A super marathon by Corinne, running herself into second place at IM Lanzarote. Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

So pleased to witness the re-emurgence of Corinne Abraham with a slashing run over the difficult course of IM Lanzarote. With Corinne gaining confidence with each step of the run that her horrific run of injuries are behind her, she punched out a 3:03 marathon to take 2nd in a British sweep of the podium. Well done to them all.

Great to see Michelle back on the Tri Podium!

Back in Switzerland. Pistol, Michelle Derron continued her progress to fitness for her first season of long course racing by taking 3rd in the Berner Triathlon. Looking foreward now to Pistol racing Rapperswill in the lead up to a possible start in in Zurich IM.

A quick run by Mariana at Frauenfeld.

Also in Switzerland, a fourth category place for Mariana Solorzano at the Frauenfeld Triathlon, finishing off with a great run. We keep on keeping on.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Well done Nina.

Nina Derron put together a solid all round performance on Sunday at the Frauenfeld Triathlon taking out the overall win in convincing manner. Unfortunately the day was dampened when her bike was stolen from Transition.., as she stood on the podium receiving her prize. This is very sad. But don’t worry Nina…., nothing can dampen the progress you are making. Keep up the great work.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Lucy Biddlestone finishing at Ironman Lanzarote (photo: James Mitchell Photography)

Lucy Biddlestone raced Ironman Lanzarote, Lucy’s 3rd iron distance.

On Saturday she swam 3 minutes faster than last years Ironman Lanzarote, biked 19 minutes faster and ran 16 minutes faster than last years race, to give her a time of 11:06:09, 2nd in her age group, Hawaii qualification if she wanted, and 13th girl overall. A massive improvement in 1 year, And I know where she has come in the past 3 years.  A long way.  Because she loves it and she wants to improve.  Every day she works hard, doing the best she can to make herself better. I am very proud of Lucy, and excited to continue to help her improve in the sport.

Vinnie Vennes raced Ironman Lanzarote, suffering with a sprain in his back for the 3 weeks leading into the race which minimised his training.   Vinnie raced very very well considering the pain he had been in for the weeks going into the race.  He got to the finish line in 10.55.55.  His back was not too bad in the race and the good news now is it is feeling better than it was before the race!

Caroline Young also raced Ironman Lanzarote, Caroline had completed the race in 2015, but taken some time out to do other things in her life, however she decided it was time for another challenge and London Marathon last month was not enough of a challenge!   Having had a busy time at work over the previous months, training had been difficult so we both knew the day would be a long day.

Caroline has amazing determination. She did not give up for 17 hours and 21 minutes. She did it again! Congratulations Caroline, another amazing achievement.

TeamTriActive Ironkids (photo: James Mitchell Photography)

At Ironkids on Friday TeamTriActiv had 35 kids racing, kids from 5 years -16 years old. Unfortunately the race we had been training so hard for (Aquathon -Run-Swim-Run) was changed to a run race only due to high wind and waves. Although our kids were disappointed we gave the races our best efforts anyway.

In all categories we had girls and boys racing, PreBenjamin, Benjamin, Alevin, Infantile and Cadete. Many personal bests and personal achievements, I was so proud of them all!

  • 1st place Jorge Wilkes in the Infantile
  • 1st place Mia Leadbeater in the Cadete
  • 2nd place Sebastian in the PreBenjamin
  • 2nd place Sydney in the Alevin
  • 2nd place Dominik in the Benjamin, 
  • 3rd place Marcos Knight in the Cadete
  • 3rd place Leo in the Alevin
  • 3rd place Kim in Infantile

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

A very impressive race by Bettina earnt her top step of the podium and second overall!

What an amazing performance by Bettina Steiger. She raced the Intervall Duathlon Zofingen which is the Swiss Duathlon National Champs. I knew she was in top shape but she showed me once more what a great athlete and talent she is. She was racing girls 15 years her age and it came down to the last 200m …she missed the Elite National Title by only 6 seconds. and of course she is the new Duathlon Swiss Champ in her age group. As a triathlon rookie Bettina needs to work on her transitions..,.she lost about 30seconds to the other competitors in transition.., means she lost the title in there. But it won’t be as important in her main goal for the season which is her first race over the Ironman distance at Ironman Switzerland. Before that 70.3 Rapperswil is on the list and I know she will do well there also. she is a born racer !!!

