Great Ethiopia Run Camp – 23rd-28th November, 2017




Join Trisutto at Africa’s Biggest Road Race – The Great Ethiopian Run

Boost your performance and fitness with high altitude training in Ethiopia.

Join and specialist run coach, Harald Fritz for individual swim, ride and run coaching in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the camp you will train alongside professional and age group athletes, receiving advice during workouts on your swim, bike and run technique, with opportunities to ask questions throughout.

Camp Includes:

  • Pick Up from the Airport
  • Race Package; Including International Pasta Party at the Hilton Addis, Meet and Greet with Haile Gebrselassie + T-Shirt
  • All Transportations (to/from Pasta Party + to/from Race)
  • Training with Harald Fritz
  • Preparation for the race
  • Assistance at the race
  • Optional training with African Groups
  • Daily runs

Optional (at extra cost):

  • Visit to Addis (National Museum, Markets…)

Camp Features
Not only the high altitude but also the climate in our training facility in Ethiopia is perfect for endurance training.

  • Fast transfer (50min) from airport Addis Ababa
  • No malaria or other vaccination required (*)
  • Temperatures always between 15°c and max. 25°c
  • Elevation: ca. 2.800m
  • Many different running courses for every level
  • Local running guides for every level up to 2:30hr marathon time, free of charge
  • No pollen pollution, ideal for allergies.

(*) in the Addis Ababa area (where our camp is located) there is no malaria because of the high altitude and there are no vaccination needed. Still we strongly recommend to see your local doctor if he is recommending anything for your personal health. 

Location and Accommodation
All training will be conducted at the Yaya Village, which is also the official accommodation for the camp. Providing world class training facilities for athletes, with access to gyms, a swimming pool and multiple running tracks.
To find out more about the accommodation and to book please click here.

Our individual assistance starts before the camp in discussing with you your personal goals, your actual level of fitness and training volume to tailor your training. Especially at high altitude everybody reacts differently and there is a high chance that people want to train too much, too fast and by doing that will do more harm than gaining benefits. That is why we will adjust your training on a daily basis! Here are some of our programs for runners and triathletes:

  • 2x daily runs on different routes and distances with local Guides or by yourself
  • Intervals on track
  • Hill training
  • Fartleks
  • Running technique analysis with video
  • Daily morning swim training
  • Bike sessions on the turbo
  • Functional training
  • Regeneration (SMR, Sauna)
  • Bike rental (extra cost).

Please be aware, that the full benefit of high altitude training will need at least 2 (or better 3 weeks) of staying and training at high altitude. If you stay for a shorter period it will not harm you, but the effects will be less.

What’s Included 

  • All swim, bike and run coaching
  • Pre-camp questionnaire
  • Running guides for all levels of athlete
  • Unlimited access coaches on camp.

For more information about the camps, travel and the accommodation please click here, or contact Harald.

Download our Camp FAQ Guide.
Before joining our camp please download our Accident & Liability Waiver.

When making your booking under the Additional Information section of your checkout page please list the dates you will be attending camp.