While we know all about the Angry Bird (Daniela Ryf’s) day and we will recap on that later, we also had some absolute fantastic results across our team.

Mary Beth Ellis in her final Ironman

The Honey Badger (Mary Beth Ellis) was magnificent. We kept it quiet but the Badger got off the plane at Kona and was diagnosed with full blown bronchitis and put on antibiotics. The advice was not to race with bronchitis, but this was the Honey Badger’s last Big Show as an professional athlete and she wanted to stick solid and finish Kona 2016. Well she did not only that but for 75% of the race stuck to the big guns in the Top 5 and then when nothing left still found a way to the finish line. Well done MBE.

Congratulations Jane – World Champion!

Our age group brigade also had such impressive results. Leading the charge Jane Hansom who just hit another perfect race! Winning the AG 45-49 year-old category emphatically. Now the ‘Snappy Bird’ can justify all the selfies and I will stop complaining. Just a brilliant performance!

Striking a pose on the podium – Congratulations Jane!

Jane Fardell took 3rd in the 35-39 category. What a story. Jane first started with Trisutto 20 years ago and won the Junior World ITU Age Group before retiring last year from a great marathon run career representing Australia. She came back to do the one thing left on her bucket list – going to Kona! That has now been ticked and one of the unsung Aussie sporting careers has now been fulfilled.

Rafal on Alii Drive

Rafal Medak again had a solid if interrupted race of which there will be much comment on later. Raf had his best swim.This has been such a breakthrough as we have had two years and about eight stroke changes to try and unlock the mystery. The good news for both Raf and Alicja (trained by Jo Spindler) is they came away with massive PBs.

Steve Pressman might have been the most impressive of all. Hampered again by a lack of water in aid stations Steve spent over 38 minutes trying to revive himself to go out on the run. He carried an injury before starting the run, but before they turned the lights out he suited up ‎and left the safety of T2 and sure enough Steve finished to end the day brilliantly as he definitely showed the Trisutto ethos – It’s not how fast you go, it’s how you can overcome the obstacles in your way!

To all our crew ‎it’s been a big weekend and to all our supporters I wish to thank all.

Race Recap from Coach Cam Watt:

Sarah on her way to 15th place finish in her first Hawaii Ironman.

Sarah Crowley raced Kona in what has been a whirlwind 6 month lead up from office desk to Kona startline. In that time she has won 3x Half Ironmans, 1x Olympic Distance, Podiumed both Asia Pacific 70.3 & IM Championships, and after her 13th at World 70.3 Championships she can hold her head high with 15th in Kona on debut in what was an OK day, nothing spectacular but nothing wildy terrible. This last 6 months has given Sarah an opportunity to have a taste of what being a real Pro is about and can now head home to answer the questions, “do I want to stick with this”, as with more work the ability is certainly there to push for Top 10 in future here, or do we pick the “low lying fruit” that is the seemingly dozens of Half Ironmans around the Asia Pacific region and leave Hawaii as a holiday desitnation.

Hayely Stevenson raced the Robina Olympic Distance over the weekend, PB’ing for the distance and placing 6th in her category and a good hit out leading into the Hervey Bay 100 in November.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Craig on his way to a Kona PB 🙂

Craig Mcguigan came to me after years of consistent training which is often more challenging to get quick results. However as the Trisutto methods were different to his previous training, I was pretty sure he would respond well. This was Craig’s 3rd year in Kona and after 12 weeks he was able to produce his best Kona result yet, with PBs in all three disciplines! He stuck to the pre race & race nutrition plans, as well as a new pacing plan for the swim, then nailed the bike with a big PB at a lower cadence, and for the first time in Kona he ran the whole marathon! He crossed the line realizing he had more in the tank and will remember next time “it doesn’t get easier you just get faster”! I can assure you that any previous coach that has ever worked with Craig would agree you couldn’t get a guy who is more dedicated to get the job done no matter what, it’s is unbelievably inspiring and something so many age groupers who haven’t achieved their goal, whatever that may be, could learn from- hats off to you Craig. Can’t wait to see where more time on the plan will take you!

Ali loving every minute of her first Kona & crossed the line in 6th in F30-34 AG 🙂

Ali Maher after spending years trying to get to Kona absolutely nailed it on her debut. As this was Ali’s first experience in Kona, it was all about soaking it all in and enjoying her first race on the island with zero pressure. It’s rare to see athletes at their first go on the island really race their potential. Often pacing strategies and everything that was done to get there, gets completely thrown out the window! Ali just like Craig- if she has a plan, she will stick to it. We had a strategy of how to pace, eat and think to give Ali her best chance in having a great day. Ali loved every minute, had a smile on her face all day and came over the finish line in 6th place in the F30-34 age group- absolutely outstanding Ali! After 3 Ironman’s this year, Ali has certainly earned some down time.