Patrick Thierney is focusing on Olympic and Sprint races this year. He raced back to back this weekend. preparing for the British Sprint champs next weekend. On Saturday he won overall and thats what he had to say “I didn’t feel like I went that hard and woke up next morning feeling fine. So I decided to do exactly the same race today which was my tri club champs race.
In the second race he even wen 2 mins faster then the day before and won the club’s champs! He also said: ‘Swim was good, I was delighted with the bike, your tough sets are clearly paying off – the course was flat but windy. Run was on the slower side but had a big lead at that stage.’

Looking forward to see them race again soon.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie backs up at St. Pölten to finish 2nd 🙂

This weekend, I had Arnaud Margot racing IM Lanzarote, Melanie Baumann racing 70.3 St. Pölten and Camille Nieto racing 70.3 in Barcelona.
Melanie did a “little” back up race! She raced 70.3 Mallorca in the previous weekend and then decided to race again only 8 days later, in 70.3 St. Pölten. Here’s her little race report:
A 2nd place at Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten! I’m particularly proud of this, not only because of a 2nd place, but because it happened when I least expected it! Only 8 days after 70.3 Mallorca, after not much running in 2017 because of a foot injury and after food poisoning during race week. But no matter the obstacles, you can always go out there and be the best you can be! So I swam, I rode and I ran the best I could on that day and the result was pretty amazing for me! Thanks to my coach Lisbeth, ALWAYS getting me race ready!
What an amazing effort, Melanie and in very cold and rainy conditions!

2nd place for Camille in Barcelona!

Camille raced in Barcelona and had a very solid race, she swam very ok in 33 mins but there’s more improvement to come and she rode very well in 3:01 on a tough course and then she finished with a run of 1:41. Camille missed out on a few weeks of running in spring due to some knee issues so this was a great run from her. And an excellent performance overall that got her the silver in age group 25-29.

Arnaud has been training really hard this winter to get ready for this race! IM Lanzarote is one of the toughest, if not THE toughest, that you can do, especially if it’s on a very windy day which most of the days in Lanzarote are!
Arnaud swam 1:06, he rode 5:37 and he ran 3:21. This got him a 6th place in his age group 25-29. A very solid race! Well done to Arnaud and hopefully next time, we can get you a bit closer to that Hawaii slot!

Well done to you all!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Swiss power girls at 70.3 Barcelona: Jana and Oriana

70.3 Barcelona:
Oriana Heer had a fab day: 2nd place F35-39 in 5:16.40! Her bike time was excellent, comparing also to pro women and then Oriana was able to run very well. The pre-race was not easy due to some muscular pain we couldn’t relate, so this performance has even more value because of Oriana’s strong warrior mind to never give up and fight! Now it’s all about finding the reasons for this kind of pain, because her form is very well and the next races are coming soon. Excellent job Oriana!

Jana Perrone (F25-29) finished in 6:25.14, carrying pain with her which stopped her from pushing through the whole race. After a very fast swim in 33:37 (and she could have been even faster choosing the 30’ start wave), Jana  paced herself very well over the difficult and technical bike course to finish with a solid run. Bravo Jana, proud of our effort and you know the reason!

Massimo Argiolas (M50-54) decided only 10 days ago to race Barcelona, he is preparing Ironman Austria. In 5:20.02 he took 11th place in his category and showed a very consistent race in all 3 disciplines. Now we will race also 70.3 Rapperswill in 3 weeks and then off to Klagenfurt! Condition is improving from race to race, good job Massimo!

Irene, 3rd place F35-39 Ironman Lanzarote

IM Lanzarote:
Irene Coletto, first Ironman race for her, she chooses “el mas duro”, the toughest one! Over 2500m of climbing, strong winds, hot conditions – Lanzarote is well known for these conditions. Well, Irene did an amazing job, she pece herself exactly as planned – pace by feel without any technical devices!!! We trained it this way! 3rd place F35-39 in 11:08.43 and a lot of room for improvement. Very well done Irene!

