I often see athletes signing up for races or talking about breaking personal bests, but their actions don’t match the level of commitment achieving their goals require.

Now that the race season is in full swing it’s a good time to sit down and re-evaluate our goals and our daily routines:

Are we doing what it takes to succeed?

What do you need to do or set in place to give yourself the most chance of success?

When evaluating you need to make sure you are being true to yourself and decide if you really are willing to make the sacrifices required to meet those goals – because every time you fail at achieving a goal your self-esteem suffers a mini defeat. Those mini defeats build up over weeks, months and years and end up taking a terrible toll on your self worth.

Many times I see athletes signing up for races or talking about how they want to smash their personal bests, but then their actions do not match the level of commitment achieving their goals require.

If the athlete isn’t willing to do the work or make the sacrifices that it takes to reach his or her goals then as a coach I remind them about our goal setting conversations we had at the beginning of the coach-athlete relationship. Sometimes that works, like giving them a little kick in the butt that jumpstarts and refocuses their motivation. As we know motivation is everything

What I also suggest in some cases is for the athlete to re-evaluate his or her goals – maybe skip that Ironman 140.6 due to the fact that time is very limited, but instead perform really well at an Olympic distance event where later on we can lay endurance over that speed and have race a great Ironman distance race. This alternative is a lot better than showing up to an Ironman completely underprepared and having a disappointing race. As a coach I like reminding my athletes that being consistent the whole year round and racing well at the Olympic distance is better for them than not being consistent in training and racing a full Ironman.

I know it won’t impress your friends at the party as much, but your health and your fitness will thank you for it, also the peace of mind you’ll achieve from following a balanced and realistic program will pay its dividends in all aspects of life.

So to avoid issues you need to think and ask yourself honestly – am I willing to commit? Once you decide attack your goals like there is not tomorrow. But remember, whether you achieve your goals or not make sure you are enjoying the process!

Coach Luis Villavicencio has coached 7 World Championship qualifiers this year. Sign up for online coaching with Luis here.

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