In just under a fortnight’s time I’ll be hosting a high-altitude training weekend in Guatemala City with coach, Luis Villavicencio.

Luis’ success over the past 12 months has been enormously satisfying to me as he represents the first coach who has gone through the coaching camps and actively applied what he’s learnt to his squad with great success. Coach Luis runs an elite triathlon program with 60 athletes and now boasts more Ironman 70.3 and Boston Marathon qualifiers than any other program in the country.

Below is a very kind coaching testimonial from Luis. Now I believe he’s a highly gifted coach with or without my input, but I’m posting his feedback here as it attests to the results we see with our age group athletes once they are able to get the right volume and intensity mix to go with their training and lifestyle. I’ve seen age-groupers lop hours off their times with the right direction.


When we started working together 2-years ago Jose (Jorge Iturbide) could not break 2 hours for the half marathon and he completed his first Olympic Distance race in over 3 hours. Two years later Jose was able to run his fastest marathon time to date with a 3 hour 2 minute split at the Chicago Marathon and earlier this year he went 4:47 at the Heinz City 70.3 race in Florida. There has been no ‘fast’ success but Jose has being steadily improving while balancing family life as a husband and father with three kids and full time work. Using the 800s workouts and a lot of small details you taught me I also helped Estuardo Novales go 2:38 at the Chicago Marathon.

I have worked with my athletes developing plans using The Doc’s concepts I learnt in Cozumel and St Moritz. What’s most important is following the plan and still doing what has to be done in the other 21.5 hours of the day. Jose (Jorge Iturbide) has seen impressive results, also I believe that the camp in May helped with his confidence because he was able to really sense I was familiarised with the Doc’s volume methods. Being able to spend time with the pros was a bonus.

Well done, Luis. Looking forward to seeing your program in action and to doing a bit of scouting for a high-altitude base as we launch into Rio 16.

Details of Luis’ camp can be found here.