Valentina Leucari (F40-44) took a 2 years time-out form triathlon training and racing and when we started to prepare fro this tough race last november, Valentina struggled. It was really hard to get back into it, but Vale showed dedication and passion and after the camp at Playitas it came all together, she improved lots! A really solid performance for her whit the best marathon she ever ran in an Ironman race (4:15.55), 13:39.11 for her, enjoying the finish line with a big smile! Very inspiring Valentina!

Stefano Pavan (M45-49) during the last years raced Im Austria, Frankfurt… but this year his aim was Lanzarote. Being aware that the conditions would be completely different, we decided to not race by numbers comparing to his other long distance races, but more by feel. And it worked: 12:09.59! A few problems with food intake during the second half of the marathon hindered him to finish sub 12 hours, but that is part of the game and we will sort it out for future races.very proud of your performance Stefano!

Mirco at 70.3 St. Pölten and Massimo in action at 70.3 Barcelona

70.3 St. Pölten:
Mirco Pulici (M35-39) in a cold an wet race, suffered during the swim and bike. He couldn’t find the rhythm because he was freezing. But during the final half marathon Mirco showed his strength and ran in 1:36.51! A very good training race for him, finishing in 5:34.00 and confirmation that the condition is good at this time of the year. Also for him, 70.3 rappers will will be the next test before Ironman Copenhagen in August. Well done Mirco, you did not give up to the cold weather and brought it home!

Olympic distance triathlon Milano:
Stefano Matalucci this time didn’t race for himself, but together with 3 friends, escorting them in their first triathlon race. Stefano had fun and run the last 10km at 4:16/km pace just to put in a solid run training.The day after he participated for the first time in a swim race together with his squad and swam 1:14 an 2:51 in 100m and 200m freestyle! A very motivational and fun weekend and for sure also a very good workout 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Daniela and Pascale share the podium.

Daniela Manser and Pascale Truempy were racing Zofingen Duathlon. While they were racing in the same Age Group unfortunately only one of my ladies was able to take the victory. They both showed a great performance and were fighting each other toughly. Despite burning legs Daniela had a fantastic race. She crossed the Finish Line as 2nd women over all and won her Age Group in 58:12mins.
Last year Pascale always had solid races and improved a lot over the season, she was always a bit unlucky and caught the wood medal several times. This year she had a great kick-off of her season while gaining the silver medal behind Daniela. Pascale had the fastest bike split of her Age Group. We are satisfied to get the so well earned podium finally.

Both Boris and Mihai both had fantastic races on the weekend; Great Work guys!

Boris Huber raced IM 70.3 Barcelona and he did an incredible job. Boris sticked exactly to the time schedule and had really great split times of: Swim 31:58mins Bike 02:34:24hrs Run 01:21:56 hrs. With an overall time of 4:33:43 hrs Boris ran into the Top 30 (8including professionals). With this time he won his Age Group at IM 70.3 Barcelona. Very well done.

Mihai Vigariu raced the Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten. One can say that this race was the toughest IM 70.3 last weekend. Due the heavy rain the transition area was flooded, the wind was blowing and the 10 degrees felt more like 5 degrees on the bike. Despite this crazy conditions Mihai did a great race. With a 29mins swim, 2:34hrs on his brand new Fuji bike and a final 1:27hrs half marathon he grabbed the 7th place in his Age Group.

Three of my athletes were racing one of the oldest Ironmans in the world: Ironman Lanzarote.
Viola Frey choosed Lanzarote because she is a very strong cyclist. Unfortunately her legs were like crab on race day and she couldn’t push at all. Therefore Viola was fighting like she always does. Never saw her giving up. Viola finishes the tough bike course and was running her way home in 7th position of her Age Group. There are some days in racing and training which are really crab and nothing wants to go as you want it to go. Then you have to accept it, put your head down and go through it. At the end of the day you can proudly say that you gave your best and survived another challenge. It only makes you stronger.

