Victory at Challenge Taiwan for Shiao-Yu.

Shiao-Yu, the Taiwanese super-star in my squad, won Challenge Taiwan in a dominating manner. With a finishing time of 9:40h, she bettered her previous time from 2014 on the exact the same course by a whopping 32-minutes! Alone her bike split was 25 minutes better than 2 years ago and an entirely new level of racing. Earlier this year, Shiao-Yu spent 6 weeks training with my pro-squad at Mallorca. At the beginning of this camp, she was dropped every bike session, no matter if it was a flat TT or climbing a hill. We re-worked her bike position and then she put in the work needed to reach a new level in bike strength, hanging onto the others wheel for dear life. The past 6 weeks she was training on her own in Taiwan and I’m very proud that she not only could preserve her new strength but keep building it. Big congrats to a great race!

Viola_GreyViola Frey wins her Age Group at Challenge Rimini.

Another fantastic result of this weekend was Viola Frey’s Age Group win at Challenge Rimini! This came a little bit unexpected as Viola only decided 2 weeks ago to do the race, so we didn’t have a real build-up for Rimini, nor did we target the win. However, solid and consistent training paid off and Viola could win with an improved swim and her usually strong bike. Big congrats! Her husband Oli Klaus, raced as well and finished 13th in his age group with a very solid race.

Akhil_VizTop 10 for Akhil Viz at St. George.

Akhil Viz had a strong performance at the American Championships at 70.3 St. George, battling himself into the Top-10 of his age group. Waking up with a headache and not feeling well race morning, he received some last minute coaching through WhatsApp along the lines that he should get his act together. The Powermeter wasn’t working either. But this means nothing, it’s fight day! The race started rough in the water, Akhil exited in 30th position, and had a very even paced race (despite the powermeter not working) leaving himself with enough power in the tank to run himself into top-10 with one of the fastest run splits in is age group. Well done on an exciting performance!

Peter_Seidel_RecapDespite great training, Peter didn’t have the race we hoped for.

With so many athletes racing it’s not always sunshine. After doing very well in the training over the last months and posting good performances in all 3 sports, Peter Seidel had big hopes for Challenge Rimini. However, for some reason, it didn’t work out on race day and he only could finish 13th pro. He was missing energy already from the first swim stroke, nor able to push the pedals. I know he could do much better than what he showed in Rimini. I’ll let him race again as soon as possible. After all, racing also has a learning curve and we look forward, not back.

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Nicola_Mallorca_PodiumNicola Spirig 2nd at Ironman 70.3 Mallorca. Photo:

The 2 big races at Ironman 70.3 St George and Ironman 70.3 Mallorca were hit by some ‎vicious cold weather this weekend.

In Mallorca we saw Nicola (Spirig) make her earlier than expected comeback to high-level triathlon. As Mallorca has a beach start similar to Rio it afforded her the ability to start wide of the pro women and keep out of the way to test the hand under race conditions.

Not being in the pack didn’t seem to bother her as she lead out the swim. The bike was very hazardous with the weather, but we decided to risk the still healing hand. While it was badly swollen from the cold, she managed the descending and braking with no pain so we are very happy. She finished an excellent 2nd. Rio is now back on the table.

Trent_St GeorgeTrent familiarising himself with the course at Ironman 70.3 St George.

St George is known for unstable weather conditions and the cold here was formidable.

Mary Beth suffered badly on the bike and spent 7-minutes trying to get her helmet off and putting shoes on in transition. However the Honey Badger does what she always does – finish. And with the race basically over for her she trotted out and completed the 21km to stay in the Top 10. MBE had the unique situation of arriving at the race from her Colorado home, only to return to her new domicile in Boston. We wish MBE great luck on her new adventure.

Trent (Simmons) also toed the start line at St George and our Texan friend also got a rude shock with the weather and then the tough as teak course. A great job to be in Top 5 in his age group.

Carina_Win_GermanyVictory for Carina Brecthers at Buschhütten. Photo: Petko Beier

It was pleasing to see Boo Hoo (Carina Brechters) take her first win of the season after gaining a 30 seconds lead on the swim and then much to the surprise of her old team-mates a burst and 3:20 lead off the bike at Buschhütten. The usual run collapse was not evident. That she kept strong all the way to the line was a huge step forward. Well done.

Flora Colledge competed at the Rheinfelden Triathlon (1400m – 43k – 11k). The third race in three weeks was a solid training day for Flora. Not on fire, but 2nd in the elite females, getting it done and another solid workout in the training bank.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Gill_Fullan_duathlonCongratulations Gill Fullen. European AG Long Distance Duathlon Champion!

Gill Fullen only recently coming on board with after a successful UK training day this weekend became European AG Long Distance Duathlon Champion. Finishing 6th in the elite field, Gill’s performance is impressive as she only recently completed the Boston Marathon. To be able to back that up with this performance is a fantastic effort. Very proud.

Seb_Garry_Marlow3rd place for Seb Garry at Marlow.

Seb Garry raced the Marlow 5 mile road race and came in 3rd place with a time of 26.58. At 16 years of age I must say this is impressive and Seb is really starting to show progress after his strong winter.

At Ironman 70.3 Mallorca Fiona Davidson, Rob Hume and Natarsha Tremayne all took to the challenge of the harsh weather conditions as well as the course. It was a tough day out there and a lot of progress and positives came out of it. Everyone got stuck in and delivered there best on the so very well done.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie_NicolaMelanie catching up with her fellow podium athlete, Nicola Spirig, at Mallorca.

