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    Robbie Haywood

    Swim paddles are used to build additional strength and swim fitness, as well as correct swim mechanics under the water.

    Size is important – too large and cadence is slowed. They should be just slightly larger than ones hand. Fingers should be near the far edge which is exactly what we want.

    The shape of paddle depends on your swim stroke under the water. Strokemaker paddles are ‘neutral’ – they won’t change your stroke under the water. TYR Catalyst with their cut away shape help to bring the hand under the body. Speedo Tech hand paddles are also neutral but concave that force a swimmer to finish the last third of their swim stroke – the ‘push’.

    To advise on paddles in most cases needs time, watching an athlete swim, watching them use several paddles before deciding on which one is best. Hence difficult to advise on this online.

    However, if picking a paddle as a good place to start, a Strokemaker neutral paddle is an excellent choice.

    Then it is about consistency, enjoying training, and when swimming thinking ‘place, press, push – makes my swimming go woosh’.



    Thank you very much Robbie. Extremely useful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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