Victor Osokin from Russia was my 2nd athlete racing Lanzarote. At the end he did exactly the times I was expecting him to do although he wishes to go faster but I needed to lower his expectations and that we still have a long way in front of us. One big achievement was his swim split with 1:01:37hrs which means a new PB for Victor. Biking and running was as expected, only the run a bit slower because he struggled with some stomach problems. With a 26th place in his Age Group we can look back on a solid race and know where we have to work on. There is still some air left for improvements.

Ramses Arroub from Egypt was my 3rd athlete who raced this famous Ironman. Like Victor he had a solid race. Ramses was a bit disappointed about the swim because at IM Lanzarote they don’t have a rolling start. Because of the new athlete’s AWA status which allows them to start between the professionals and all other athletes Ramses needed to start behind all of them. At the end he swam dipsy-doodle and had 4kms on his watch in a time of 1:02hrs. The bike was going as planned, only on the marathon Ramses was struggling a bit. But at the end he reached a fantastic 17th place in his Age Group.

Fastest Olympic Distance Race in 11 years for Peter!

Peter Rudolph set several PB’s at the Olympic Distance and proofed that you can get faster even when getting older. In a local race Peter got 4th over all and became 2nd in his Age Group. But not the podium spot is the only fantastic thing, also that he was able to improve his swimming time and set a new PB with 37mins on the 10kms. Over all he broke the 2hrs wall (finishing time 1:57hrs) over an Olympic Distance which he hasn’t reached over the last 11 years.

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Congratulations Phil with a great race at the Outlaw

Phil Whitehead had an amazing day at the Outlaw Half Ironman. In the midst of a big training block and balancing his busy work schedule, Phil showed his form is coming along nicely finishing in 11th overall and 2nd in his age group. He had a huge swim PR 27:12, followed by a solid ride 2:29, and finished with another best time on the hilly run course in a 1:22. Both Phil and I are excited to see his hard work all winter long paying off and excited to watch him on his way to a stellar season in 2017.

While away from the triathlon racing scene, Rob Straznitskas had a great race in the Sugarloaf 15km.  Training through the race, Rob went in unrested and finished just over 58 minutes.  Rob has a busy season of racing on deck for 2017 and is aiming at some late season 70.3 events.

Finally less than a week off his 70.3 in Monterrey, Sergio raced the Brooklyn Half Marathon for a training hit out this Saturday.  After a 6 mile warmup to the starting line, Sergio ran a 1:43 half marathon showing that his run training is on track for Lake Placid this July.

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

Well done Jenni, 4th place overall in Milan 🙂

Very happy to see that all the hard work of the athletes pays off. This weekend Jenni Paglia took a 4th place overall at the Deejay Olympic Distance in Milan. She had a strong swim and ripped up the field on the bike doing most of the riding by herself or at the front of the group as it was a drafting race. After T2 she managed to run herself into 4th place. Well done Jenni! We’ll now dot the i’s towards her first goal of the season at the IRONMAN 70.3 in Rapperswil.

Enjoying (and winning!) the TT series event in Hull; Good job Kat!

Kat Roberts signed up for a local time trial in England last week. The race was part of a local TT series run by City Road Cycling Club (Hull). Kat has been working hard on all disciplines and it was great to see her hammering on her TT bike taking first female spot. The course was flat with some false flats and a challenging headwind on the way back. But she nailed it, just like she does in her in training sessions. We’ll use a few local races coming weeks to get some extra speed in and because they are a lot of fun!

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Checking the instant results! Well done to Ana and Carolina.

This weekend felt like a summer in the UK, the weather was as good as it can ever be on the with a beautiful blue sky and temperatures reaching 20C – a heat wave for London and the area 🙂 I had 3 athletes racing in these unexpected conditions:
Ana Berenguel and Carolina Lanza decided to do the Eton Sprint race – it is known as a Triathlon Season opener for London.  Both coming back from a relatively easy period of post Ironman South Africa training embraced the short distance and gave it a proper go! Ana won her Age Group and finished in top 10 out of some 650 woman.  Hr running time was particularly impressive and both the bike and the swim also very strong.

