanks very much.


    Robbie Haywood

    Great to hear you are enjoying the bike stimulus plan. The stimulus plans work best in 3 – 4 week blocks, but you can revisit it again after a balanced period.

    If thinking of more 70.3s including Bintan, then the 10 hour per week half iron distance plan will be ideal to prepare. After 5 – 6 weeks on the half ironman plan, consider doing another 2 – 3 weeks on the bike stimulus, before returning to the half iron plan up to race day.

    This way you have the benefit of a structured 16 week plan, that you can follow, with a short bike stimulus inserted into that.
    *** With 12 weeks till Bintan I suggest you start on week 4 of the half iron plan so that the race date on the plan aligns with your goal race.

    Best wishes, and please let us know how your training and race goes.



    Thanks, got the 10 hour plan as advised.



    Hi there, thought I should continue from here rather than starting a new thread. So, I didn’t sign up for the race on Aug 28. But I have been following the 10hour 70.3 plan to the extend of all weekdays bike/run sets, Saturday long bikes/brick, and Sunday long runs. I’ve not been doing the swim sets as set out in the plan as I am working with a swim coach separately; and Wednesday evening I run at the track (with coach that follows reverse periodization approach also). I train about 12hours a week.

    I didn’t sign up for the said race because I felt I wasn’t ready (mentally), I have doubts if I can race well. I am not sure when will my next 70.3 be – I suppose until I get my mind in the right place (?). My question is: Do I continue with Weeks 15 and 16 of the 10hour plan (I will be taking the long weekend off during race week, as all my hotel and trips were booked – will support my friends racing), take the Saturday through Monday off? And then get back to Week 8 of the same plan and keep repeating through Weeks 8-16? Or should I get on a stimulus program until I have finalised my race plans? If so, should I get the bike stimulus or the SBR stimulus.


    Mat O’Halloran

    Hi Divey – one thing is for sure, is that many, if not most, line up at the start of a race with some sort of doubt in their minds. The key aspect is to not put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the event. It can take many tries before you nail your races. Look to gain experience and leave your ego at home. This is your hobby after all 😉

    As for the training questions, I suggest you go with the SBR stimulus. Focus on becoming a better all-around athlete, as well to being consistent physically and mentally. Then once you have mastered that, you can “up the ante” with the training or focus on 1 particular leg. But don’t rush the process or set numeric expectations.

    Think of each training cycle or “layer” of training as an opportunity to get a little better long term. It’s also important to be flexible with the training, don’t sweat the imperfections or expect instant results in training.

    All the best and keep us up to date!



    Thank you, Mat for answering my queries. I’ve gotten the Run Stimulus plan (as I’d the Bike stimulus plan already)… will work on them in the meantime while I continue with a swim coach on my strokes. Then move back to the 70.3 training plan. 🙂

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