Trisutto coaching certification


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Study for the ‘Trisutto Certified’ qualification

One on one instruction and mentoring – 12 weeks
Learn the Coaching Methodology that has produced Ironman, World and Olympic Champions. Be trained and mentored by Rob Pickard former National Coaching Director and High Performance Manager of Triathlon Australia.

As part of the mentoring coaches can either contact Rob Pickard by email or Skype. Coaches need to supply a 3 month training program either week by week, previous to or after their athlete has completed the workouts. Backgrounds (age, time in sport, achievements, ability level)  of the athlete need to be included plus training goals.

Please use Rob as a mentor as either a guide or to give you feedback on your programs.

On deck practical with Brett Sutton – 2 x 6 day camps
Attend two camps on deck with Brett Sutton. Attend every workout, experience coaching methods applied to elite and age group athletes. This is a practical application of the training material covered during the 12 week training and mentoring period.

Coaches who complete the 12 week instruction and mentoring period, as well as attend both practical 6 day camps will be certified coaches.  Certified coaches have the option to coach through the platform, as well as to be coaches of race teams ‘powered by Coaching’.

* Core competencies covered during the training, mentoring and practical periods include, but not limited to:

Observation – understanding the individual athlete and their physical, mental and cultural make up.

Training psychology – the athlete personality, why winning is not normal and how we overcome this.

Training physiology – the male and female athlete, physical and mental characteristics determining the training program, intensities and volumes.

Training philosophy –  periodisation, the training mix, psychology + physiology, athlete development and the use of races within these considerations.

Swim training – techniques for the individual athlete, use of swim tools, stroke correction.

Bike training – positioning, technique for the individual athlete, bicycle and component selection, skills, tools.

Run training – technique for the individual athlete, shoe choice, use of run tools (hills, track, treadmill, road).

Triathlon – integration of swim, bike and run into the one training approach.

Stretching – massage, warm up and warm downs.

Injuries – prevention, treatment, athlete mentality and training around or through them.

Tapering and race preparation – season and yearly planning, race week, race nutrition, post race recovery, training races.

Race execution – strategy for the individual athlete and season goals.


Rob Pickard

Coaching Mentor

Rob Pickard oversaw the most successful period of Australia’s triathlon dominance in the late 90s. He served as the first National Coaching Director of Triathlon Australia, then later as the High Performance Manager. Rob has since worked as the National Coach to the Indian, Thailand and Philippine triathlon teams while helping to set up the coaching accreditation programs in each of those countries.

While working for Triathlon Australia, Rob designed and conducted the first and subsequent Level Two Triathlon coaching courses; revised the Level One manual; designed and developed the Level 3 Coaching Curriculum. These manuals are now used by the International Triathlon Union. Rob holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a former Age Group World Champion himself.


Brett Sutton

Head Coach

In addition to mentoring some of the sport’s icons, including current Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig, four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington, and current Ironman World Champion Daniela Ryf; Brett Sutton has coached three individual Olympic medal winners, 15 ITU world champions and his athletes have amassed over 100 70.3 and Ironman championships. He is head coach at, where his focus is on providing coaching knowledge and services to coaches and age-group athletes.