Carolina was somewhat unlucky this week, she sprained her ankle and until the last moment we were not sure if the doctors would allow her to race. At the end it was safe to do the race and only few weeks into our athlete-coach relationship she improved the swim and had a bike ride that we both were surprised about. The combination of the hard bike and the lost run training with the ankle problem meant that the run was affected but we both were very happy with the way the race unfolded.
Congratulations to both

Top of the podium for Katherine at Marshman 🙂

As part of her Ironman training Katherine raced a local 70.3 distance race in Kent – The Marshman.  She gave it a proper go from the gun. She was first out of water, then she went really hard on the bike and finished it off with a very strong run on tired legs. First female and 6th overall say it all. As a bonus there was a nice trophy and bottle of a wine for the win from the organisers. A very good training day in a beautiful south of England.

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Congratulations Rahel – National Champ!

Rahel Bellinga completed the Dutch Middle Distance Triathlon Championships this weekend, and was able to come away with the National Title in her Age-Group, and 5th overall woman. We went into this race looking to ride as hard as we could on the bike, and try to hold on for the run. We have been dealing with a naggy run injury, and had to take some different approaches to preparations, utilizing pool running to try and maintain some fitness. It seemed to work well, and we came away from the race without aggravating it more. Congrats Rahel!

Marko Glassner took part in LBS Cup Neckarsulm in Germany. A bit of a sub-par swim than we are used to, but a great bike and a very strong run surprised Marko with his fitness, and he was able to come away with the victory! This agrees with the blog post last week about letting a bad swim go, finishing the race, and moving on! And at the end, you still come across the tape, first! Great work Marko!

Maxi Spahn was back to racing after a unfortunate non-crash related injury we had to deal with the last couple weeks, keeping him off the bike. Some gym work and plyometrics kept him loose and limber, and he was able to line up and test his fitness at the FrankenCup Gerbrunn MTB Race in Germany. One mistake early on costs him a possible win, but coming back from injury, Maxi was able to take a great 2nd place in the Elite class! Fitness is still there! Congrats, Maxi!

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Inspiring performance by Gill.

A big weekend of racing with some amazing results all across Trisutto so very well done, and especially to Stephen Bayliss. My athletes had a great weekend also. At the Outlaw Half Triathlon Gill Fullen crossed the line 1st for the overall win in 4.42. An amazing result proving she can really mix it with the best and is making fantastic progress.

Third for Laura and fourth for Mat at the Outlaw.

Laura Fidler had a good fight on this course leading the bike and around 10k of the run but couldn’t hold on to Gills fight. Laura crossed the line in 3rd position at the Outlaw Half another great result.

In the Men’s race we see the standard of performance raised this year with the winner going under 4hrs , Matt Leeman is improving all the time and going 6mins faster than this time last year shows his progress. Matt finished 4th in 4hr 10min.

Another podium for Daz, this time at IM Lanzarote.

Daz Parker’s season is going really well and the progress is steady and it’s going in the right direction with every race so far Daz has had a podium finish. Daz competed at Lanza Ironman and crossed the line 3rd in her Age Cat an awesome result for Daz Parkers first ever full Ironman.

Fiona Davidson raced Ironman Lanza also , Fiona had a tough day at the office , a good solid swim 1.14 and her day started off to a flyer , onto the. Ike and Fiona just didn’t feel 100% and from there it just didn’t go to plan , she held on and finished but a race that we can only grow from.

Rob on route to a World Champs quailifier at Eton.

Rob Osborne raced at Eton Sprint triathlon Draft legal this w/e in a world champ qualifier, Robs prepared very well for the up coming season and is really progressing now towards his goals, he crossed the line 3rd in his Age Cat and grab his ticket to the worlds congratulations Rob, now the real work starts.

Other results Chloe Hawkins just coming back from a really bad time with sickness made the start line at Outlaw and knocked out a 5.26 which isn’t bad for only 2 months of solid consistent training well done.

Micheal Müller went off in Austria 70.3 St Polten and again has had some bad trouble with his back but managed a great result crossing the line in 4.46 ..

