A great win by Patricia at the Triathlon Internacional de Santos in Brazil as she builds towards IM Brazil.

On Sunday our team received great news from the Santos International Triathlon! Patrícia Barros finished in first place in her category (45yrs) also finishing 4th Age Group Athlete Overall. Patricia executed an excellent race and will be very strong in Ironman Brazil coming up in May this year, where she will try to earn her spot to Kona and integrate with the trisutto.com team.

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Pre-Race prep in Santos. Well cone Rei on 3rd place. Photo Credit: MundoTRI

2017 sees the commencement of Reinaldo moving to Ironman racing. His first step was a non-drafting Olympic race in Santos, Brazil. He placed 3rd in a good effort, considering the new reality of Ironman is not for soft man training. Rei is looking for a podium at IM Florianopolis in Brazil in May.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

‘I feel the need, the need for speed!’  Well done Kate! Photo credit: Triathlon Western Australia Inc.

Kate Bevilaqua had her first race back after her win at Ultraman World Championships November 2016.  We are working on making sure Kate has some speed in her body after a huge amount of endurance when getting ready for the Ultraman.
On the weekend Kate won a double Sprint Triathlon close to her home at the Cottesloe OlyFest Triathlon Festival. Well done Kate!

John reaps the benefits of consistent training.

John Stapleton enjoyed another great hit out at Ballinrobe Duathlon, Ireland 5.5km-18km-3.5km this weekend. Proving that short sessions before and after busy working days can bring success!

Race Recap from Coach Cameron Watt:

Katey adds her name to the long distinguished list of winners at Bribie Island, earning a prize from coach Cam.

Where it suits the athlete, racing often can be of enormous benefit on your journey to reaching your absolute athletic potential. Here in Qld our calendar is littered with races to choose from, and like last weekends Goondiwindi Triathlon, I find it critical to supporting these events so that they aren’t squashed out by the major events.

The Bribie Island Triathlon series run by Phil Hungerford and his crew has been going for 34 years (!!) with many a generation super star having raced it over the years, as a hit out for an upcoming World Cup or major event. Noel Wust was the early one to look up to, a local pioneer in the tri scene that would benefit from the tide assisted swim and then destroy the bike/run. Miles Stewart, Waldo, Loretta, Leanda, Courtney, Jackie G, etc etc etc all benefited from this event being on their door step….

So at track on Friday I cut a deal with our developing pro Katey Gibb; get yourself to Bribie on Sunday and if you win I’ll have one of the famous (but no longer in production) winners coffee mugs for you…. Needless to say, Katey is now drinking her coffee out of the same mug one of her more famous predecessors used to drink out of, before she starts her day doing the same sessions as they did too!!!

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Great start to year for Andy in Singapore with a 2nd place podium.

Last Sunday, Indonesian Olympic swimmer Andy Wibowo was in action at the MetaSprint Aquathlon in Singapore. Looking forward to a sharp and quick event to start the year, Andy finished 2nd overall over the 800m Swim and 5 KM run. The major takeaway is that Andy was almost 1 min faster this year, than he was last year, at this very event. Showing that he’s getting faster and older, simultaneously!

A mechanical did not deter Paolo as he runs his way to a PB.

This past Friday, Pinoy athlete Paolo Mangilinan was in action again, 2 weeks after a breakthrough performance at the Dubai 70.3. This time, at the Oceanic Sprint Triathlon, also in Dubai. After leading the swim, he suffered some mechanical issues on the bike with his rear tire, stopped, managed to overcome it and then put together a strong finish, to place 7th overall and beat his time from last year by 1 min. This show’s great mental fortitude and a wide range of fitness, to race well at various distances, in such close proximity!

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

A group setting makes it easy to deposit 4.5 hours in the bank! 

Miriam Cole took part at the Cycle for Survival ride over the past weekend and loved every minute to it! This was an indoor charity ride doubling as a great training workout. Miriam described it as “a very inspirational, emotional and AWESOME event”.

A training payday 😉 – nice work Lisa finishing in 2nd place.

Lisa Roberts jumped into a last minute criterium race on the weekend which we used as her afternoon interval workout. Finishing second and with a prime, the race worked out nicely as a paid workout. Once finished, Lisa quickly paused for the podium presentation and then straight back on the bike to finish up the interval set. Lisa reported back “It was definitely nice to be back out and racing bikes again and even better to support the local women’s racing scene”.

