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    Hello 😊

    Firstly, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying following the advanced 70.3 training plan. I’ve never felt so fit and strong and I’m really looking forward to racing my first 70.3 since Wimbleball 2010.

    Since attending the trisutto training day in Essex back in March – which was an absolutely amazing experience – I quickly signed up for 3 X 70.3 races without double checking the race dates. The first one is on 3 July which is fine but the next two are 3 Sept then 10 Sept – a week apart from each other (face palm!)

    Anyway, my questions are: is it possible to race both well? How should I train/recover during the week between races?

    Thanks in advance 😊


    Keegan Williams

    One of the better ways I have seen done for this for a agegrouper is to have only one to two easier days before the first race, bang it out then ten-twenty min sessions bike and run sessions until the legs come back.
    Then it will be time for you to attack the next one.
    Lots of sleep in between and you can have two good days out


    Robbie Haywood

    Super answer from Keegan, follow the race week ‘taper’ for your first race, then lots of easy and short workouts till the second race a week later, just to loosen up and keep the feel, while getting plenty of rest. Importantly do this right into the second race. Best wishes, and great question.



    Thank you both so much! 😀

    I feel much more confident about it now and actually looking forward to the challenge as well as the races.

    Keep up the fantastic work! Love following the trisutto athletes – pros and age groupers – so inspirational!

    Thanks again!



    Hello everybody, I have a similar (but not identical) issue here.
    I am signed up for a second 70.3 race *one month after the first*.
    I will have the ‘active rest / recovery’ week after the first race but then i have 4 more weeks to train.
    Should I be doing the last block of the 70.3 program? I mean do “weeks 13-16” again, or should i do two weeks from another block and then the last two weeks from the last block?


    Mat O’Halloran

    Good day Cristian – doing week 13 to 16 of your initial program during the period between both races is a good idea.

    However, since you will have already unloaded a month before, don’t feel the need to “taper” as much before the 2nd event.

    Your major objective during that short block should be to build into the intensity, all the while completing the prescribed volume.

    It’s also important to keep in mind, that your “frame” will recover quicker that your “engine” post race, so be extra patient before doing anything long and strenuous. And simply focus on frequency and speed variations.

    All the best!

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