Email from Coach Brett Sutton to 9x Ironman winner Mary Beth Ellis ahead of Kona 2015.

Watched your interview. The most lucid, insightful and intelligent answering of questions that Bob has had all week.

Credit to you.

Now just go out and do what you said. Lay down what the honey badger can do – nothing more, nothing less.

You are in great shape. Possibly the best of your life for the long one.

We can podium. I believe it. And if they make one fucking slip, you can take it all.

Go get ’em girl. Don’t die wondering.

I promise you one more year to do the bucket list of races no matter the outcome.

You will have had a brilliant career. Not fashioned by natural talent, but of the higher order. Through self discipline, determination and perseverance!

I’m so very proud of you no matter the outcome.

Be the Honey Badger. Be brave and make the brave decisions. Your body will respond this year.

I know it, you know it and we both don’t give a shit!


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