It’s now down to the wire and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the best mechanical luck to all the pro athletes competing tomorrow. They all work so very hard, for so little financial gain or recognition from within their own sport.

As someone who spends 6-hours a day up close and personal with these guys, I appreciate the struggle that makes this one of the most agonising of sports.

In a recent tweet it’s been said I still harbour a ‘soft spot’ for Jodie Swallow. That’s very true, but no different than for all my ex-athletes. While it may be difficult to understand from the outside, the people that have worked and trained with me will all know that I wish them the very best of opportunities in this race. If they get their shot a glory and take it, it will be of immense satisfaction to me whether or not I’m currently their coach.

My thoughts on the honourable warrior aren’t confined within the limits of the Sutto squad. I want to see the best triathlete on the day win the race. That’s why we need a fair race, with fair adjudicating.

To see so many from the old crew* make it back again for this year’s World Champs is as gratifying as it is exciting. I only mention Jodie specifically because being in the form of her life I know how she will perform and execute. My other ex-squadies are now under new instructions from their handlers, and from what I gather by watching the interviews will want to turn it into a tactical race.

From my point of view, I’ll always stay true to what this Championship should be about. That is only the best athlete in all three disciplines, swim, bike, run, should be able to call themselves champion. This ideal may be a dying one, but it’s one I hold on to. While ever I’m involved in the sport you can count on my athletes adhering to the RHG philosophy.

That’s giving it all in a ‘Red Hot Go!’

And that’s what Dani is there to do and she’ll do it well. First timer or not. Let the myths be damned.

So again, to all athletes out there, let the Tri Gods be with you and best mechanical luck.

*Xena (Caroline Steffen), MBE (Mary Beth Ellis), Jodie (Swallow), Lizzie (Blatchford), Dan (Halksworth), James Cunnama, David Dellow, Big Sexy (Chris McDonald), Barney (Paul Matthews), Harry Wiltshire and Chappo (Trent Chappo)

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