Theresa was my 3rd athlete racing Kona this year and made my proud not because of any result but to have the courage to make a decision that would have been incredibly hard the day before the race. There was a pretty bad flu/virus that not only attacked Theresa’s place, some other people in her group which included her husband, but also my whole entire family, including myself. Before anyone is quick to judge that we were “overdoing” anything in the lead up or race week- this couldn’t be further from the truth. My non- triathlete mom, dad and brother as well as Theresa’s husband who does pretty light exercise, all fell ill. We aren’t afraid of a little cold or some sniffles but this was full blown fever & body aches. Unfortunately for Theresa- she was at the peak of sickness just 1 day before the race so no doubt in my mind that she should be out there racing. To top this after 18 hrs of travel her first day out on the bike an old disc injury in her neck reappeared. Many want to know why I raced, my fever, body aches and swollen glands were gone the day before the race, I was just left with no appetite and extremely weak.  If I still had viral symptoms, I would have done the same as Theresa and not started the race. Theresa did everything she could in race week to give herself a shot at toeing the line but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be for her but I’m sure she will be back. No one loves to race more than Theresa so I am so proud of the courage she showed to follow through with the right decision.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

richard_konaCongratulations 3x Kona Finisher: Richard Newey. Photo credit: Natarsha Tremayne

Hard working family man, Richard Newey finished the Ironman World Championships very respectably for the 3rd year in a row. Richard has had a good year leading into the race, he was fit, healthy and strong. We had made a real concerted effort to keep working the swim these last few months in preparations for the non wetsuit swim in Hawaii and in the race he had his best Hawaii swim yet.

On the bike it was tough with strong head and crosswinds, another difficult challenge was the number of athletes on the course at one time, Richard rode well but the time was a little slower than he had wanted.

The run was tough, the conditions got to Richard a little but he kept everything together and got to that finish line.  He was 12 minutes quicker than last year but he would have loved to have gone faster than his PB at Hawaii 3 years ago of 10 hours 21minutes.

Overall it was a race to be very proud of. Congratulations Richard!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Fantastic achievement by Paula in Hawaii with a 9th place category finish.

This weekend two of my athletes accomplished lifetime achievements and set massive personal records while at it.

Paula Ponte raced at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, setting personal bests for herself on the swim and run as well crushing her Ironman best by over an hour. This summer, Paula had a foot injury that kept her from running until four weeks before Kona. For Paula, it was either a double swim or a double bike all summer and deep water running everyday.

One week before Ironman, Paula tested her swim in the Ho’ala Training Swim on the Ironman course. She swam 1:00:14 setting a personal best for herself at the distance. A great confidence boost one week out from the big race.

This weekend, Paula exited the water in 59:25, setting a new personal record and blasting through the swim in second position for the 18-24 age group. Paula executed her bike pacing and nutrition plan to perfection, holding strong in second place as she began the marathon. Paula ran a disciplined, focused, and evenly paced marathon, setting two personal records in the process; one for the run in 4:11:07, and one for her Ironman in 11:07:56. Paula’s effort earned her 9th in the female 18-24 category. She fulfilled her dream of running through the finish on Ali’i Drive. It was an incredible race, and this is just the start for Paula. Congratulations on an outstanding Ironman World Championships, this was the first of many.

Kona Qualification for 2017 secured – well done Mike!

This weekend, at Ironman Louisville, Mike Hill put together the race of his life. He lead the race from start to finish and in the process smashed his Ironman personal best by over an hour. Mike also pulled off the incredible feat of negative splitting an Ironman marathon!

Because of the rolling start, although he was in the lead position for nearly the entire day, and after having the honor of breaking the tape at the finish line, Mike had to wait to see if anyone would come in ahead of him on the clock.

When the other contenders came in, Mike’s near perfect race earned him fourth overall, second in his age group, and a massive personal best. Mike fulfilled his lifetime goal of earning a slot at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. At Ironman Louisville, Mike also had the absolutely priceless experience of leading an Ironman and breaking the tape at an Ironman finish. It was the culmination of more than two years of focused work toward this goal. Congratulations Mike, it was an awesome race! I look forward to seeing what you can do in Kona.

Race Recap from Coach Andrew Wright:

Post race celebrations for Alex and Vikki.

Alex Reinert and Vikki D’arcy did a great job in Kona and I’m very proud of them. Alex was 2nd in the 35-39 AG with a PB of 9.03. Best performance ever from an Asian based athlete. Incredible performance from someone who works a full time job. We only train 5 days a week. Vikki was 38th in the 40-44AG and has done well considering a rough year. She will be back with a vengeance in years to come. Thanks guys.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

First Hawaii Ironman in the Professional Category for Mauro

Mauro Baertsch had a solid race, finishing 33th in the pro men’s field. He started with a good swim. Then hold things together on the bike and didn’t make the mistake to overpace in the beginning. Then pushed hard all the way through the run. It was his first race as a pro in Kona – and racing in the pro category is a very different thing than racing the same race as an age grouper. I’m happy with the outcome. It’s a solid base to build on.

