Daniela (Ryf) preparing ahead of Kona 2016.

We would like to thank all the well wishers for our group this year. It makes me very proud to hear that tomorrow our coaches will have 5 professional and 24 age group athletes toeing the start line at the Ironman World Championships.

For our followers I know there is great anticipation around the Angry Bird’s (Daniela Ryf) and the Honey Badger’s (Mary Beth Ellis) races at Kona 2016.

This year is not about the final placing. It’s about putting together a performance both can be proud of.

‘The Angry Bird’ Daniela Ryf

After a very successful, but highly stressful 2015 which included an Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championships (as well as a Million Dollar Triple Crown), it was Coach’s decision to give Daniela a stress free 2016 race schedule.

Why? The main reason is that she had been pushing hard for basically 10 years of non-stop training.

Two Olympic cycles, then a year marred by loss of form and sickness then joining our squad in 2013 for two years of long course training to achieve 3 World Championships. I mention the Olympics because contrary to what most would think, short-course training is every bit as hard (perhaps harder) as longer distance racing. The Olympics is not one race, but a series of pressure cooker races needed to qualify in the first place.

So after driving all out for 10 years without a mental or physical break – it does require a rest. At 29, after the season she had in 2015, what better time to recharge the batteries?

Unfortunately for many reasons the season turned out to be more stressful than we both had planned. The debacle at IM Frankfurt along with the weight of additional responsibilities that confront newly crowned Champions, forced us to not throw all our eggs in the Kona basket.

The Angry Bird is uninjured and fit, but will be going into Kona with one thing in mind only! To enjoy the day – not worry what the outcome will be. This year will ensure physically there will be many more Konas for the Bird!

mbe_danielaA cheeky MBE and Daniela poolside: Kona 2016.

‘The Honey Badger’ Mary Beth Ellis

The Honey Badger (MBE) has already had a successful Kona.

Dealt a wicked blow of having Lyme’s disease midway through the year, when she arrived in Switzerland the medical advice was ‘Season’s over, back off and convalesce.’ ‘Recover and you’ll be ready for 2017!’

Mary Beth had other plans for 2017 and simply was unable to watch from the sidelines. Motivated by Nicola’s (Spirig) rehabilitation, which mirrored her own comeback, she fought her way back not only into good health, but to do an Ironman. A cracking win at Ironman Maastricht.

Knowing this may be her last Kona she decided to go for it and gain qualification by racing one of her favourites – Ironman Mt. Tremblant, which she won again for a third time. When Honey Badger returned to our squad last year we made a deal that she would get to 10 Ironman wins before we let her retire. And like everything MBE does she overachieved. Racking up 11 professional Ironman wins before announcing her retirment and a move into full-time coaching with us at Trisutto.com after the completion of the World Championships.

Unfortunately she has been taken ill in the last few days before the race and it will be only a show of her trademark abilities and courage that gets her to the start line of the big dance. But she has earned her place and like Daniela is being told to ‘Just enjoy it!’

Best mechanical luck to our two Champions and to all competitors out there achieving their dream of competing in the World Championships.

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