September Age Group and Professional Triathlon Camps will be held on Jeju Island, South Korea.

I am so happy to announce that will be hosting our 2015 Kona Professional and Age Group camps on Jeju Island, South Korea.

We have held professional triathlon camps in Jeju previously in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics and then later with TeamTBB, producing fantastic results here each time. Jeju being the base we used with Chrissie Wellington in the run up to her 2008 Ironman World Championship victory.

Jeju Training

Why Jeju?

Firstly, the island has similar co-ordinates to Kona and is warm and humid in September. So from a heat acclimatisation perspective it fills the bill 100%.

The more important reason however is the facilities for training are fantastic. A world class Olympic indoor 50m pool, 2 running tracks with full gym set-up and the riding is absolutely unbelievable.

The safety width of roads + dedicated cycle paths, smooth road surfaces and the local drivers obeying road rules means the chaos found at other South East Asian bases is not a factor. One lap of the island can be ridden on highway quality roads for a 200km round trip.

For our age group athletes visiting the cleanliness, the connectivity (internet is brilliant) and beautiful beaches surrounding the island make it a very enjoyable trip. Sightseeing and tourism wise it’s also extremely impressive. Jeju’s Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes being designated as World Natural Heritage Sites (2007). I encourage you to do your own research, but the statement of Jeju being the Hawaii of North Asia is far from a marketing gimmick, but one of fact.

Asian Training Base

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to say that throughout my career I’ve often thought how the Asian countries could be a powerhouse in triathlon. Particularly in long distance racing.

As far back as 1993 I remember doing a talk in Osaka and thinking how I would love to be a part of what they were back then describing as a potential Asian revolution in triathlon. Both Japan and Korea have such great history in marathon running. They also have a solid tradition in swimming. However, while Koreans and Japanese love triathlon we have yet to see real world class athletes emerge from here in the modern era.

At we hope these are the first steps in rectifying that over the next five years. The Kona camp our first step towards a very exciting full-time Asian training base.

Jeju – here we come!

Jeju Island Training Camp

We continue to receive inquiries regarding our St. Moritz summer training camps, which unfortunately for some people sold out months in advance. To cover the demand Brett and European Head Coach, Jo Spindler, are hosting an additional 7-day Camp in August August 17th to August 23rd. Book here.

Further announcements regarding St. Moritz winter triathlon camps coming soon.

Jeju Volcano

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