Keegan Williams

Keegan is a multiple professional Ironman winning coach and past professional athlete with numerous podiums at the international level. He has worked with first timers, through to course record holders and Age Group World Champions. Keegan is based in Cambridge, New Zealand.

In 2008 I got the opportunity to go the Philippines and try out with TeamTBB under the guidance off Brett Sutton. I knew if I was going to have any chance of getting on the podium at Ironman level, I needed to train with the best and for the next two years I worked and watched what was required. This shaped me into the coach I am today. Not only have I coached professional victories both in the male and female categories, my athletes have gained numerous podiums throughout the world.

Keegan Williams

Coach Keegan Williams


I had my first experenice of triathlon when I was 12 years old and competed in a team’s race with my brothers. Over the next 15 years I had an on-off relationship with triathlon and cycling with several major setbacks along the way. During this time I gained a Civil Engineering degree with Honours from Canterbury Univeristy and was working full time when I decided to give Ironman a shot at 27 years-old having not competed since University.

I always had a burning desire that I might be able to be a professional athlete. My first Ironman New Zealand went well and four years later I was on the podium at one of the biggest races in the world at Challenge Roth. Other special results to me were my Runner’s Up performances at Challenge Wanaka and Challenge Copenhagen.


What I learnt from Keegan’s training schedule is that the 3 disciplines have to work in unison. There is a particular balance to it and I believe in the system Keegan sets. In 2011 Keegan suggested I have a crack at pursuing the sport professionally. Thinking he was being a bit ambitious, I took his advice anyway and gave it a shot. From competing in Ironman as a means to keep fit around university and working – to racing on the professional circuit! I never dreamed I could have pursued this sport as I have been able to. I have met so many inspiring, passionate and motivated people. Elliot, my family and I have travelled to some incredible places around the world and I have loved being able to train and compete all around New Zealand.

Candice Hammond

Ironman Champion

Years Experience

Professional Ironman Wins

World Championship Qualifiers

AG World Titles

In 2011 I was turning 60 and I wanted to do something memorable. Having done a couple of triathlons in my late 50’s and with the World Champs scheduled for Auckland I thought what a great opportunity to try and get a Silver Fern on my back. So I enlisted Keegan to get me there. I am pleased to report I made the cut and finished inside the first 20. A very happy moment for me as I had no background in any of the disciplines. Keegan got me to the World Champs the following year in London and this year I hope to go to Chicago to compete wearing that Silver Fern. None of this would have been achieved without Keegan. His no fuss common sense coaching has been a great help to me.

Kim Munro

New Zealand Age Group representitive

Coaching Achievements


In 2010 I started coaching athletes with immediate results with some highlights below:

10+ Athletes to World Championships

2 Professional Ironman Wins

New Zealand Half Ironman Professional wins x 3

New Zealand Half Ironman Professional Course Record

3 Age Group World Titles

New Zealand Ironman Age Group Course Record

Multiple 1st time Ironman Finishers

I signed up with Keegan in the hopes that I would make the New Zealand age group triathlon team for the 2012 World Championships, and as a full time mum I wanted to use my training time effectively. I wasn’t disappointed. I am indebted to Keegan for guiding me to achieve far more than I would have dreamt I was capable of.

Some career highlights under Keegan:

2012 40-44 Standard Distance Triathlon World Championships – Winner. (and 2nd female age grouper over all)
2012 40-44 Aquathlon World Championships – Winner
2013 Noumea International Standard Triathlon Elite Woman – Winner
2013 – N.Z Contact series Rotorua – Elite woman – Winner
2013 – N.Z 40-44 Standard Distance Champion
2013 – N.Z 40-44 Contact Triathlon series – Winner

Rachel Hamill

Age Group World Champion

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