Great racing everyone

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Jamie with her 70.3 World Championship token, wearing former team t-shirt in memory of Coach Jason.

This weekend saw five athletes racing with with toughness and heart across the USA.
Jamie Christy embodied this spirit in her assault on 70.3 Chattanooga. Jamie raced to honor the memory of her long-time swim coach, Jason Turcotte, who’s untimely passing two weeks ago came as a shock to the swimming world. As often happens during times of high stress and emotional upset, Jamie also came down with a bad illness and was sick for the week leading up to the competition. On race morning, Jamie didn’t let any of it stop her. She found something deep inside to set a massive best time for the day, destroying the record she had set for herself just two weeks earlier at 70.3 St. George. On race morning Jamie was a new gal. Jamie started the day with the top women’s swim, exiting the water just one second behind the lead male. She proceeded to ride a 22 minute best time and then run a personal best by 30 seconds. On a day raced from the heart, Jamie crossed the line in second place for women 18-24 and earned a start at the 70.3 World Championships in September. In a Facebook post after the race, Jamie wrote, “Jason was with me every step of the way“.

Ashton celebrating a win on his birthday weekend.

On the day before his 40th birthday, Ashton Prejean set a new standard for himself in terms of perseverance and grit at the Tri Fort Worth Half Distance Triathlon. Ashton won his age-group and came in seventh overall when he crossed the line on legs that were cramping so severely on the run that he found himself on the pavement at mile nine. Ashton emerged from the water in 5th position and came off the bike in 4th. In a phone call after the race, Ashton told me that his legs were cramping from the first step of the run. He decided to just grit his teeth, get on with it, and do his best to hold off the competition. Despite cramps that literally put him on the ground, Ashton was able to go the distance, win his age-group, and discover for himself just how deep he can dig.

Mike Hill emailed two days before the Ventura triathlon to ask if he could make the short drive down and race it. I told him that he could on two conditions: the first, that he win it, and the second, that he bring another Santa Barbara based athlete, Patricia Neubauer, who I had yet to surprise with the news that she’d be racing. Neither of them were race-rested, and both were psyched to go smash it! An animal in the water, Mike led the day from the gun to win the sprint event.

When Patricia Neubauer, “The Germanator,” got my message informing her that she’d be racing, her reply was immediate and enthusiastic, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation, she was all in. And then I told her she’d be cycling home. Of course, The Germanator signed up for the Olympic Distance. It was Patricia’s third triathlon ever, and her first podium. Pat came in third in the women 30-34 category. She texted from a cafe about half-way home with a pic of an espresso and another from the podium. She had another hour of riding to get home, and she was psyched about every bit of her epic morning.

Lauren Capone finished 10th at 70.3 Chattanooga in a pro-field with the likes of Heather Jackson, and Olympians Sarah True and Barbara Riveros. LC got the day started with a solid swim, exiting the water in 5th position and finished the day with the 5th fastest run as well. LC is putting herself in the arena with the top athletes in the sport, taking her hits, and coming out stronger.

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

A 25 min PB!!, no wonder Jame is smiling!

This past weekend I had 2 athletes race in Indonesia, and a couple more, racing in Spain.
The highlight was James “Joi” Iskandar of Jakarta finishing first Indonesian at the Bintan International Olympic Distance, by slicing 25 min off his personal best. In Asia, being “first local” in an International race is always a big deal, and he received a special prize for his efforts.

On the same day and course, Rosanna Bille of Great Britain, but based on the beautiful island of Bali, managed to finish 3rd overall female, with a new PR time of 2h31. Despite less than ideal sensations, she left everything out on the course and is looking forward to her next races.

Then all the way in Barcelona, Swiss triathlete Ralf Battenfeld was in action for his first race of the year, the Barcelona 70.3. This was his first “overseas” race and only 2nd ever 70.3. After being busy with a heavy workload, and struggling with a sore Achilles. Ralf managed to finish in 5h20, just outside the top 10, in the 50-54 AG field, and on a tough course. Not bad for training race towards his first 226 KM distance in Roth.