Andrej running strongly along the Queen K

Just one place behind Mauro finished Andrej Vistica. It was Andrej’s first visit to the big island. Andrej started with a bit slower swim and bike but had a little faster run. While 34th place was not what we hoped for, it was a solid effort from Andrej. That his best on that day didn’t place him better also showes how strong the competition at the very top of the pro field has become.

Podium finish for Iris in Kona

A really fantastic race had Iris Tiedeken! For the past 6 months, Iris focussed on the sport putting all other things aside and I’m happy that effort paid off when it counted. She won the Vize-World Champ tiele in her age group. Coming 13th out of the water, she steadily worked herself up through the ranks, coming off the bike already in the podium ranks. Then managed to pass 2nd place with a strong performance to wards the end of the marathon. Despite she fell over her legs only 2k before the finish line, she was able to keep her position. Every year, Iris improved 1 place in Hawaii: from 4th to 3rd, to 2nd now. Guess what she’s aiming for next year!

Enjoying the moment – Dirk hangs on for 6th place

Also a fantastic race came form Dirk Niederau. He had a super strong 53min swim and a super strong 5:47h bike. He was first off the bike in his age group with a 6min lead over 2nd and I was pretty sure he could defend that for a long time as he did some very solid rund training the whole year. Unfortunately, he run into stomach problems halfway into the marathon and had to slow down significantly. Dirk battled himself through and it got better over time but it still cost him precious time. At the end he finished 6th in his age group.

Ironman Hawaii was just an incredible experience for Roberto Cagnati. He only qualified 7 weeks ago and he really showed which class of athlete he is by putting out another great performance so close to his best race ever. Roberto was very aware, how unforgiving and mentally brutal the race is, but with a lot of mental strenght confidence and control he beat the elements and pulled out a race he can be proud of.

A Kona PB for Alicja – Great work!

Alicija Medak had the swim of her life in Kona. A 1:17h is really good for her for a non-wetsuit swim. She had order to push hard on the bike and paid a little bit for that early efforts, struggling on the way back to Kona. She still pulled of a solid marathon. It sound’s funny, but Hawaii was more of a build-up race for Alicija. We were looking for a good swim and a good training day for the rest of the race. We got it all. So I’m happy with her race. Now we’re putting some strength back into those legs and build-up for a fast swim, bike and run for her next race.

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:


Amazing performance by Georgina Gadient at the Ironman World Championships. A season where she had a stressy in her foot, but she came back strong and finsihed 4th overall at Ironman Sweden, qualified for Kona late in the season and performed well again on the weekend. She was 1h faster then 2 years ago at her first Kona! She was very close to a top 5 result in her age group, but I would say she can be more then happy and proud with 7th place. There is a lot more to come from her.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

First time racing on the Big Island – a real rollercoaster of a day for Melanie!

I had Melanie and Maurice racing, neither of them had a good day even though they were bot ready and fit but I guess that’s Hawaii as well!

Melanie Baumann had an ok swim but she didn’t have much energy on the bike and on the run she had to throw up, she walked a lot and had stomach issues. Finally with the last 17 kms to go, her legs started to loosen up and she came good and still managed to finish a not so good race for her, in style!

Maurice was in the shape of his life and we were hoping for a Top 10 or even better but he ended up in 38th place.

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Podium finishes for Luciano and Karina in Brotas.

I had 3 of my team racing well on Saturday Luciano Cardoso and Karina Freitas finished 2nd place in their Category on Open Water Trirex Championship. Karina came back to race again on Sunday and finished in 2nd place once again in her Category. Both races were held in Brotas town.

Strong 3rd place for Filipe

On the same day on Rio de Janeiro capital and city it was happened the Olympic Games Filipe Cirelli raced in the progçfessional Category and He finished in a very strong 3rd place.

So we are very happy with all triathletes results and hope to getting better and better every day

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Emanuele racing strong at Lerici sprint triathlon.

Past weekend I had only 3 athletes racing

Emanuele Mutti raced the Lerici sprint triathlon (Italy) and in 1:13.54 he placed 7th in his category M25-29. Emanuele is improving every race he does and we will see great things from him next year. Good job boy 🙂

tanjaTanja and her boyfriend Jens, finisher at Chicago marathon.

Tanja Starl did Chicago marathon and after a hamstring issue just 5 weeks ago, her 3:23.29 finish was very surprising, even for me!Well done Tanja.

Martina Dogana participated in a olympic distance triathlon at Lignano (Italy) and placed 3rd even with a flat tire. For her it was a good intense workout in preparation for Challenge Forte Village (Sardinia) at the end of October.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

mark-richardson-kona-2016-race-morningMark Richardson Kona 2016 race morning.

This weekend I had three athletes racing in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships

Mark Watt, and Mark Richardson are busy senior executives, training around the demands of career roles.  They represented themselves wonderfully on Saturday, all with the same attitude – we are here to enjoy, to celebrate being fit and healthy enough to be racing in the World Championships in Kailua-Kona, knowing there are literally thousands around the world who would take their place in a heart beat.  My hats go off to them, they did me proud.  Mahalo.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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