Harald Fritz

Harald Fritz is one of Austria’s most accomplished long distance running and triathlon coaches, currently training the 2x Global World Wings for Life winner. Harald holds a Masters in Sport’s Science as well as Sport’s Nutrition. He is based in Vienna and speaks German and English.

I was always involved in many different kind of sports, with experience coaching gymnasts, basketball and duathlon before coming to endurance sports through running marathons, triathlons over all distances and finally ultra (trail) running. For over 20 years I ran my own business while receiving University degrees in Sports Science and Mathematics, before only recently finishing my postgraduate Master’s in “Nutrition and Sports”.

Equipped with this theoretical knowledge, I have spent time over the last years with Brett Sutton attending multiple training camps in St. Moritz. Armed with this practical experience I am deeply convinced that Brett Sutton and Trisutto.com methods of coaching lead to success. I wish to represent this coaching philosophy in Austria and am very proud to be part of the Trisutto team.

Harald Fritz

Coach Harald


I started coaching (gymnastics) when I was 15 years old. The complexity of the many exercise and the different requirements helped me a lot to develop my teaching skills by methodically building up the necessary skills sets and seeing flaws in movement pattern. Especially in swimming and running this helps me a lot to see and correct wrong moving patterns with the right drills.

As someone with a keen interest in Natural Science, I am always hungry for learning new things and getting to the bottom of everything. That is why I completed several degrees to build up my theoretical background. Right now I am also giving back some of this know how as a triathlon lecturer at the Danube University of Krems (Austria).

My most valuable asset is my own experience from having done many things myself. From running marathons, ultra marathons up to triathlon at all distances. Because I am not very naturally talented I have had to work very hard for any athletic success, I can really understand all the questions and uncertainties of an Age Grouper. Since I also had a full job as a manager of an IT company and being the father of 3 (and still happily married to the same woman for 26 years) I also understand perfectly the daily problems of most age group athletes, especially regarding time management.

Since 2013 I have coaching one of the best long distance runners and two times global winner of the Wings for Life World Run, Lemawork Ketema. From this experience I can draw a lot for all my ambitious Age Groupers and professional athletes. Thanks to my strong like to Ethiopia I am also very happy that I can provide High Altitude Training at the training facilities of Hail Gebrselassie in Ethiopia for our Trisutto.com athletes.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

For the last 4 years I have been training with Harald. Since then I am improving and my results at competition are getting better every year. His training is hard, no piece of cake at all, but he is paying a lot of attention to my regeneration and teaches all his athletes to listen to their body and the signals it is giving them. This mixture of hard training and regeneration made me stronger for the last years.

I love his individual training programs and mentoring. He is a coach 24h a day. No matter at what time of day, every day I can reach him if I have a problem during my training or there is a need to chance something. Harald tries to adapt my program within hours and is always there to help.

Although he has a full schedule Harald is managing to see all his athletes once or twice a week at training sessions. This makes working on proper technique and avoiding mistakes possible. He knows how to motivate his atheletes and obviously has a lot of fun with being a trainer. I am looking forward to many more successful and instructional years with him as my trainer on my side.

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Years Experience

Ironman Finishes

World Championships

Marathon and Ultramarathons

Coaching Experience & Education


Below are some of my qualifications and accomplishments:


  • Master Degrees in Sports Scienc
  • Master Degree in Nutrition and Sports
  • Master Degree in Mathematics
  • Certified Coach for Gymnastics
  • Diploma in Chronobiology/Psychology
  • Diploma as Functional Trainer
  • Certified FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Coach

As a couple in our late 40s we had the idea of instead of gliding into the autumn of our lives – to take part in an Ironman Triathlon. This dream should be built upon a sincere preparation to avoid any physical damages to our health. With this background we had our first talk with Harald and he informed us about the necessary preparation and time commitment to achieve this goal.

Meanwhile we are training now for 4 months with Harald and in a few days we are going to participate in our first Sprint Distance Triathlon. The training was done according to the plans of Harald and were updated on a weekly basis depending on our work load and business schedules. Although it is a lot of time we are spending on our training – besides our fulltime jobs – it is a lot of fun, very diversified and we can really see and measure our improvements. Longer distance are taking more and more shape and things we could not imagine are now getting possible. From a Vision it became a target.

We never had the feeling that a training session was in vain or not effective. All together we are convinced that Harald is forming us into real Triathletes!

Irene Weidmann and Roland Müller

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