Marathon – Full Program


Full marathon training plan. Program duration: 9 – 12 months.



Trisutto Marathon Training Program 

This product is the full marathon training program for runners who have 9 – 12 months to train specifically for a marathon.

– It is assumed that the athlete has a minimum of 2+ months consistent run training prior to commencing this marathon plan. i.e. this plan is not intended for someone who has never run before.

– This plan is Brett’s interpretation of a traditional marathon build program. It is not a reverse periodisation training plan for running.

-The advanced program builds to 100 – 160km of running per week, depending on your background and experience. Not everyone will need or be ready to go to the most demanding stage(s) within this program.

-This plan does not include swim or bike workouts.

Addition details

The marathon program is split into two distinct phases.

* Preparation
* Advanced

The preparation phase, is itself split into three stages

  • moderate (stage 1)
  • medium (stage 2)
  • mad (stage 3)

Each stage of the preparation phase is of 12 weeks duration (minimum).

The Advanced phase is 12 weeks duration (minimum).

The full program requires a 9 – 12 month commitment.