Melanie Mitchell

Melanie Mitchell is a former International Olympic Distance athlete with 15 years professional racing experience. Mel had a competitive swimming and Surf Lifesaving background, before transitioning to Triathlon in 1993 at the age of 13. Mel was highly regarded as one of the strongest swimmers in Triathlon. She lives and coaches out of Brisbane, Australia.

My strength is understanding people and the place they’re coming from. As a mother of three I am empathetic about the struggle of the juggling act; training, work and life balance.

The great thing about learning the techniques and training methods of Brett Sutton is that our methods are equally successful and relevant for beginners, age-groupers to Olympic Champions. So no matter your distance, goal or experience level, I will dedicate myself to working with you to achieve your goals in triathlon within your existing life and commitments.

Melanie Mitchell

Melanie Mitchell Coach


Mel’s triathlon career started at a young age, competing as a professional triathlete at just 14 years of age. She quickly progressed and raced at her first ITU World Cup aged 16 years, placing 7th. A year later Mel was travelling the world training and competing under Brett Sutton’s guidance. Mel will go down as arguably one of the most complete and successful junior athlete’s in Australian history winning multiple National Cross Country Titles and Triathlon Titles, along with surf and swimming titles. Mel won dozens upon dozens of races around the world in all distances up to the Half Ironman in addition to multiple top 10’s in ITU World Cups over the years.

Having been a former Trisutto athlete since 1996, and spending much of her professional career with Brett as her coach, Mel had the opportunity to live, train and join Olympic Champions, World Champions and Kona Champions in their individual journeys from unknowns to the champions they became.

Mel says she was given the best opportunity to develop her skill as an athlete and she learnt what it took to be at the top:

“I lived, breathed and watched success every single day.”

Upon retirement Mel started a family, yet maintained her involvement in the sport, supporting (Trisutto coach) Cam Watt in his Ironman career, and coaching triathlon with requests from various squads around Queensland. She also conducted regular open water swimming clinics for beginners.

Away from triathlon Mel has spent the last 7 years studying and working in the health and fitness industry, as a qualified personal trainer. She specialises in classes for returning mothers after birth, general health and wellness to weight management.

“Triathlon is in my blood. It is who I am. It feels only natural to be back in familiar territory to Coach under Trisutto to help others achieve their goals.”

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Years Professional Triathlete

Years Coaching

International Podiums

Year started with Trisutto

Coaching Options

Under 15 National Cross Country Champion

       Alcatraz Triathlon – 4th in 2004

Racing Highlights

  • ITU Junior Elite World Championships 2nd, 3rd & 4th
  • 2 x Australian Junior Elite National Champion
  • Multiple Top 10 ITU World Cup placings
  • ETU Cup winner
  • ITU continental cup winner
  • 2 x Half Ironman Winner
  • 2 x Australian National Cross Country Champion
  • Devondale Ironwoman series competitor
  • Cooloongatta Gold junior winner
  • St George Formula 1 Grand Prix. 2nd series overall placing for 3 years.


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