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    Robert Rozej

    I would like to ask about swimming technique. I read Brett article about swimming and it is very individual attitude for swimming technique. But maybe there are universal ideas that can help improve speed in swimming. I’m rather small 168 cm and 57 kg. I started improving my swimming last year after winter time total immersion swimming. It helped me improve time for 950 m swim from 19:00 to 16:00 last year competition. I tried really hard winter time. For 5 weeks i am practising 70.3 advanced plan with 5 times a week swimming practise. After two 1/4 IM competitons my time is still about 16 min/950 m. I noticed on the trisutto film that most swimmers use straight elbow above the water. I tried practising the same, but it is not natural for me and i feel better and feel that i swim faster with bent elbow above the water. What to do? Trying to get used to straight elbow or swimming with bent elbow? Maybe as a small person i should use hands with more frequency? I know that proccess of improving speed in swimming is very long but after very promising 2015/2016 winter i expected more after 2016/2017 winter.


    Mat O’Halloran

    Hi Robert – thanx for your question. It’s always a bit tricky and difficult to give swimming advice virtually.

    The big picture, of swimming with a straight arm recovery, is to increase your stroke rate and develop a style that will be robust in the realm of open water swimming, in waves, currents and around other bodies.

    At-any-rate, what your arm does UNDER water, is far more important for forward propulsion.

    The major issue I see from athletes who have gone the Total Immersion route is slow arm speed. Where in our experience, getting the neo-swimmers to turn over their arms quicker, is a priority, before micromanaging their style.

    If ever you watch the swim leg of a triathlon, in most cases, the difference between those at the front, versus those at the back, is their arm speed.

    Here are a couple links with some logical information, and good visuals:



    Also, it be best to start thinking of “swim technique” as SWIM MOTION 😉


    Robert Rozej

    Thanks a lot for info. Yes i noticed that during triathlon events first in the water have very fast arm speed. I started improvinfg swimming in May 2015 and from that moment i tried to decrease the number of strokes. It was because when one man looked at my swimming told me that i was doing too much strokes. I was working hard to decrease the strokes number. Even i was discussing with one of swim guard at the swimming pool becasue he was talking to me the same as You that i should increase stoke speed and rate and even use arm like an arm from the windmill. Now i know what he means and know that he is right. Thanks a lot one more time and i will try to improve my arm speed 🙂 After 4-5 weeks of Trisutto 70.3 advanced program i am very satisfied from training and results (21.05 1/4 IM (2:20) – 3rd AG and 12th open – 109 participants, 27.05 1/4 IM (2:15) – 5th AG and 40th open – 1189 participants. Even last running trainings were very nice and fresh. I don’t remember when i was running so fast with such big lightness. Still i want more :-))

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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