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Irene has been a multisport competitor for over 5 years, starting with running and duathlon before moving to Triathlon. She is a 70.3 World Championship qualifier and recently dedicated herself to a full time coaching career, completing the Trisutto Coaching Certification Course and working as co-coach at 3 camps. She is based out of Padua, Italy and speaks Italian and English.

Each athlete should define for themselves what success means; for many that means simply finishing the race well, while for others it’ s all about improving constantly their performance an achieve great results. Irene Coletto

Irene Coletto Coach


Irene has been a sports enthusiast her whole life, competing in swimming, basketball and athletics as a child before later moving into multi-sport disciplines of running (including completing 8 marathons), duathlons and then triathlon. Competing in sports has always been an important part of her lifestyle along with a strong interest in learning varying sports methodologies.

As a triathlete Irene has worked closely with her coach Edith Niederfriniger for 4 years. Inspired by Coach Edith, in 2016 Irene decided to leave her job working in the office of environmental consulting, to embark on a full time coaching career. She has enrolled and successfully completed the Trisutto Coaching Certification and also holds a coaching qualification from the Italian Triathlon Federation (FITRI) and Nutrition and Sport Integration (AICS – Italian Association for Culture and Sport).

At the beginning my interest to grow as an athlete was great, however I soon became interested in the coaching side of sport also and I began to follow this path. I adapt the Trisutto principles for my athletes, which extend across athletes of all abilities. 

I believe no goal is too ambitious and I will support my athletes to achieve their goals.

Based out of Padua in Italy Irene can also be found in both Tuscany and Playitas (Spain) where she is running a series of Trisutto Coaching Camps.

Irene looks forward to working with new athletes and helping them achieve their goals.

I’ve been training Irene for 4 years now and was always impressed of her passion, dedication and strive for improvement.
When she decided to become a coach I had no doubt that she has the right skills. Irene not only knows the foundations and can apply the trisutto methodologies, but she has also the sensitivity to take each athlete as an individual, which is one of the most required skills for a good coach!
During this year Irene has earnt my complete trust, which is essential for collaboration during camps. I can rely 100% on her and like Irene’s motivation to be the best she can be in every step she takes!

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Tuscany Training Camp

Join Coach Irene in April and June at our Tuscany training base in Italy. Experience world class triathlon coaching at the stunning Poggio all'Agnello Olympic resort.
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