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

On top of the podium again; Good job Steve!

This past weekend in California saw Steve Brown obtain his second win of the year in as many tries as he won the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium in the San Diego area Sunday. Using some great form, and a savy for race tactics, Steve was able to attack just before the turn onto the steep climb on the course and then hold off the peloton for the sprint! Way to work hard and reap the benefits, Steve! Good luck as you work towards the heart of California racing in March!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Pre-race fuelling by Coach Robbie and some interesting spectators on a hot, hot day. Congrats Andrea!

Andrea Rudin lined up for her second race in only her first 8 days in the Australian summer, in the 8km trail race taking place at the Australian XTri Championships. The weather was a scorcher with the race delayed until 5pm when the temperature had fallen to 34C. Andrea was lead female until 6km when passed to finish a close 2nd place overall female. Well done Andrea in tough Aussie conditions.

Mark Richardson raced in the Wokingham Half Marathon in the UK, which has been a standard feature of Mark’s pre-season preparation over the last years. With his eyes on Ironman South Africa in April, and hopefully an improved showing in Kona in October, Mark did a very hard bike the day before the race (and a loosen up swim), then raced on tired legs. And they were tired, but that’s okay as we achieved what we wanted – an excellent weekend of training, with a catered run workout to make things interesting – as we have bigger fish to fry!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Swimming downstream on the Waikato River; an experience Jane described as ‘really fascinating – totally surreal’. Photo: The Huka XStream River Swim.

You can’t keep a good woman down! There was no stopping Jane Loughnan when she discovered The Huka XStream River Swim, a 3.3km downstream swim on the Waikato River in Taupo. ‘I’m in’ said Jane who was visiting the area for work. Less than 3 weeks post hand surgery, a nice little swim tester, and proving she’s still got it, with a 4th place category finish.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Tony Baker at the Farnborough Half Marathon

My power couple Lorraine & Tony Baker from the UK took on some Half Marathons in the New Year as a way to throw in some fun “training runs”.
Tony took the first one was near the end of January not long after a nice off season and little trip over Christmas up to Norway. Tony has a large Management role at work and travels from the UK to Germany and back every week. Most would use this as a good excuse to not do any riding as he doesn’t ever have a bike in Germany but I knew most gyms have gym bikes so this is what we use mid week for his bike training. Tony is very prone to injuries towering well over 6 ft, (was injured when he came on board over a year ago) so we only run Tony every other day.
For the first race we knew the run fitness wasn’t there yet so the plan was to start super comfortable with a target pace and push out the last few miles if everything felt ok with his body. We also made sure of fuelling and practised this in the race as this is so critical for a guy his size with keeping injuries at bay. With this strategy Tony ended running much faster than we anticipated and showed some great speed in the second half with an excellent negative split run!
Due to Tony’s lack of conditioning for the run he did tighten up a bit after so the next few weeks we just worked on managing it and making sure he wasn’t training or running through any pain as the next race was in a few weeks.
We made some changes to his saddle height and the week leading into the race we only did easy running below any pain. Both Lorraine and Tony were racing the next one which was last weekend. I didn’t want to risk anything for Tony by telling him to push this one hard, so the plan was to just treat it like a long comfortable training run with no build. Similar with Lorraine as I didn’t want to put any pressure on for a PB Half Marathon as we weren’t just focusing on running, it was more just building early season fitness and getting ready for Camp in Scottsdale at the beginning of March.
Lorraine and Tony both ran the race perfectly! Lorraine started at the pace I advised with no fade off and even split the run whilst Tony held back for the whole run with no progression with any body issues he was having and no residual pain after like he was having in the past! Tony proved what can happen when you listen to your coach and your body in training and how when you put your ego aside you can work yourself far away from developing an injury.

I’m very proud of what both have been able to accomplish with extremely busy work and work travel schedules! Looking forward to see them in Scottsdale and building to World’s 70.3 in Chattanooga in September!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:
Paula Ponte got her race season started with the Olympic Distance Triathlon Internacional de Santos in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Paula faced some good local competition and finished fourth in the amateur division and second in her age group. This weekend’s race was a good opportunity for an early season hit-out to keep the training fresh.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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