Ali collecting her hardware & Kona spot in Zurich!

This past weekend I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy watching my athletes perform around the globe!

First the kudos goes to Alison Maher for her stellar performance at Ironman Switzerland! I’ve know Ali for quite a few years- she use to come to me for massage in Australia when she was pretty injured not being able to run years ago. I also did some training with her here & there and always knew her potential. We had always had chats about her training/nutrition as she is an athlete built like Chrissie so proper fueling in training was her ticket to being able to handle volume & intensity! I also knew she just needed to get strong as I knew she was a FANTASTIC runner but her races never reflected it.

She approached me to help her full time after a disappointing mechanical at Ironman Australia. Ali has missed qualifying by margins WAY too many times so I was more than happy to give her the best chance when she entered her “secret” race in Switzerland!

This was going to be a no pressure race with a fun European holiday after with her hubby in Switzerland- plus I thought the hilly course would suit her perfectly. There was no talk about Kona- just with doing her best! Early in the week at Switzerland, Ali caught a little cold and the 2 days leading in she had a measly 2 hrs of sleep- to me I wasn’t worried, in my opinion – when you are fit your fit! Sleep deprivation in training is no good- but the days leading in, the work is done😊 We had a plan for the race & Ali stuck to the plan and absolutely nailed it- her fastest ever bike & run split in an Ironman and came in 10:06 to claim 2nd in the F30-34 catagory!!! Let me also say Ali is a full time lawyer- so a very busy work & travel schedule & I haven’t met too many people who are as committed to doing whatever it takes- for Ali this even meant a whole week in Singapore in this block training on spin bikes – she made no excuses which is why she’s finally heading to the Big Island where she belongs!

Alan Sweeney also raced in Zurich and has also made huge improvements this year- after taking an hour off his time in Lanz in May – even with some hiccups in training Al still had his fastest bike split and IM to date! Al runs a company and has 4 kids and does fantastic the string together the training he does- with a bit more time and consistantsy  I believe we can fulfill his dream of racing on the big island! We both know what we need to do so bring on 2017!

Chris_CalgaryChris Oliphant running his way to 7th at Calgary!

On the other side of the globe Doug Johannson and Chris Oliphant took on Calgary 70.3 and both had massive Pb’s. Chris sent me some times goals at the start of the year, now time goals I’m not a fan of but I knew he was capable of the improvements and he certainly showed that. The great thing about Chris is he is a total lifestyle athlete and DOENST make triathlon the be all and end all, enjoys his MTB and we incorporate a lot of his training in his commutes and the methods we used worked wonders- and he hit all his targets! He not only hit his targets but came in 7th at Calgary 70.3- not far behind Doug!

Doug_CalgaryDoug Johannson celebrating with another PB at Calgary 70.3:-)

Doug placing 6th has really done phenomenal this year to improve every race- even with a super busy travel schedule- he puts in the work and is as consistent as his schedule allows! It’s been showing big time in his racing- looking F’wd to watching him nail at at IMCDA next month!

Sarah Pearce signed up for our Vernon Camp in July with hopes of wanting to race again this year after a bit of a hiatus. We saw her in Vernon and could see some REAL talent and she was keen for Calgary 70.3 and Gary & I both thought she could get through and actually do alright on low fitness with the right race plan! So Sarah hired me after Vernon and we set out a plan and she executed it perfectly and ran her way to 4th and snagged a spot for Worlds 70.3 in Chattanooga next year which she turned down! Can’t wait to see what this girl will do with some more training!

Gary Mullen’s also took in Calgary as a prep for CDA at the end of August- unfortunately he had a very scary mishap in the swim but got his head together and kept plugging away. Gary still came in around the 5 HR mark but we both know what he’s capable of:-) with the work he has been doing I have full confidence he nail it at IMCDA.

Was so great to also see a HEAP of Trisutto Campers succeed over the weekend with World 70.3 qualifications and even one of our Camp regulars who turned up to Vernon in May on almost zero training and fitness, then came to Canmore and Vernon and gained some confidence to race in Whistler at 70.3 and walked away with 9th in her Age! Well done Veronica!

Philip Buchli_StMoritzPhilip Buchli “jogging” the hill reps in St. Moritz!

Last but certainly not least I have to talk about Philip Buchli who came out to camp in St Moritz with an Achilles injury. I wanted to write about Phil because I think a TONNE of athletes could learn from him. Straight away as we do with all injured athletes- Phil was told at camp just run at a pace where you have no pain & you’ll be alright! Phil did exactly that- trotted around the track at a turtle pace, jogged the hill reps did all the running as slow as he could but still ran. I’ve seen athletes not want to train unless it’s hard and they don’t want to out their ego aside and they don’t get better. Phil had no issue with this. Well it paid off fur him, I watched him on Strava for a month and a half since the camp being diligent with his slow running and he just nailed the run at Ironman Zurich with a 3:12 marathon and a 9:40 IM! Outstanding Phil- all of us st Trisutto were so happy to see your performance pay off with a bit of patience! Well done!!!

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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