Melanie Baumann competed at Mallorca 70.3 on Saturday and was 2nd in her age group with the fastest bike split of all female age group athletes! Well done Melanie.

After very good 7 months of training during winter I was eager to race again! But whatever I was aiming for, I forgot about those goals in the heavy rain Mallorca and after getting stung by jellyfish 4 times (twice in the throat) during the swim, spending what felt like an eternity in transition (medical time out). For a brief moment I even considered pulling out of the race. Thank god I didn’t, because I ended up having the fastest bike split of all female age group athletes and with a quite solid run I fought my way onto the podium in my age group! Thanks to Coach Lisbeth, for always getting me race ready!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Challenge Rimini_Martina_MarcoMartina Dogana (4th pro) and Emanuela Redaelli, Marco Bonetti at Challenge Rimini.

This past weekend was full of races for my athletes who put in some excellent results, including 2 new qualifiers for the 70.3 World Championships in the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Challenge Rimini:

4th place pro Martina Dogana 4:57.03 (1st italian athlete)

Marco Bonetti, M40-44, finisher in 5:48.32

Andrea Cattabiani, M40-44, finisher in 6:04.08

Relay team (swim) Emanuela Redaelli


70.3 Vietnam: 1st W50-54 Gabriela Picco 5:36.58 and slot for 70.3 Worlds AUS 🙂

Mary Torre_Mallorca

70.3 Mallorca: 3rd W55-59 Mary Torre 6:21.47 and slot for 70.3 Worlds in AUS  🙂

Triathlon sprint Portovenere (Italy) 5th M 25-29 Emanuele Mutti 1:07.36


Triathlon olimpic Caldaro (Italy) 5th W 25-29 Marzia Panizza 2:37.08 (it was only the second triathlon race for her, great improvements)

Race Recap from Coach Cam Watt:

Cam_Recap_PodiumSarah Crowley winning the Byron Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon this weekend..

Sarah Crowley took out the win at the Byron Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon with Anna Jefferries sharing the elite podium in 3rd. John Auriac also had a great hit-out pre Ironman Cairns at Byron Bay and a was a great chance to see John in action down from his home base of north QLD. Rebekah Bruhwiller kicked off her season in the waterlogged Majorca 70.3 having trained exclusively indoors over the last few months due to the longer than usual winter snow in Switzerland and finally Shannon Proffit capped off her Ironman Texas prep by racing the swim/bike in a team at the St George 70.3 in Utah USA.

Last week at Port Macquarie 70.3 we saw Bronwyn Lock and Hayley Stevenson race for the first time under preparation and both exceeded there previous best efforts over the distance. Both ladies are inspirational in the way they go about there training/racing. They are both mothers and work full-time so training time is limited and we make the most of what we have time wise with our TriSutto techniques and methods.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

A good swim by Mirjam saw her in second place following Nicola Spirig out of the water. Photo credit Sebastian KuhnA good swim by Mirjam saw her in second place following Nicola Spirig out of the water. Photo credit: Sebastian Kuhn

Mirjam Weerd returned to triathlon racing this weekend in the cold and wet conditions of Mallorca 70.3. A solid performance all round, she finished in 7th position. We now turn our focus to a longer distance race next month.

Kim Kilgroe withstood similar conditions at St.George 70.3 also, as she lined up for the first time at this distance and finishing 2nd in her category.

Sandra Gisin enjoyed a much warmer day for a 6.6km fun run earlier in the week around the Zurich airport, and continues to outdo her previous best times. It is great to see her ongoing progress.

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

DaniSchallerWell done to Dani. Top 10 and a World Championship slot.

Dani Schaller finished 9th in his age group (40-44) at 70.3 Ironman 70.3 Mallorca and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Sarah_Robbie_Recap_MayA 10 minute PB on the run and an overall PB of 20 minutes for Sarah Keller at the Austrian 1/2 Iron Triathlon!

A weekend of wild weather for some of my athletes this week, but good efforts by all.

Sarah Keller raced at the ‘Austrian Half Iron’ triathlon, and it was super to see her back on the start line and also participating in the ‘Wings For Life’ run in Munich the following day, helping raise funds for a good cause. An outstanding effort over the weekend, producing some significant personal bests during the Austrian Half. Looking forward to an excellent summer of races for Sarah.

After 4 years break from triathlon / duathlon Andrea Rudin raced at the Intervall Duathlon Zofingen, a 4-16-4-16-4 format.With 3rd place in her category and 8th female, it was a wonderful welcome back to racing.

It was a hard race but I had a good feeling from A to Z. It was a great feeling to race. After 4 years without Duathlon/Triathlon races I think it was a good beginning.

Keeping it real is important. Gisela Reichmuth is tough, but today succumbed to the cold, wet conditions, in the Lisbon long course triathlon. There is usually more to learn when things don’t go as planned than when they come easily.

Chiin-Hoii Tan duathlon3rd at the European Championships for Chiin-Hooi Tan.

Chiin-Hooi Tan very happy to come away with a 3rd in the European Duathlon Championships F35-39 and 2nd in the Danish championships F19-39.

Must admit I was skeptical about racing Mod, Med, Mad. But it worked well. Never once looked at my watch, just concentrated on running/cycling. Ran and cycled best (passed most people) when I just put my head down and got to work. Counting steps helps on the run. Also helps to have each leg broken into 3 sections. What a success. 🙂

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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