Overcoming obstacles before and during the race, good job Martin 🙂

Last but not least, Swiss-based Danish athlete Martin Barner was in action at the 26th edition of Ironman Lanzarote. It’s worth to mention, that Martin was hit by a car around a month before the race, while training on the course, in Lanzarote. He recovered quickly, all the while balancing a workload that requires him to travel between 2 countries, and being an exemplary family man. His race was good, but not great. A strong swim, an okay bike with a navigational mishap and a solid marathon, had him finish just outside the top 10, in the ever competitive 40-44 AG.

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Stephan Meinecke did the Frauenfeld triathlon last Sunday. The distance was something between sprint and Olympic but with about 1000m of elevation on the bike. He could win the 45-50 agegroup with over 3min to second place which gave him an 8th place overall. You don’t reach that level of agegroup racing if you don’t continuously look for improvement. That’s why he was not 100% satisfied with his result. Stephan did that race during the preparation for Challenge Venice and was probably a bit tired, what explains the comparatively week swim. The bike ride on a training bike was ok and the run was really good once again. I am excited to see what he will be able to show in Venice where he will be at 100% again.

Florian Blumenthal and Cornelia Stähli raced the Frauenfeld Triathlon as well. Florian showed once more some improvement compared to the last races he did and looks forward to race 70.3 Rapperswil as his next race.
Cornelia could not yet show her improvements in the swim in a race, but this is just a matter of time. She had a solid bikeride and a good run on this tough course. Also for her it was a brick of the 70.3 Rapperswil preparation.

Borris Jung did a local sprint race in Germany as a hard training. He also prepares to race in Rapperswil. This time he missed the podium in his agegroup by getting 4th. He once again struggled a lot in the swim but was able to show one of the fastest bike and run combinations. That enabled him to improve from 51 to 15 place overall compared to last year. I would call that a very solid improvement!

Marc Haller did his first Triathlon of the season. We started to work together in April and he already showed some very nice improvements in all three disciplines. Compared to the last time he did the Bern Triathlon he could improve his 5km run off the bike by 2,5min. Also the 500m swim was 1min faster. The bike can´t be compared because the course changed. In the end he achieved a 5th place in his agegroup. From my point of view it is just a matter of time until he climbs on the podium.

Alexander Orlov from the Ukraine also raced his first triathlon of the season. He was a bit disappointed because he struggled to get out of his wetsuit after the swim because the person who closed it was very good in hiding the strap of the zipper ;-). That cost him a lot of time in transition. But in the end it was a good training for the 70.3 Race in the beginning of June.

Race Recap from Coach Irene Coletto:

Fabio Vassena  raced a fast Sprint distance Triathlon at Milano  – Italy. 1h 12’ 45’’his time over 750-20-5km triathlon, which was 25th M40-44 of 150 competitor. He finished your second Triathlon in his life! During this last mounths we continue to focus on developing his skills and particularly his strength on swim, and now he swimming as fast as ever. He raced on feel and nailed pacing from start to finish. Well done Fabio, now time to do some more training before next race.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

  • A solid day out for Mark Richardson at the Swashbuckler Half distance triathlon in the New Forest, UK.  With Marks goal of Ironman Austria in a few weeks this was an ideal opportunity for a faster than Ironman race pace catered workout. Pleasant weather greeted athletes after a few days of cooler conditions, and Mark had a great swim and bike, then a well paced run which doubled up as practice of his Ironman nutrition plan.  A nice day rewarded with a 5th in his category.
  • Andrea Rudin raced in a duathlon in Zoffingen earning herself a solid second place finish in her category, and 5th female overall. With Ironman Switzerland still two months away, this was a chance to lay it on the line and give it a Red Hot Go with some good competition.
  • Yannis Theodoropoulos raced in 70.3 Austria 70.3 in what can only be described as cold, wet and slippery conditions.  A lesson to learn with timing chip band – always use a safety pin to secure it so it doesn’t come loose or off in the swim. Bike was about staying upright with the wet. Run was excellent with 9 minutes improvement over best ever run, employing the strategy of hunting down the runners in front of him like a Lion hunting his prey 🙂  A very good day for Yannis, in tough conditions, and proud coach.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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