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    Do all rides and runs start from Sunrise Hotel?
    A rental car is not needed, is it?

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    Mat O’Halloran

    Hi Julia – if I’m not mistaken, yes all the bike/run workouts will start from the Sunrise hotel. For track sessions, we will ride our bikes to the track oval. The pool is less than 1 KM away from the hotel, which is also walking distance to coffee shops, grocery store, banks and local restaurants.

    A car rental is not necessary if you stay at Sunrise. We will have a car for the camp, to support the athletes during workouts.

    How-ever, car rentals are quite cheap and competitive in Jeju, if ever you wish to rent one to explore the island. Scooter rentals are also available near Sunrise hotel, but strangely, they are more expensive than renting a car…!

    As a tip, when you arrive at Jeju airport, when you exit the terminal, outside, turn right walk to the end of the entrance and go to bay #5, take the red bus, #600, which is called the airport limousine. It’s only 5000 KW and you can easily put your bike and other luggage under the bus for free. It’s about an hour ride, to the World Cup Stadium. From there, you can take a taxi, for less than 10 000 KW to the Sunrise hotel.

    In theory, you can get off the bus closer to the Sunrise, but available taxi might be sparse…

    Anyway, hope this helps – don’t hesitate to ask more questions!


    Keegan Williams

    What’s the Temps like at that time of year Matt?



    Thank you so much for all of that information Coach Mat – that is really helpful. I will definitely ask more questions as I think of them.

    I have been in contact with James Lee this week and he said Brett, Tom and Robbie were meeting to discuss a change of official camp accommodation due to there not being any cooking facilities at Sunrise Hotel. What was outcome of the meeting? Has it been changed?

    Coach Mat – is Challenge Jeju likely to be a wetsuit or non-wetsuit swim? With this year being first year of the race, do you know what water temperature is likely to be?

    Would you suggest bringing all our training (and racing for those doing Challenge Jeju) nutrition from home? Or what bike shops etc are around and what do they stock?

    Thank you so much.



    Mat O’Halloran

    Hey Keegan – the average temperature at that time of year is around 30 degree’s Celsius, give or take. The humidity can be fairly high, around 80%, making it feel more like 35 degree’s Celsius.

    The steady breeze can give a very nice coiling effect – same thing with the rain.

    Detailed data can be found —> here <—


    Mat O’Halloran

    Hi Julia – yes that’s a situation with the hotel. We will let you all know as soon as we know 🙂

    As for the wetsuit swim, that’s a hard question to answer, last May when I raced in Daegu, I was told that every race for age groupers in South Korea, is wetsuit, for safety reason’s. Only the pro’s will race without wetsuit if the temperature is high enough. In fact, I know one local race allows snorkels!

    In the end, it’s the discretion of the race director. Where or how deep, they decide to drop the thermometer, can vary. According to this —> website <— the water is pretty warm at that time of year. I suggest you bring both your wetsuit and speed suit, if you have.

    As for the sports nutrition, best you bring your own. Proper bike stores on the Island are few and far in between, with very limited sports nutrition options. Which are a bit pricey, compared to what you can get back home or on the main land.



    Great questions and great responses, thank you.

    Now being the end of July, has the hotel changed as I’m pretty sure we’ve booked to be The Sunrise Hotel.

    Really looking forward to this camp and the race!



    Hi Natarsha

    Yes, the Trisutto camp hotel has changed to Ye Green Hotel.

    Jeju Island Training Camp, 5-10 Sept

    Had you paid a deposit or anything at Sunrise? It may not be far away from Ye Green Hotel. Contact James

    I haven’t booked accommodation or booked in to camp yet. Still keen though… specially if I could find someone to share accommodation with to make it bit cheaper.



    James Lee

    Hi All,

    Official hotel for Jeju Camp is Yegreen Hotel in Jungmun area. Hotel locate 900 meters away from the 50m pool. there are two types of rooms like 1 bed room and 2 bed rooms in there.
    all the rooms has own high speed internet, TV, kitchen,laundry machine. 1 bed room unit set with 2 bed. 1 in the room and another is in the living room but no couch.
    check this link out for more details

    as organizer of Challenge Jeju also.
    I didn’t decide yet for the wet suit. normally water temp. in September is around 26C. which is high enough to swim without wet suit. but as everyone knows, safety is first. I will discuss this issue with our race director then let you guys know.

    Challenge Jeju will be held on 25th of September. I will provide shuttle service to Yegreen to Race venue, Pyosun on the race period (Friday to Sunday).

    Herballife’s new nutrition product, CR7 Drive, will be provide at the aid station. but I recommend you bring your own nutrition.

    and remember, 2016 Challenge Jeju has 30 age group slots for 2017 Challenge Roth and 10 pro slots, 141 age group slots for 2017 the Championship in Samorin.

    looking forward to see you in Jeju!


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